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Name:Thursday's Children
Classification:Motif Pack
Life Cycle:The Wayfarers
Structure:Wyld Pack
Spirit Totem:Typhon
Sept:Sept of the Oak Vale
OOC Information
Player:Rowan Draper
Player Email:

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Pack disolved

Pack History

Thursday's Children began as a Tribal Get of Fenris Wayfarer pack in 2007 with Fostern wanting to learn more about themselves and their Tribe by travelling through Western Europe and visiting Denmark, Sweden and Norway to tap into their cultural Get of Fenris heritage. Over the course of nearly a decade, they spent a year in residence at a major Sept within each of the Scandinavian countries before finishing their tour at the Sept of the Blood Fist in Germany in 2015.

In 2015 senior members of the pack decided that they wanted to settle permanently at one Sept, which caused tensions within the group, causing a handful of members of the pack to leave and set up a new pack. This left Valhalla's Mercy and Arbiter of Malice returning to the UK where they would meet Elena Bonebreaker, who on Michael's recommendation as Pack Alpha, would join the pack.

In early 2017 they heard the call of Long Hair of the Sept of the Oak Vale and travelled to meet him.

Former Members

  • Michael Olsen, Arbiter of Malice – Philodox Get of Fenris Athro - Pack Alpha
  • Ragnar Thorrson, Valhalla's Mercy – Galliard Get of Fenris Athro - Pack Beta
  • Elena Bonebreaker - Ahroun Black Fury Cliath
  • Your Red Talon PC here.
  • Your Shadow Lord PC here.



Are you playing a Black Fury, Get of Fenris, Shadow Lord Homid or Red Talon Lupus? Can you play in the Anglesey, Wales Online VSS on IRC? If this describes you, please get in touch with us.

We are specifically looking for members of the Tribes mentioned above. If you are creating your character from scratch: Ragabash and Theurge members ranked Cliath and above would also be great.

If this doesn't describe you but you feel your character epitomises strength, combating the wyrm wherever it breeds and wherever it dwells and protects the weak then please get in touch.

Historical Links

If you are playing a Get of Fenris and would like to have been a historical member of the pack prior to 2015, please get in touch, we are looking for characters specifically who would have been travelling with us through Europe between 2007 and 2015. By the time 2017 hit, the pack would have been heading to Wales to answer the call of Long Hair.


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