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Boar, our Totem.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: The Unbroken Tusks

Totem: Boar



Long ago, little cub, the Unbroken Tusks helped take this land from those who defended it before. The defenders were weak and refused to bow before those who were stronger than they were. The original pack followed the example of Stone March, and took not only the land but the kin of those who were here before. They bred, and from their efforts came those of us that follow today. But treachery has a way of seeping into the ground. The Unbroken Tusks were betrayed by Stone March, the whole Sept was. Due to his weak leadership, Bison turned his back on the Sept of Lost River in the Salt Wold. Many died in the Umbral storms that followed. Only one of the pack, a descendant of Never-Gray survived. That was my ancestor, Joins-The-Hunt. For a time, we were lost. For a time, it seemed like nothing would ever be good again. But then, my father Scents-The-Spray gave birth to a son, me. And I will not let the spirit of our ancestors die. I have reformed The Unbroken Tusks. We are BACK. And we will correct the mistakes of the weak leaders who have let our territory fall into this state. Hear me brothers and sisters! Raise your voices with mine! For Gaia!


  • They make no secret that all of them, including the Homid-born, support a return to a controlled Impergium.
  • They don't stop and think, thinking wastes time when instinct is often the key to survival. They ACT, and that's what's kept them alive and made them so effective.
  • Their plans have gone wrong several times. Good thing Greta and Law are so good at cover-ups.
  • When an order is given by Fell, only someone who outranks him will stop his pack from following the order without question. They trust his leadership, period.
  • They walk the fine line between fighting monsters and becoming them.
  • Word is the Unbroken Tusks have founded a new sept in Southern Indiana: the Sept of Renewed Valor.

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