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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Veteran Victors

Totem: Skunk



The Veteran Victors bear the unique distinction of being the oldest continuous pack operating in Southern Indiana. Its founders, early American Children of Gaia, originally sought out Skunk as their totem in the 1820s as their Kinfolk began to settle the area. With that founding, contemporary with the founding of the Sept of Brine Springs, began a pack tradition that remains unbroken today. As long as the caern to Bobcat stood, Skunk and Bobcat always had a solid understanding and a good relationship.

Few in number, their current range is essentially the corridor stretching from Bloomington and Nashville, Indiana south to the area around Paoli, Indiana, but that's no actual territorial claim on their part.


  • Aside from Mel, the Veteran Victors' usefulness to the nation is limited by the fact that they're so old and sedentary.
  • Bobcat always appreciated that at least one pack in the area had a long unbroken chain of local and traditional knowledge.
  • The Veteran Victors know their time and their tradition will pass soon if they can't recruit younger Garou to their pack.
  • Someone's been going after Theresa "Rees" Constantine "Akupāra" really hard, trying to make her the fall man for the destruction of the Contech Engineered Solutions branch in Mitchell, Indiana.
  • The Veteran Victors, for reasons of their own, plan to join the Sept of Renewed Valor. And least that's what's going around...
  • The Veteran Victors didn't join the Sept of Renewed Valor because the sept's territorial claim was too radical for even the most radical Concordat of Stars zealot.
  • The Veteran Victors' number is up. Someone has them in their sights, and they've already gotten started.

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