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Red Fox: Totem of Cunning

Available Totem Bonuses: Pack Link, Defensive, Umbral Aptitude, Spirit Bond, Increased Will.

Ban: "Exploit opportunities to take resources from your enemy."

The goal of the pack is to take or destroy the resources and assets of Wyrm forces, depriving them of material support or reinforcements so that the deck is stacked in our favor when it comes to the big fights. This might mean supply raids, freezing or stealing slush funds, eliminating vampire influences or what have you.
Pack Position Name Breed Tribe Auspice Faction Rank Player Name
Jennifer "Ex Machina" Ahlberg Homid Glasswalker Theurge Concordat of Stars Fostern Kelsey Greene
Hacienda Elena

Hacienda Elena is a Country House in Juncos, Puerto Rico available for Destination and Local Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Team Buildings and Film. The site has been used in many movies over the years. Tobias Walker has setup a small medical station on the property, allowing for locals of the area to come and seek treatment when needed. He also has some stock in the Event and Catering of Hacienda Elena. The territory surrounding the Country House is patrolled and protected by the Vulpes Shroud Pack.


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