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Name:Winds Of Change
Life Cycle:Youngbloods
Structure:Collective Pack
Spirit Totem:Tornado, Spirit of Respect
Sept:Sept Of The Rising Moon
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Player:any member for communication
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Winds Of Change

Black FuriesFiannaGet of FenrisSilver Fangs



Prime Auspice Ragabash: Molly Glenanne
Prime Auspice Theurge: Zachary Lassiker
Prime Auspice Philodox: Anton Rourke
Prime Auspice Galliard: Salvador Julio de la Guerra
Prime Auspice Ahroun: Amarok

Past Members

Auspice Theurge: Aron LaCoix - Died in battle fighting the Wyrm


Pack History

  • February 19 2017: Aron LaCoix returned to San Antonio, TX as a Bitten Garou. He looks up Salvador and Fiera again in hopes of forming a pack. They were resistant to accept him since he was a Bitten and refused initially. As the night moved on and the drinks flowed, a severe storm rolled into town. The phones of other patrons went off as a Tornado Warning was announced. The three garou continued to argue over their drinks while the mortal patrons found cover. Through his Airt Perceptions, Aron saw a powerful spirit manifest in the swirling clouds. A Tornado spirit, Winds of Change, spoke to the two reluctant hardliners and told them that the time for change had come. Salvador saw the signs as they fell into place. Luna was in the sky, her crescent smile staring down on them and the Theurge that sat with him and his sister. The gusts from Winds of Change had started to tear down the barriers around them as walls and fences fell. The Weaver stood no chance against the push of the Wyld. Winds of Change offered its service to the three and they all nodded. Aron began the Rite of the Totem and waited for Winds of Change's required chimanage.
  • February 20-8, 2017: Simple Quest story entered here.
  • March 4, 2017: Join the Sept of the Rising Moon.
  • January 15, 2018: Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke joins the pack.
  • <blah>, 2018: Zachary "Holds the Line" Lassiker joins the pack.
  • <blah>, 2018: Aron LaCoix falls in battle.


  • They follow one of Twister's brood. They must have summoned it and caused the destruction in San Antonio on February 19, 2017.
  • Hard to trust, when they seem to always want to tear down those around them
  • Aron's son did not take the news of his father's death well.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Phill

Storyteller Email: VST Email

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