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Pack Wyldfire


Hunts-the-Broken - Alpha
Hunts-the-Darkness - Beta
Scar Tissue - Loremaster
Steals the Shiny - Omega


Location: Pine Barrens, NJ
Sept: Gaia's Vengeance
Affiliation: Sanctum of Gaia
Formed in the year 2009 by Hunts-the-Broken, Hunts-the-Darkness, and Scar Tissue, Wyldfire was a Pack firmly on the extreme edge of the Sanctum. Scar Tissue and Hunts-the-Broken are both members of the Lodge of the Predator Kings, and it's an open secret among the Sanctum that at least one member of the Pack is also a member of a Winter Pack. They settled in the Pine Barrens in 2011, after two years of wandering, with their newest member Momo, after hearing rumors that a Garou had stolen a Caern Seed from the Sept of Blood Fist. After waylaying the hapless thief, the Pack received permission from the great Caern and led the local Packs in creating the Sept of Gaia's Vengeance. They remain there to this day, fully dedicated to the protection and growth of their Sept. However, the Pack's hard edges have recently softened slightly. After taking in a Bone Gnawer (Steals the Shiny) who had been abused and nearly killed by humankind, the pack became less bloodthirsty (or, at least, better at controlling that thirst). When Littlefury (now Chiseljaw) came under their protection as a Cub, the pack even further softened. They've gone so far toward moderation that they've even allowed a Bastet to join their number, though Hunts-the-Broken has little to no interaction with her, and her place among their number is far from assured.

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