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Information Known by The Nation

Name: Wyvern's Sting

Totem: Wyvern

Current Members:

The current alpha. He helped reform the pack in 2013.
Fostern, Homid, Silver Fang, Galliard
Current spiritual expert for the pack.
Adren, Latrani, Nuwisha, Umbral Danser.
A young wanderer who often disappears for months at a time.
Cliath, Lupus, Child of Gaia, Galliard

Other Recent Members:

  • Anders Runde “Lives by the Sword”
A long time pack alpha. He died by suicide due to Harano December 24, 2008.
Adren, Homid, Get of Fenris, Ahroun
  • “Talons of the Crow”
A long time beta under Lives by the Sword. She led the pack between Lives by the Sword’s death and her own death at the Sept of the Crescent Moon.
Adren, Lupus, Shadowlord, Ragabash
  • Matías Montez “Obsidian Mirror”
Founding Alpha of the current version of the pack. He died in battle March 15, 2014.
Fostern, Homid, Uktena, Ahroun
Founding member of the in the current version of the pack.
Adren, Homid, Silver Fang, Philodox
Rúni fell to harrano and threw himself to his death in combat. His loss is still felt deeply.
Adren, Homid, Get of Fenris, Galliard
  • Jarrett “Fuck, I Forgot My Deed Name”
Young bitten who fell fighting to save kin who were being experimented on. Went out like a champ.
Cliath, Homid, Silent Strider, Ragabash
Long time member who left to serve a sept more full time. Now a member in good standing of the Sept of the Heartland Star.
Fostern, Homid, Wendigo, Ahroun


With the fall of House Winter Snow of the Silver Fangs in the mid seventeenth century their kin were absorbed into other houses, and Wyvern was left without a house to patronize. A generation later both the totem and the descendants of the house were looking for redemption. The Wyvern’s Sting was their attempt to find it. Following the attempt of King Everstone to claim the caerns of his neighbors, Wyvern made it his duty to ensure that such aggression never happened again and took this as his ban. Five Silver Fangs descended from Winter Snow formed a pack under Wyvern and swore to uphold this ban. They would defend any Gaian caern (Garou or Fera) against anything whenever and wherever called.

The pack has existed on and off ever since. Destroyed several times defending the caerns of the Pure Tribes and several more defending against the minions of the Wyrm the pack always reformed sooner or later. Most recently it was practically wiped out in the great wyrm offensive, but was reformed to defend the new shard caerns as they began to be founded. In its modern form the pack is no longer exclusive to the Silver Fangs, much less the descendants of Winter Snow, but it still exists. Traveling from caern to caern, whenever called, whatever the threat, Wyvern’s Sting will come and risk their lives in the defense of Gaia’s holy places.

Pack Timeline

  • c. 1690: The pack is founded by five Silver Fangs who were descended from kin of House Winter Snow.
  • c. 1700 -1900: The Pure Lands Defense: The pack is destroyed and reformed several times while defending Wendigo and Uktena septs from European Garou. Each reformation focuses less and less on house or tribe, more and more on Wyvern’s ban.
  • c. 1900 - 2008: The Glory Years: The pack gains much fame as it joins dozens of embattled caerns in defense. They are several time cited as the difference between victory and defeat.
  • 2008: The Gnostic Plague begins. Caerns begin calling for help. The pack is helpless to save them.
  • 2008, December 24: Lives by the Sword, alpha of the pack, succumbs to Harano and kills himself. Talons of the Crow, his beta, reluctantly takes charge.
  • 2009 -2010: Constant Battle: During this time there is never a break. There is always a caern in need of defense. The pack does its best to answer all calls and losses many members, but more join when their caerns fall, and the pack never completely dies out.
  • 2010: Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon: The Wyvern’s Sting, more than a dozen strong at this point join the front lines. All are killed except one, Obsidian Mirror.
  • 2013, March 15: William Henry Howard seeks out Obsidian Mirror, and they reform the pack.
  • 2013,November 12: William challenges Obsidian Mirror to be seen as Fostern. Obsidian Mirror gives him a quest from their pack totem. William leaves to complete it.
  • 2013, December 21: William returns bearing a blade wrapped in blankets on his back. He reports to Obsidian Mirror who gives him the name Snow Will Come and names him Fostern but does not share the tale.
  • 2014, March 15: Snow Will Come assumes leadership of the pack when Obsidian Mirror falls in battle.
  • 2014, June 5: Legacy of Steel petitions Snow Will Come to join the pack.

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