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Oak Vale 1.png
Anglesey Flag-land map

VSS Area

Sept Map

Sept Information

Location: Near Pentraeth, Isle of Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom

Totem: Eagle of Oak Vale

Level: 1

Spirits of the Sept

Spirits of the Sept
Name Rank Brood Notes
Boar Jaggling N/A Pack Totem of Temperance
Butterfly Jaggling N/A Pack Totem of Soul Survivors
Eagle Incarna Falcon Caern Totem (2018)
Panther Jaggling Bast Pack Totem of Lux Tenebris
Seadrake Jaggling Fenris Pack Totem of Ullr's Truth
Weasel Incarna N/A Former Caern Totem (1835-2016)
Wyvern Jaggling Falcon Pack Totem of Wyvern's Storm

Sept Territory

  • Oak Vale Auspice Council Hall: Sometimes used for meetings or trials.
  • Oak Vale Cemetery: Small area for the Sept Fallen.
  • Oak Vale Clinic: To serve the medical needs of the Sept.
  • Oak Vale Cub Sanctuary: Potential young cubs area.
  • Oak Vale Heroes Hall: A small stone building in the middle of the sept land.
  • Oak Vale Kinfolk buildings: The area where the kinfolk live, unless otherwise specified.
  • Oak Vale Lake: A beautiful lake.
    View south to Llyn Llwydiarth, the source of Afon Braint - - 906297
  • Oak Vale Spirit Armoury
  • Oak Vale Warder Station: Two portable trailer homes, one for Warder business and one as the Warder's private home.
  • Oak Vale Waystation: A large stone building in the far right corner near the sept border road.
  • Old Ruined Buildings: Far right corner. These were the buildings that were used for the Sept, Hero’s Hall, Festive Hall and Waystation. They were all destroyed when the Cearn was attacked in December 2016. The buildings were made of wood, so nothing remains, other than holes dug in the earth. Out of Respect and Honour to those lost in the attack, the area remains undeveloped.

Locations of Interest


The sept is set near Pentraeth a village on the island of Anglesey with a population of 1,178 at the 2011 census. Its Welsh name means at the end of (or head of) a beach, and it is located near Traeth Coch (Red Wharf Bay). There is a small river, Afon Nodwydd which runs through it. The village's ancient name was Llanfair Betws Geraint. In 1170 it was the site of a battle when Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd landed with an army raised in Ireland in an attempt to claim a share of the kingdom of Gwynedd following the death of his father Owain Gwynedd. He was defeated and killed here by the forces of his half-brothers Dafydd ab Owain Gwynedd and Rhodri. The centre of the village is The Square. It is bounded by St. Mary's Church and the Panton Arms public house as well as a row of shops called Cloth Hall. This was founded in the 19th century by Benjamin Thomas as a general store. It continued as a grocery store on into the 1990s and is now occupied by a carpet shop as well as a bakery and party-ware hire shop.

Nearby there are a few other small, scattered villages in the area but the sept is mostly woods and fields. There are usually human trails and treks going through the area on tour, guided by some Kinfolk so they don’t interfere in the Caern business. This semi-secluded isle was a haven for the Tribes and, to a lesser extent, the Fera. That changed when humans came and over time populated most of the island. There are many secluded places the tribes can rest safely from the prying eyes. Each year it becomes smaller and smaller. The Oak Vale Caern remains undetected by the humans largely due to the efforts of local Garou and Kinfolk so that Gaia’s children may continue on her work unfettered.

The borders of the Territory are clearly marked for those that know how to recognise such things.

Locations of Human Importance

Sept History

Gaia has fallen silent across the globe, the Isle of Anglesey once home to one of the largest Caerns in the United Kingdom; now it is fallen.

Three Gaian defenders (Delwyn, Anerin, and Long Hair) call to the Garou Nation to come to the Isle to bolster the last of a fallen Sept, to save any chance of a Shard Seed being planted in this once holy place.

Notable Events

Oak Vale pre-2017

Oak Vale 2017

Oak Vale 2018

Oak Vale 2019

Sept Tales

Oak Vale Tales 2017

Oak Vale Tales 2018

To Hive or Hive Not Told January 2019

Are you Coming to the Tree Told Dec 2019

Oak Vale Tales 2020
Yule Log Hunting

  • New Tale here. Told/Published by Character, Auspice & Rank on Date.

Tales from the Nation

Laws of the Land

Sept Laws

Interpretations of the Litany

Sept Leadership

Sept Leader
Get of Fenris Philodox"Arbiter of Malice"
Warder Den Parent Master of the Challenge
Get of FenrisTheurgeMarta "Freyjasdottir" Den Parent Child of GaiaSora "Found Moon" Master of ChallengeSilent Striders"Grave Tale"
Council of Auspices



Master of the Rite







Fianna Daffyd "Laughing Tails" Email
Black Furies
Tameka "Alethia True Strike" Email
Silver Fangs Erecul Tophroi Email Fianna Naomi O'Mannion Email Red Talen Red Fang "Rends Thunder"


Name Totem Classification Life Cycle Organizational Structure Alpha/Leader OOC Player Contact
Lux Tenebris Panther Motif Unknown Unknown Tanika Dvorak Alicia C.
Seamróic Laochra Stag Tribal Generational Collective Ronan Dooley TW Apocalypse VST
Soul Survivors Butterfly Motif Generational Collective Long Hair TW Apocalypse VST
Temperance Boar Motif Generational Wyld Arbiter of Malice Liam D
Ullr's Truth Seadrake Tribal Generational Collective Albjorn Mountainbreaker TW Apocalypse VST
Wyvern's Storm Wyvern Motif Wayfarers Wyld Liza "Safe Harbour" Sara H

Sept Members

Note: Italicised characters are NPCs

Name Auspice Tribe Rank Breed Faction Pack Email
Albjorn "Mountainbreaker" Ahroun Get of Fenris 5 - Elder Homid Sanctum of Gaia Ullr's Truth VST
Anerin "Golden Claw" Ragabash Bastet 4 - Athro Feline None Soul Survivors VST
"Arbiter of Malice" Philodox Get of Fenris 5 - Elder Homid Sanctum of Gaia Temperance Liam Draper
Art "Clinch and Destroy" Ahroun Fianna 3 - Adren Homid Sanctum of Gaia Wyvern's Storm

Candice Gross

Arthur Ahroun  ? Cub Lupus Faction Unknown Email
Bragi "Bragi's Wisdom" Galliard Get of Fenris 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Ullr's Truth VST
Erecul "Falcon's Grasp of Truth" Philodox Silver Fangs 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Temperance Jacob A
Gisla "Forbryter Banen" Ragabash Get of Fenris 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Ullr's Truth VST
"Grave Tale" Galliard Silent Striders 2 - Fostern Homid N/A Wyvern's Storm Bernard D
Daffyd "Laughing Tails" Ragabash Fianna 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Wyvern's Storm


Long Hair Philodox Silent Striders 5 - Elder Lupus Concordat of Stars Soul Survivors VST
LostMoon "Howls Joy" Ragabash Silver Fangs 1 - Cliath Lupus Sanctum of Gaia Wyvern's Storm Ness
Marta "Freyjasdottir" Theurge Get of Fenris 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Ullr's Truth VST
Marwo Theurge Uktena 2 - Fostern Lupus Unknown Soul Survivors VST
Mundi "Stands His Ground" Philodox Get of Fenris 5 - Elder Homid Sanctum of Gaia Ullr's Truth VST
Naomi "Ancestral Wisdom" Galliard Fianna 4 - Athro Homid Sanctum of Gaia Temperance

Josie R

"Peace Maker" Theurge Fianna 2 - Fostern Homid Sanctum of Gaia Unknown K L-M
Red Fang "Rends Thunder" Ahroun Red Talons 3 - Adren Lupus Sanctum of Gaia Wyvern's Storm Joel-Carl Lauzon
Tameka "Alethia True Strike" Theurge Black Furies 3 - Adren Homid Concordat of Stars Temperance Denise Lilly
Sora "Found Moon" Theurge 2 - Fostern Metis Unknown Wyvern's Storm Andy P
YSB Ragabash Get of Fenris 2- Fostern Homid Unknown Temperance Dana

The Honored Dead & Departed

Name Auspice Tribe Rank Breed Date Died Notes
Delwyn Galliard Child of Gaia Athro Metis June 2018 After being missing for some time, she was found dead, suspects are the Leeches
Grey Fur Ahroun Fianna Athro Lupus October 2018 Died to save party members in an umbral ambush
Snow Tree Ahroun Wendigo Adren Homid August 2018 Perished defending LostMoon & The Kinfolk in the planting of the Seed Southern Defense
Keeva Tulloch Galliard Silent Striders Fostern Homid December 2018 TBA
Valhalla's Mercy Galliard Get of Fenris Athro Homid October 2017 Sept Leader killed in controversial circumstances

The Exiled and the Disgraced

Name Auspice Tribe Rank Breed Date Exiled Notes
Cassidy Black None Fianna N/A Kinfolk January 15th 2018 For murdering a previous Sept Leader
Michael Black "Hammer of Justice" Philodox Bone Gnawers Adren Homid January 15th 2018 For violating the Litany when a previous Sept Leader was murdered

Oak Vale Travellers

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