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"I have listened to a great many talks from our great father. But they always began and ended in this - 'Get a little further; you are too close to me.'"
- Speckled Snake, Muscogee (Creek) chief, about President Andrew Jackson

The land is broken. The Garou Nation is broken. As a result, the Silver Record is also broken. Sometimes the record repeats the follies and deeds of the past incessantly, scorching Garou ears with the shame of their ancestors. But more often, the shattered Silver Record is simply silent on the mysteries of the past in these forested hills and dilapidated farmsteads. This is the blood price of the deaths of Galliards over the generations from the Age of the Storm to the Age of Apocalypse. And in the Age of Apocalypse, the wounds of Gaia and the Garou Nation remain unstaunched. Their flows now intermingle in the land and waters.

Today, the Garou of Southern Indiana are divided and lost in what the Apocalypse has rendered a new and broken frontier as far as the Garou Nation is concerned. They have yet to recover from the rift of ideals between the new Sanctum of Gaia and Concordat of Stars. Some Garou now employ the nuance of the hammer against the anvil to reforge local Garou into a force for the Nation, the Sept of Renewed Valor. But even the legendary smiths of the Fianna have broken many inferior blades before achieving true mastery of their craft. Meanwhile, the land keeps its secrets close. And many secrets are true wonders. But many wonders are horrors upon Gaia’s sleeping face.

For information about the surrounding GL Region, see Great Lakes Apocalypse.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Briefly in 2017, some local Garou tried to organize as the Sept of Renewed Valor that claimed a large territory in the area, but the sept never had a shard caern, and it plitically fractured before the year was out, leaving individuals and isolated packs to fight on this frontier in the Age of Apocalypse. The nearest established septs are at the Sept of the Willows in Indianapolis and the Sept of the White Stone Tower in Terre Haute.

Sept Officers

Sept Leader: Giantbreaker

Auspice Council

Master of Challenges: Swims the Past Forgotten

Den Parent: Swims the Past Forgotten



Totem: Danu

Packs in the Area

Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk Active in the Area

Bloomington Locals Directory
Name Deed Name Pack PC or NPC Player or VST Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Status
Andre Fills the Coffin| Unbroken Tusks PC Christopher D. Unknown Homid Ragabash Silver Fangs Active
Antoinetta Josephina Polenta AJ Weather the Storm PC Nancy L. Unknown Homid Philodox Shadow Lords Inactive
Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat Brevalaer None PC John S. Kinfolk Human NA Fianna Active
Charles "Chuck" Hickman Storm Shelter Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawers Active
Celeste Gibson Celeste Gibson Rising Tide PC Unknown Fostern Homid Theurge Child of Gaia Active
Colin "Blowout" Douglass Donut Trap Rangers NPC VST Unknown Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawers Active
David Anderson Giantbreaker None PC Josh P. Unknown Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Active
Edmund "Eddy" Elkhart Loaves and Fish Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Philodox Bone Gnawers Active
Ehawee Lafontaine Eddy in the River None PC Molly H. Unknown Homid Theurge Uktena Active
Ethan Redmayne Satisfaction None PC Ben S. Unknown Homid Theurge Bastet Active
Eva "BK" Hall Bloody Knuckles Rangers NPC VST Unknown Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawers Active
Guillaume Desmarais Time Walker None NPC VST Unknown Homid Galliard Silver Fang Deceased
Hal Woodward Soothfast Veteran Victors NPC VST Unknown Homid Galliard Children of Gaia Deceased
Harold "Copperhead" Parks Salt of the Earth Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Theurge Bone Gnawers Active
Hidden River Walker Hidden River Walker Hickory Hunt NPC VST Cliath Lupus Theurge Red Talon Active
Jackrabbit Jackrabbit Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawers Active
Jesse Clarke Trades Land and Paper Separation of Powers NPC VST Unknown Homid Philodox Glass Walkers Active
Jessica "JJ" Flatness Karaoke of Death Rangers NPC VST Unknown Homid Galliard Bone Gnawers Active
Jo Ann Fielding Warder of Lives and Life Veteran Victors NPC VST Unknown Homid Theurge Children of Gaia Disabled
Jon Lu Swims the Past Forgotten Rising Tide PC James A. Athro Homid Theurge Rokea Active
Leads Hills to Charge Leads Hills to Charge Hickory Hunt NPC VST Fostern Lupus Ahroun Red Talon Active
Liam Sheridan Liam Sheridan Weather the Storm PC Robert M. Unknown Homid Theurge Fianna Active
"Mama Leah" McCoy Oatmeal and Silver Buckshot Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawers Active
Melvin "Mel" Brockman Road Atlas Veteran Victors NPC VST Unknown Homid Ragabash Children of Gaia Deceased
Mountain Goat Stepper Mountain Goat Stepper Hickory Hunt NPC VST Adren Lupus Philodox Red Talon Active
Muertow Plans Fights with Excel Rising Tide PC Joe G. Fostern Homid Ahroun Fianna Active
Nancy "Sisi" Oswald Knows the Empty Void Hoppin' Mad NPC VST Unknown Homid Theurge Bone Gnawers Active
Nicholas "Tricky Nick" Birch Blindsider Rangers NPC VST Unknown Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawers Active
Olivia Whitefeather Olivia Whitefeather Weather the Storm PC Jaleen W. Unknown Homid Ahroun Wendigo Deceased
Shane Shane Rising Tide PC Logan M Fostern Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawer Active
Treetop Hunter Treetop Hunter Hickory Hunt NPC VST Fostern Lupus Ragabash Red Talon Active
Fell-The-Beast Fell-The-Beast Unbroken Tusks PC Greg W. Athro Lupus Ahroun Red Talon Deceased
Greta Birkner Greta Birkner Unbroken Tusks PC Jennifer W. Unknown Homid Galliard Get of Fenris Deceased
Law-Is-Hard Law-Is-Hard Unbroken Tusks PC Phillip J. Unknown Lupus Phillodox Red Tallon Deceased
Theresa "Rees" Constantine Akupāra Veteran Victors NPC VST Unknown Homid Philodox Children of Gaia Deceased
Hannah Packer Hannah Packer Unbroken Tusks PC Brigitte A. Unknown Homid Theurge Black Furry Missing
Andrew Hayes Hornbearer Unknown Pack PC Unknown Name Unknown Homid Unknown Unknown Departed
Avery Kessler Swift-Claw None PC Thomas H. Unknown Homid Ahroun Black Furies Departed
Marcus Alibaster Marcus Alibaster Retribution PC Tony T. Unknown Homid Philodox Silver Fangs Departed
Heart-Over-Mind Heart-Over-Mind Retribution PC Robert D. Unknown Homid Ragabash Red Talons Departed
Lalawethika Greymist Winter's Song Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC RayS Athro Homid Galliard Wendigo Deceased
John Kawako Reaper of the Frigid Coil Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Sasha Smith Fostern Lupus Ahroun Wendigo Inactive
Askuwheteau Askuwheteau Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Charles Oliver Elder Homid Theurge Uktena Active
Yamka Greymist Cold Heart Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Ashley Oliver Athro Homid Philodox Wendigo Active
Zeeb Woodford Wisdom of Better Days Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Harley Metcalfe Fostern Metis Theurage Wendigo Inactive
Hunts the High Ground Hunts the High Ground Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Ed Deakins Fostern Lupus Ragabash Red Talon Deceased
Ayasha Tracks No Snow Miskwa-Tibik-Kizis PC Trina Nilson Athro Lupus Ragabash Uktena Deceased



For a complete historical timeline of this area in the MES Werewolf: The Apocalypse chronicle, see our Venue Historical Timeline.

Several septs have protected caerns in the area of this venue since 1800. Although a sept of the Pure Tribes held a caern in the area until they fell to European Garou packs at the Battle of Stone Hearts in 1803, Garou history best records the short-lived Sept of Lost River in the Salt Wold (Bison; 1805-1811) and the successful small Sept of Brine Springs (Bobcat).


The Sept of Brine Springs was dedicated to Bobcat in 1822. Their totem succumbed to the Gnostic Plague shortly after the summer solstice in 2008. In Bobcat's final moments, he and his sept were betrayed by their own Caern Warder Arnold Frisk "Willow's Lash" (Athro Child of Gaia Homid Theurge), who escaped with the support of a pack of waiting Black Spiral Dancers as the fallen caern heart ruptured into a Broken Land. The traitor is still at large.

Almost to a one, the former sept's Garou answered the call of High King Albrecht in 2009. Very few returned.

In the years since, numerous Garou have come to the area, only few of whom lived here before the Rite of the Still Skies. The hill country of Southern Indiana may become a proving ground for the modern Garou Nation if they can overcome the scars left by the dark chapters of local history.... or because they must.

In 2017, the pack Unbroken Tusks (Totem: Boar) led by Fell-The-Beast, established the Sept of Renewed Valor, along with Marcus Alibaster of Retribution (Totem: Bobcat), but within months, and without a shard caern to rally around, the sept fractured politically and disintegrated by winter, leaving only scattered packs, lone shifters, and Kinfolk in the area to fend for themselves on this frontier in the Age of Apocalypse.

Pages from the Silver Record

Silver Record cover cropped.jpg

This section is for links to tales by the local Galliards.

Tales by Guillaume Desmarais "Time Walker"

Tales by Greta Birkner

Tales by Hal Woodward "Soothfast"

Tales by Lalawethika Greymist

Tales of the Sept told by our Guests

Tales that include Members of the Sept


Selected news stories that actually make publication or broadcast in the area covered by this Venue will be posted on the Bloomington, IN Apocalypse Newsreel for player reference.


  • When it comes down to it, before the Age of Apocalypse, this area had a bad history when it came to protecting caerns. There's something more sinister going on here...
  • This area has always been rich in Peripheries. More recently, though, that means it's also been prone to more Broken Lands.
  • Don't go there unless you don't mind catching dishonor and notoriety with the Spirits like a disease, because it'll happen.
  • It's a cryin' shame if you ask me... All that national forest land, even a reintroduced wolf pack, and no caern? Yeah, a damn shame...
  • No sept there you say? That sort of thing always says something about the state of local leadership...
  • A profound bitterness has struck the Garou Nation in Southern Indiana, and the propensity for local packs to be dedicated to totems of war is its harvest.
  • The Garou of that area are only now discovering that they're outclassed (or at least seriously outnumbered) by the enemy since the Apocalypse.
  • Rumor says the Unbroken Tusks recently organized local packs into a new sept in Southern Indiana. But a pack by that name did that around here once before, and we know how that went...
  • Over the course of March and April this year, Hickory Hunt and their Kinfolk have been targeted by War Wolves, "Rees" of the Veteran Victors has been set up for industrial sabotage, corruption and loss of important data has driven Separation of Powers to distraction, and apparently some Kinfolk of Hoppin' Mad have gone missing. What the hell is going on?
  • Apparently the recently concluded challenge for Truthcatcher was quite an upset. That very day, Mountain Goat Stepper pulled his pack Hickory Hunt from the sept, and the Rangers joined the sept without any meaningful explanation.

Finding the Locals

Since most of the local Garou are so spread out, it helps for visitors to know who to look for and where to make local contact. Contact with a local Player Character (PC) is obviously best, but Non-Player Character (NPC) channels are also available to enable making contact (use VST e-mail for NPCs):

  • Concordat of Stars: Visitors of the Concordat generally seek out the Watering Hole, a dive bar with a dance floor (run by "Jackrabbit" Bone Gnawer Adren Ragabash) or the Hopscotch Cafe (run by Hal Woodward "Soothfast", a local Child of Gaia Fostern Galliard) along Bloomington’s B-Line trail. Glass Walkers often prefer to e-mail Jesse Clarke "Trades Land and Paper" (Adren Philodox) directly.
  • Sanctum of Gaia: Those from the Sanctum of Gaia may seek out Guillaume Desmarais "Time Walker", a famously old Silver Fang Athro Galliard living at the Garret (an antique store) in Downtown Bloomington, or they may attempt to approach the Hickory Hunt (Red Talons) in the Hoosier National Forest.
  • Ratkin: A long-established colony of Ratkin is known to still exist under Bloomington. Ratkin players should contact the VST for details.
  • Other Fera: Contact the VST for details; there may be contacts for various Changing Breeds, but they are not all necessarily widely known by the Garou Nation, and so not listed here.

Out-of-Character Information (for real people)

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Local Venue Playlist

For additional resources for playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse in the MES Great Lakes (GL) Region, see the Great Lakes Apocalypse page.


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