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Sept Totem


The Council of Auspices

The Fool - Helix
Master of the Rite - SH4M4N
Talesinger- Speaks the Serpent's Tongue

Sept Positions

Sept Leader - Buddy
The Warder - Elise Sendak (NPC)
Guardians - Eyes of the Forest
Den Parent - Speaks the Serpent's Tongue
Master of the Challenge - Lost Stories

Sept Members

Deed Name Mundane Name Creature Type Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Faction Pack
Example Deed Name mundane name creature type rank breed auspice tribe faction pack
SH4M4N Michael Kingsley Garou Adren Homid Theurge Glasswalker Concordat
5P1NN3R Sydney Variolus Ananasi rank Homid auspice n/a n/a tbd
Judges You Basic Christian Garou Fostern Homid Philodox Stargazer Concordat Neighborhood Watch
Chases Tales Chases Tales the Squirrel King Garou Cliath Lupus Galliard Child of Gaia Concordat Neighborhood Watch
Cracked the Moon mundane name Garou Athro Lupus Theurge Silent Strider N/A Section
Dusk Runner mundane name Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Silent Strider faction Neighborhood Watch
Speaks the Serpent's Tongue Morgan Sylvain Garou Adren Homid Galliard Uktena Concordat Section
Buddy mundane name Garou Fostern Lupus Philodox Bone Gnawer faction Section
Helix Simon Hex Garou Fostern Metis Ragabash Glasswalker Concordat Section
n/a Detective Maze Kinfolk n/a Homid n/a tribe n/a n/a
Lost Stories mundane name Corax rank breed auspice tribe n/a pack
Deed Name Ava Douglas Kitsune Athro Kojin Doshi (theurge) n/a n/a Qilin
Fēng Zhăo Wú Míng Garou Adren breed Ahroun Stargazer Concordat Qilin
Deed Name Pyrra Nicols Garou rank breed auspice Stargazer faction Qilin
Deed Name David Chang Garou rank breed auspice Stargazer faction Qilin
N/A Jacob d'Amato Kinfolk N/A Homid N/A Kitsune N/A N/A
Eyes of the Forest Kieran McNamara Garou Fostern Homid Theurge Fianna Concordat Neighborhood Watch / Alpha
Ghost Ghost Garou Fostern Lupus Ragabash Glasswalker Concordat Thieves in the Night
CyberHowls Vanessa Ramirez Garou Cliath Homid Galliard Glasswalker Concordat Thieves in the Night