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Sept Totem


The Council of Auspices

The Fool - Helix
Master of the Rite - Seals the Breach
Truthcatcher- Coffin Chaser
Talesinger- Questions

Sept Positions

Sept Leader - Judge, Jury & Executioner
The Warder - Elise Sendak (NPC)
Guardians - Hart of Artemis
Den Parent - Still Under Debate
Master of the Challenge - Saint

Sept Members

Deed Name Mundane Name Creature Type Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Faction Pack
Example Deed Name mundane name creature type rank breed auspice tribe faction pack
Judge, Jury & Executioner Justice Baranov Garou Adren Homid Philodox Shadow Lord Concordat of Stars Shifting Shadows
Seals the Breach Piety Baranov Garou Fostern Homid Theurge Shadow Lord Concordat of Stars Shifting Shadows
Cracked the Moon  ? Garou Athro Lupus Theurge Silent Strider N/A Section
Coffin Chaser Troy Collins Garou Athro Homid Philodox Glass Walker Concordat of Stars Prowlers
Dusk Runner  ? Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Silent Strider  ? Neighborhood Watch
Buddy  ? Garou Adren Lupus Philodox Bone Gnawer  ? Section
Strikes the Wyrm's Heart Ana Michaud Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawer  ? Section
Helix Simon Hex Garou Adren Metis Ragabash Glasswalker Concordat of Stars Section
Burns the Blood Moon Jacob d'Amato Bitten Fera Cliath Homid Doshi Kitsune  ?  ?
 ? Alex Doran Garou Fostern Homid Ragabash Silent Strider N/A Shifting Shadows
Questions Robert Anderson Garou Fostern Homid Galliard Glasswalker  ? Section
Saint Bernard Garou Adren Lupus Ahroun Glasswalker Concordat of Stars Second Promise
Still Under Debate Erika "Amy" Hoffman Garou Fostern Homid Philodox Shadow Lord Concordat of Stars  ?
Hart of Artemis Jaune Arkos Garou Fostern Metis Ahroun Black Furies Sanctum of Gaia  ?
One With Wind Marcus Watts Garou Adren Homid Ragabash Child of Gaia  ?  ?
Fights the Current Fights the Current Rokea Shallows (Fostern) Shark Brightwater (Ahroun)  ? Outside Nation Crashing Breakers
Kun's Vengeful Voice Allen Cavanaugh Rokea (Adren) Squamous Dimwater (Galliard)  ? Inside Nation Crashing Breakers
 ? William Cottingley-Smythe Bastet Athro  ? Twilight (Philodox)  ? Inside Nation  ?
- Dakota Sendak Kinfolk - Gurahl - - - -


Honored Dead

Deed Name Mundane Name Creature Type Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Faction Pack

Chases Tales Chases Tales the Squirrel King Garou Cliath Lupus Galliard Child of Gaia Concordat Neighborhood Watch
SH4M4N Michael Kingsley Garou Adren Homid Theurge Glasswalker Concordat
Speaks the Serpent's Tongue Morgan Sylvain Garou Adren Homid Galliard Uktena Concordat Section
Kieran McNamara Kieran McNamara Garou Fostern Homid Theurge Fianna Concordat Neighborhood Watch
Catches Whispers Garou Fostern Lupus Galliard Uktena Concordat Prowlers