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Sept of the Seven Hills

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Sept of the Seven Hills

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The Silver Crown was tossed back to the material realm and we watched Albrecht charged the Storm Eater alone. The Gauntlet was sealed and we won but at what cost. The world seemed to bed dead and we were the last breaths of life leaving it. Then the Shard Caerns came to be and perhaps we could bring Gaia back from the edge of death. Here in Cincinnati it was clear how much we had lost. The leeches known as the Sabbat and the other banes that came in it’s wake have devoured this city. Brom, The Bladesinger lead her pack here to reclaim the Sept of the Seven Hills from the banes and the leeches. Now she is missing and what’s left have to pick up the pieces.

Cincinnati did not become the Wyrm’s playground in a violent battle during the Apocalypse. Now, Cincinnati and the humans that live there drank their own poison willingly. Of course they didn’t know what was in the drink but it tasted good as it when down it’s ravenous throat. Cincinnati is booming in many areas! Economic growth has flowing into the city but for each dollar earned for the elite is another pound of sewage in the gutter for the poor. The past year the Wyrm has had Cincinnati all to itself primarily and from a distance the corruption is not apparent. Sabbat orgies do not run rampant in the streets and fomori are hidden behind the veil of normalcy. However Brom, The Bladesinger changed that in recent nights. She brought the Fera and the Garou together and cut a path through the Wyrm’s minions and cracked it’s armor. The Wyrm is insidious though and Brom was doomed to fail. Her mind stuck in the ways of the past and battle. She knew this and brought many to Cincinnati to plan it’s future and petition the Council for a Shard Caern. Now, Brom is missing and with her, the future of the Seven Hills.



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The Seven Hills of Blood

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