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Laws of the Sept of the Second Chance

The Protection of Gaia comes before all other concerns.

The Litany will be upheld at all times.

Any of Gaia's children may petition to become members of the Sept.

Metis will be accepted into the Sept; they must earn their place as all others must.

The Master of Challenges will be the primary arbitrator of the worthiness of a challenge. If they feel the challenge is too easy or difficult they may reject it until and acceptable challenge is made.

Each member of the Sept must spend one week a year in service to the Sept.

This service is typically maintaining the Hall of Heroes, though the Warder, Alpha, or a majority vote of the Council of Auspices can assign some other duty based on the needs of the Sept.

Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility: every alpha is responsible for the actions of their packmates and will share in their triumphs and failures.

Those who do not hold Sept positions may not approach the Sept Alpha directly. They must go through their pack alpha to have them speak on their behalf. Members of the Alpha’s Pack are exempt from this restriction. Exceptions may be made for traveling Garou who do not have their Alpha present.

Tools of the Weaver are allowed within the Bawn, but they may not be taken into the Hall of Heroes or the Caern Heart.

Any Kinfolk who desires to become Garou has the right to petition the Alpha for the Bite. This is the only time that a Kinfolk may directly approach the Alpha.

Werewolf the Apocalypse

VSS Boundaries: All of Colorado Springs and extending westward into the mountains to include Woodland Park. It extends south including Fountain and East to the edge fo Falcon. It extends north all the way to include Monument.
VST Name: Mykle McGovern
VST Email:
Domain Code: Co-015-D

Theme: Dynamic conflict of Weaver vs Wyld in the Age of Apocalypse
Mood: Dark and tense with a subtle melancholy. Players must search for hope and meaning in the Age of Apocalypse
Setting: BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Chronicle Teaser

It has been many, many years since the fall of the old Sept of the Colored Stones, back when the Storm Eater ravaged the world and brought about the near-end of the Garou Nation. Since then, the Shifters of Colorado Springs have been few and far between, held at bay by the enemies of Gaia and the tenuous state of the Garou Nation. Now, the time has come for a new sept to rise from the ashes, and with it, whispers abound of plans to plant a new seed caern in the city....

Sept Information

OOC: For the purposes of this chronicle the players have decided to start from zero and to build a sept and then caern in game, driven by the players. This is largely why many aspeccts of the sept and caern are not yet determined.

  • Sept Name: Sept of The Second Chance
  • Sept Location: Garden of the Gods
  • Sept Rating: TBD
  • Shard Caern Totem: Helios
  • Totem Rating: TBD
  • Shard Caern Rating: TBD
  • Seed Source:

  • PVP Rating - 2
  • PVE Rating - 4
  • Ratings on Story:
    • Overall - 4
    • Emotion (you will feel) - 3
    • Darkness - 3
    • Hope - 3
    • Despair - 2

Sept Description: TBD

Sept Leadership

Sept Timeline

The original sept of Colorado Springs was The Sept of Colored Stones that was in Garden of the Gods. When the Storm-Eater came to Colorado on it's quest of hunger and vengeance, the sept was destroyed and the caern consumed. Only one Garou stayed in Colorado Springs waiting for a time to call the Nation back into the shadow of Pike's Peak. That call went out in March 2017, and the Nation and its Fera answered the. They came together in Colorado Springs and a leader stepped forward to guide the rebuilding of the sept and eventually to rebuild the caern itself. So the search for a suitable place to locate the sept began, and all the options were weighed on defenses, spiritual awakening, and inclination.

Storyteller Notes


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