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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of Ancient Hope - Formerly the Sept of Standing Stones

Sept Location: PJ Hoffmaster State Park (35 miles northwest of Grand Rapids)

Totem: Mammoth

The Sept of Standing Stones has always been a Sept of traditions, almost stubbornly so. When other Septs realized that they could no longer stand idle in the face of the Age of Apocalypse, the Sept of Standing Stones remained as they ever do: they stood in place, unwavering, sticking to their beliefs to the point when the final battles came and went, they remained standing – but not whole. When Caerns began to fall victim to the Gnostic Plague, the Sept of Standing Stones was among the first to fade away.

Morale decimated, those that survived the sieges laid by the Dark Brigade became bitterly distrustful of one another. The divisions within the Nation that followed with the creation of the Concordat of Stars and the Sanctum of Gaia drove an even greater wedge as Sept-mates began to cast blame upon one another for the loss of the Caern.

It was only when Harmony “Spins-the-Wheel” Mason, Councilor of the Children of Gaia, brought forth the words speaking of hope to the recovery of Caern Seeds that Standing Stone began to put aside their mistrust and begin to renew their covenant with Gaia. However, old rivalries and bitterness don’t disappear overnight. Can the Sept of Standing Stones find a way to put aside their differences? What of the rumors of ghosts from a Sept that predated Standing Stones? How they can reconcile holding fast to traditions in a rapidly changing world?


Age of Man

  • 2000 Years Ago – The Hopewell Culture of indigenous peoples (of Uktena and Wendigo stock) begin to settle the Great Lakes region in what would become modern Western Michigan. They are the forefathers of the Pottawatomi and Ottawa (Odawa) tribes.

Age of Sorrow

  • 1600s – The Uktena and Wendigo among the Ottawa tribes move into the Grand Rapids area and begin to settle along the Grand River, known to them as “O-wash-ta-nong” or “Far-Away-Waters”. From the stones that stand in the river, the Garou population formerly establish the Sept of Standing Stones.

Age of the Storm

  • 1800-1826 – European settlers began pushing westward. French missionaries, fur traders, Jesuits and traders and start to build homesteads to bring the land along the river to heel. At this time, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Iron Riders (Glass Walkers) begin to migrate into the area.
  • 1826 – The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan is founded by Louis Campau. Relations between American and European settlers and the natives are amicable and based largely on trade. The Sept of Standing Stones grows to close to three dozen Garou, with a handful of Fera - nominally Corax and Ratkin.
  • 1890 – The Rite of the Still Skies impacted Grand Rapids as it impacted the Nation.

Age of the Weaver

  • 1900s – Immigration to the Grand Rapids area begins to increase, and the City on the River begins to flourish as manufacturing really begins to take off - especially furniture and steel work. And with the increase of technology, Weaver-spirits begin to grow in influence.
  • 1985 – Bragi Anker of the Get of Fenris is born in Grand Rapids, MI
  • 1996 – Sylvi Anker, the younger sister of Bragi, is born in Grand Rapids, MI

Age of Apocalypse

  • 2003–2006 – Battle of the Still Waters [GL Regional Victory Event, more info forthcoming]
  • 2009 – A Corax by the name of Pims McCarthy washed up on the shores of the Grand River in 2006. He seldomly makes his presence known other than the occasional raven feather in Whisky Jacks grove until 2009 when he begins interacting more with the Sept for mutual benefit.
  • 2009 – The Stalemate at Lambert’s Landing [GL Regional Failure Event, more info forthcoming]
  • 2009 – Sept of Standing Stones is hit by the Gnostic Plague, causing the Caern and its totem – Whisky Jack – to slowly fade away into nothingness.
  • 2009 – The Dark Brigade make a strike against the struggling Sept of Standing Stones in an attempt to destroy a Caern and take a victory for the Wyrm. 30% of the Sept’s population is decimated despite the best efforts of all Garou and Fera who fought shoulder to shoulder.
  • 2014 – A Nuwisha by the name of William “Fell Through the Cracks” Edwards begins frequenting the Sept of Standing Stones, offering to be an Umbral “Tour Guide” of sorts.
  • 2015 – Dezha Orlova finds Garrett Walsh in a camp of homeless, taking him under her wing as he goes through his first change.
  • 2016 – The All-Gaian Rejects - a pack which consisted of most of the Sept’s Leadership - is betrayed by one of its own and all but one perished.
  • 2017 – Jordan Morningkill takes the mantle of Sept Alpha of Standing Stones.
  • 2018 - A Caern Seed is successfully planted, and the Sept of Ancient Hope is created and dedicated to Mammoth.
  • 2018 – Peter "Fights in Armani" Church defeats Jordan Morningkill in honorable challenge, claiming the office of Sept Alpha for himself.

Sept Members

Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Pack Sept Position
Benedict Altermann 2 - Fostern Get of Fenris Ahroun Homid
Boomdog  ? Bone Gnawer Ragabash  ?
Carmen "Burns with the Embers" Nichols 2 - Fostern Black Fury Ragabash Homid
Charlie "Kegstands for Gaia" Riley 4 - Athro Fianna Ragabash Homid Heart's Reclamation Eldest Ragabash/Fool
Chip Tooth  ? Ratkin Philodox  ?
Chokes the Cry 2 - Fostern Red Talon Theurge Metis Heart's Reclamation
Conor "Sharp-Tooth" Smith 3 - Adren Fianna Theurge Metis
Dinah "Moonshine" Hardin 2 - Fostern Bone Gnawer Galliard Homid Exalts the Heart Talesinger
Emily “Gaia's Hope” Reynolds 3 - Adren Stargazer Theurge Homid B-Team Mistress of the Rite
Einar "Holds the Line" Hjetland 4 - Athro Get of Fenris Ahroun Lupus Exalts the Heart
Eva Morris 2 - Fostern Ananasi Ragabash Arachnid
William "Fell Through the Cracks" Edwards 2 - Fostern Nuwisha Ragabash Homid
Flynn Harrison 2 - Fostern Silent Strider Galliard Homid Heart's Reclamation
Hank Harrison 2 - Fostern Child of Gaia Theurge Homid
Hank Jones 2 - Fostern Glass Walker Galliard Homid Heart's Reclamation None
Hiro Matsumoto 2 - Fostern Kitsune Philodox Homid Heart's Reclamation
Jab 3 - Adren Rokea Ahroun Squamous
Jeremy "Runs-Red" Swanson 2 - Fostern Get of Fenris Ragabash Metis Knight's Angels
Jordan "Straight-to-the-Heart" Morningkill 4 - Athro Silver Fang Ahroun Homid Heart's Reclamation Sept Alpha
Ken "Rolling Thunder" Ishikawa 4 - Athro Stargazer Ahroun Homid Wyrmfoe
Ma'at "Two Truths" Patterson 3 - Adren Silent Strider Philodox Homid
Nadezhda "Morena's Lament" Orlova 2 - Fostern Silver Fang Galliard Homid Talons of Veles
Peter "Fights in Armani" Church 3 - Adren Shadow Lord Philodox Homid Work in Progress
Rory 2- Fostern Child of Gaia Theurge Lupus Exalts the Heart
Seijin 4 - Athro Kitsune Doshi Shinjin
Seth 3 - Adren Stargazer Ahroun  ?
Shiela Willows  ? Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid Heart's Reclamation
Siegfried "Fool's-Bait" Strom 4 - Athro Get of Fenris Theurge Homid Fangs of Morning Frost
Solomon Savage 1 - Cliath  ? Philodox Homid Work in Progress
Tyler "Wields the City" Payne 3 - Adren Glasswalker Galliard Homid Work in Progress
Victor Garren 3 - Adren Silver Fang Ahroun Homid Talons of Veles
Willy Running 2 - Fostern Child of Gaia Theurge Homid
Romeo 3 - Adren Ratkin Warrior Homid

The Fallen

Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Pack Sept Position
Corbin White 1 - Cliath Corax Ragabash Homid
Lindy "Stalks the Answer"  ? Uktena Theurge Homid Work in Progress
Michael Fionn 2 - Fostern Fianna Galliard Metis
Orla "Smiles like a Devil" Rowan 2 - Fostern Fianna Ragabash Homid Work in Progress
Sam Bowden 2 - Fostern Black Fury Arhoun Homid None None
Victor Dakan 2 - Fostern Shadow Lord Ahroun Homid

Former Sept Members

Dwayne "Ankle Shanker" Porter  ? Bone Gnawer Ahroun  ? Work in Progress
Gwrtheyrn Morningkill 2 - Fostern Silver Fang Philodox Lupus
Sirus, Basks in Gore 4 - Athro Bone Gnawer Ahroun Lupus Work in Progress



OOC Information

Region: Great Lakes
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Domain: MI-017-D
VST: Michael Prindle