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General Caern and Sept Information

Vital Statistics

Sept Name: Sept of the Bayous’ Blessing
Sept Location: Houston
Sept Rating: 2
Shard Caern Totem: The Great Trash Heap
Shard Caern Rating: 2
Seed Source: Sept of Forgotten Waters, Southern Louisiana, February 2014
Sept Leader: Soeren Larson
VST: Kat M.
Page Admin: Kat M.
Domain Website: Midnight Magnolias
2017 Approvals Database: MES 2017 Approvals Database

Sept Officers

  • Sept Leader: Soeren Larson
  • Fool (Ragabash Councilor): vacant
  • Master of the Rite: (Theurge Councilor): Felix
  • Truthcatcher (Philodox Councilor): vacant
  • Talesinger (Galliard Councilor): vacant
  • Wyrmfoe (Ahroun Councilor): Soeren Larson


Caern Totem: Trash Heap

Kolanu the City Father was badly weakened by the Third City Plague perpetrated by Pentex, and withdrew into the deep Umbra. When the Sept quested for a new totem, Trash Heap presented herself as one of the totems willing to protect the Houston caern. Although most commonly a Bone Gnawer totem, Trash Heap has taken it upon herself to adopt these Garou and provide guidance. She saw that this sept has seen its share of hardship and loss, and required a pragmatic totem with practical gifts and practical directives.

Trash Heap requests only that a varied and well-fed heap be provided for her on the caern grounds. As such, the sept has begun a compost pile tended by the resident kinfolk - and a pair of rat spirits. Visitors are requested to provide chimanage in the form of interesting trash.

Sept Description

The Sept of Bayou's Blessing is currently located in the oak forest of San Jacinto Park in southeast Houston. While nominally maintained by the State of Texas, influences spent over decades have ensured that the area is staffed entirely by kinfolk and kept relatively inaccessible to the general public. 1200 acres of oaks surround a small conclave of bunkers that provide storage and housing for the local packs.

Sept Timeline

  • 1886 - The Sept of the Lady’s Blessing was founded.
  • 2009 - In a series of coordinated attacks in early September, a regiment of the Dark Brigade, led by two packs of Black Spiral Dancers, overwhelms the Cairn’s defenses and destroys the Cairn Heart. Losses among the Sept are nearly 80%.
  • 2010 - In January, The Mokole Wallow of Brazos de Memoria, Southwest of Houston, falls to the Gnostic Plague despite aid assistance from the Garou and a Gurahl Theurge.
  • 2014 - An Alliance of two packs retrieves its new Caern Seed in March from the Sept of Forgotten Waters. The seed is planted on March 2nd, Texas Independence Day, under the Full Moon. The Alliance leads to the formation of a new sept, the Sept of the Bayou's Rage.
  • 2017 - Chronicle Start
  • 2018 - An attack from the local BSD hive precipitated a bold move to uproot the seed shard and move it to the original site of the Sept of the Lady's Blessing. While this weakened the seed, it also ensured its survival. The sept was renamed Sept of the Bayou's Blessing.
  • 2019 - A call to the greater Garou Nation was answered and the local BSD Pit was destroyed.

Local Packs

Digital Dragonfly

Fate's Thread

Winter's Howl

Hyperion's Call



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