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General Caern and Sept Information

Vital Statistics

Sept Name: Sept of the Bayous’ Blessing
Sept Location: Houston
Sept Rating: 2
Shard Caern Totem: The Great Trash Heap
Shard Caern Rating: 2
Seed Source: Sept of Forgotten Waters, Southern Louisiana, February 2014
Sept Leader: Soeren Larson
VST: Kat M.
Page Admin: Kat M.
Domain Website: Midnight Magnolias
2017 Approvals Database: MES 2017 Approvals Database

Sept Officers

  • Sept Leader: Soeren Larson
  • Fool (Ragabash Councilor): vacant
  • Master of the Rite: (Theurge Councilor): vacant
  • Truthcatcher (Philodox Councilor): vacant
  • Talesinger (Galliard Councilor): vacant
  • Wyrmfoe (Ahroun Councilor): Soeren Larson


Caern Totem: Kolanu


Ban: Followers of Kolanu must seek to protect and nurture the unique diversity and history of the city of Houston. They must protect historical sites and ethnic neighborhoods that give Houston its uniqueness.

Goals: Kolanu is the embodiment of Houston's spiritual essence. He has changed as Houston has changed. He certainly absorbed many of the rugged, individualist ideals of the city's namesake, but as Houston has grown more diverse, so too has the Spirit. His goals are to nurture and protect the "Houstoness" of Houston. That means, dynamic change with a strong connection to the past as well as to the bayous and coastal plains that give the city life.

Notes: Kolanu often appears as an image of General Sam Houston, as he was in life, but he also manifests as his namesake raven, though he is not of Raven's brood. He has kinship with the Uktena tribe because of Sam Houston's kinship with Native kinfolk during his life. Kolanu is NOT an ancestor spirit nor a memory spirit. He does not possess more than a basic knowledge of the life events of General Sam Houston. He does, however, have many of his more publicly lauded personality traits: fairness, stubbornness, and a strong egalitarian streak.

Sept Description

The Houston Sept had been in existence a very long time. The Sept of the Lady’s Blessing had been established by the Uktena, along with some Fianna among the white settlers of Texas, and some Spanish Shadowlords as early as 1886. The site that was chosen for the Cairn was far from the city, being a spring that fed two of Houston’s waterways, Buffalo Bayou and Langham Creek. After the destruction of the Great Cairn by the Dark Brigade, so many of Houston’s Garou died that only a handful of local packs were left. Once the Shard Seeds were discovered, the alliance of packs that had been holding the city together was able to retrieve one from the Sept of Forgotten Waters and forge a new Sept in the process.

Sept Timeline

  • 1886 - The Sept of the Lady’s Blessing was founded.
  • 2009 - In a series of coordinated attacks in early September, a regiment of the Dark Brigade, led by two packs of Black Spiral Dancers, overwhelms the Cairn’s defenses and destroys the Cairn Heart. Losses among the Sept are nearly 80%.
  • 2010 - In January, The Mokole Wallow of Brazos de Memoria, Southwest of Houston, falls to the Gnostic Plague despite aid assistance from the Garou and a Gurahl Theurge.
  • 2014 - An Alliance of two packs retrieves its new Caern Seed in March from the Sept of Forgotten Waters. The seed is planted on March 2nd, Texas Independence Day, under the Full Moon. The Alliance leads to the formation of a new sept, the Sept of the Bayou's Rage.
  • 2017 - Chronicle Start
  • 2018 - An attack from the local BSD hive precipitated a bold move to uproot the seed shard and move it to the original site of the Sept of the Lady's Blessing. While this weakened the seed, it also ensured its survival. The sept was renamed Sept of the Bayou's Blessing.
  • 2019 - A call to the greater Garou Nation was answered and the local BSD Pit was destroyed.

Local Packs

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Mudhole Stompers


Argiope's Web

Argiope's Web
  • Parker Davignon - Ananasi Kar (Ahroun)
  • Persona Non Grata - Nuwisha Ragabash **DEAD**
  • Yuletide Cheer - Kitsune Doshi (Theurge)
  • Lilian - Kitsune Gukutsushi (Philodox)
  • Summer Snow - Child of Gaia Galliard
  • Mato - Gurahl



Temporary Renown

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Player Characters

Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Sept Position Rite of Acceptance?
Samuel Harrison Adren Silver Fang Galliard Homid -- Yes
Puck "Eats Bitter" Patel Adren Glass Walker Ragabash Homid -- Yes
Fatima Al-Faroush Adren (Tilau) Bastet Philodox (Twilight) Homid -- No
Roland Dinn Fostern Nuwisha Ragabash Lupus -- Yes
Cyhyraeth Fostern Corax Ragabash Homid -- Yes
Yoshinara Iginori  ? Corax  ?  ? Master of Challenge Yes
Kneecap Adren Bone Gnawer Ahroun Homid Warder Yes
Max "Bonehead" Adler Cliath Bone Gnawer Galliard Homid -- Yes
Beau Talbot Fostern Bone Gnawer Ahroun Homid -- Yes
Takes the Wings of the Morning Adren Child of Gaia Theurge Homid -- Yes
Soeren Larson Athro Get of Fenris Ahroun Homid -- Yes
Ghost in the Woods Fostern Silent Striders Ragabash Lupus Guardian Yes
Tanith Fostern Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid Den Mother Yes

Non-Player Characters

Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Sept Position Rite of Acceptance?
Trash Cyclone Athro Bonegnawer Ahroun Homid Sept Alpha Yes
Shadows of the Way Elder Child of Gaia Theurge Homid Missing Yes
Judges Silently Elder Uktena Philodox Homid Missing Yes
The Torch Elder Black Fury Ahroun Lupus Missing Yes
Measures the Word Elder Wendigo Galliard Homid Missing Yes
Fortune's Mirth Elder Stargazer Ragabash Homid Missing Yes
Nokia 3110 Fostern Glasswalker Theurge Homid -- Yes
Clara Davignon Fostern Ananasi Theurge Homid -- Yes
Teddy Davignon Fostern Ananasi Galliard Homid -- Yes