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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of the Willow

Located in and around Indianapolis, IN, the Sept of the Willow is an urban caern. The nearest other Sept is the Sept of the White Stone Tower in Terre Haute. Bloomington, IN currently has no Sept, but it does have a large garou population.


Totem: The Willow Women

Sept Officers

Sept Alpha: Currently Vacant
Caern Warder: Three-Claws (Red Talons, Ahroun)
Guardians: Davis "Follows-The-Money" Flynn (Glass Walkers, Ragabash), Eric "Phantom Recon" Thompson (Glass Walkers, Ragabash)
Den Parent: Hanna "Speaks-Softly" (Children of Gaia, Galliard)
Master of the Challenge: Sebastian "Death-Can-Wait" Moss (Gurahl, Kojubat/Galliard)

Auspice Council

Fool (Eldest Ragabash): Samuel "I-Know-A-Guy" Rand (Stargazers, Ragabash)
Master of the Rite (Eldest Theurge): Lily "Pure-Heart" (Stargazers, Theurge)
Truthcatcher (Eldest Philodox): Amber "Sees-Before-Hindsight" (Black Furies, Philodox)
Talesinger (Eldest Galliard): Anatoly "Plays-To-The-Audience" (Shadow Lords, Galliard)
Wyrmfoe (Eldest Ahroun): Shouhei Kaikua "the Wraithful Buddha" (Children of Gaia, Ahroun)



1832: Two packs of pure landers moved to the area with two purposes in mind, to form a sept and to watch over the newly formed city, the Sept of the Cross Roads is formed in what is now Ruckle street park. The land was purchased and a building raised to house guest and the wolves who stay. The Spirit is that of choice and direction, the possibility that comes with having choices

1850: A new pack, this one of interlopers, of wyrm bringers(the european wolves), settled in the City of Indianapolis. They followed the railways in bringing the forces of the weaver and leeches on there tails

1850-1950: Not much of note, a consistent stream of commerce, keeps the sept healthy as new wolves move in to replace those that have fallen. Those who listen to the screams in the night hear stories of vampires warring among each other. Those brave souls willing to seek out the night’s children find that the humane ones, the ones claiming to serve the tower are on the defensive and are losing the war against the sword and those who claim no allegiance

1965: After several large battles where vampires who claimed the lineage of gangrel fought in defense of the wolves against twisted abominations an uneasy truce was formed, the garou nation would leave them be if they said in the northern section of Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, were no more than 7 in numbers, and left no traces that would lead the mortals hunting

1970: The Formation of Unigov cemented the city into that of weaver,

1973: The decedents of the originally wyrm bringers rose up, challenging their elders and alpha that belonged to the wyld tribes, this group of glasswalkers, bone gnawers and their allies took control of the strongest sept in the city. Uses the spiritual alteration that the formation of unigov caused as justification and distraction for their hostile takeover, they formed the sept of the crossroads patroned by the devil, a spirit of balance and change, he bid them to make there choices and deal with the consiquences. While the ones who still held the ways of the wyld formed a smaller caern, one that was hidden from the others among the twist and turns of the white river, guarded by its patron, the white mist snake

2000: A small child comes with a warning of the things to, the next day Anthelios is in the sky

2000-2006: Over these years, crime rates rise, broken lands are formed and close and during 2002 Alexandria “Moon-watcher” a very old, elder theurge arrives to offer her Labrys in defense of the caern, the specific reason remains unknown

2006: The worlds moon bridges are being infiltrated. Moon-watcher stands against the spirits and storms to seal the moon bridges away, breaking contact with other caerns

2008: The Wyld Caern, the Caern of the Mist watchers fell to the ravages of the storms, the white mist snake is sundered sent to sleep and banished to the realms from which they dwell

Early 2009: The Caern of the Crossroads come under attacked by fell spirits, vampires deformed into monstrous snakes and an a small pack of wolves. the Devil, a spirit of change and choice, gives a choice “free me and have my assistance or I will die” during the attack the eldest theurge Brittany Hanover “Eyes of Gaia” Child of Gaia Homid Theurge, honors the service that the devil gave, releasing him to wreak havoc on the invaders

2009: Most of the wolves in the city, respond to the rally cry of High King Albrecht. Leaving the warder, den mother and a few others to protect the sept, very few return

2011: Those who watch and listen hear that the vampires who serve the tower have been routed, leaving the city in control of the sword and unaligned

2013: The current packs settle on Oldfields–Lilly House & Gardens as a gathering spot

2015 August 25: This summer the new caern is raised, Dedicated to The Willow Women.

2017 April: A house that some Vampires were using was found. It contained humans that had had their flesh melded to chairs, guarded by Wyrm-tainted dog monsters. The situation was handled by the Silverhawks path with help from I-Know-A-Guy and visitors from Missouri.

2017 May: It was found that spiders, mundane and spiritual, were making webs all through-out the city, attaching mundane objects to the vehicles and homes of those with any sort of affinity for the Weaver. Silverhawks tracked down the source of the spiders to a local solar energy business near the airport. Giant spiders lead by an Ananasi were apparently the cause, though later it was found out that the Ratkin were masterminding the whole thing. While a group lead by the prospective Wyrmfoe went to deal with the problem, a second group of enemies attacked the Caern. Death-Can-Wait, Plays-To-The-Audience, Brevalaer, and one other were initially its defenders, and did a fine job. Using powers of the Glasswalkers, Follows-The-Money reinforced the defenders, quickly followed by Percussive-Maintenance and Renee Matthews. Once the assault on the Caern was repelled, it was discovered that the assault on the solar plant had ended with the loss of the Sept Alpha to an Ananasi. Challenges for Sept Alpha were made by Sees-Before-Hindsight and Den Parent by Follows-The-Money.

Local Laws And Customs

Rulings Of The Indianapolis Truthcatcher

IC Locations

The Indianapolis Caern


  • There was a triple homocide recently (03/05/2017) in Zionsville.
  • CLENERGY is partnering with IPL.
  • Two students from Butler University went missing on 03/07/2017.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Thomas Hardin

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