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Sept of Pinnacle Mountain

Level: 1
Totem: Cottonmouth
Notes: Cairn 25 acres; bawn 1.5 sq miles
Location: Little Rock, Ar

Sept Officers

Sept Alpha:
Sept Beta:
Caern Warder: Bites in Half
Den Parent: Momma Bear
Master of the Challenge:

Auspice Council

Fool (Eldest Ragabash):
Master of the Rite (Eldest Theurge):
Truthcatcher (Eldest Philodox):
Talesinger (Eldest Galliard):
Wyrmfoe (Eldest Ahroun):

Local Packs

Local Garou

Tabula Rasa

Local Fera

Joseph Adams
Raposa Prata
Momma Bear
Bites in Half

The Honored Dead & Departed

Shrines & Spirits of the Sept

Known Places of Power

PC/NPC Maintained Places of Interest

Recurring Venue Antagonists

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