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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom

Totem: Redwood




Unclaimed Fera:


Sept Timeline: Circa 8000 BC – The Chumash first arrive in Los Angeles. The Pure Tribes amongst them establish a small isolated copse in Griffith Park, forming the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom where it lays.

Circa 500 BC – The Tongva join the Chumash, secretly led to Los Angeles by the Uktena among them, who have answered a call from their cousins to fight the horrors rising out of the Tar Pits.

1781 – Los Pobladores establish the first pueblo that cements Los Angeles. Shadow Lord Kinfolk are among the group; when their Garou cousins arrive and find there’s a caern in place, tensions instantly rise between them and the Uktena, who still remember what happened to the Camazotz.

1821 – As Mexico achieves independence from Spain, the Silver Fangs start moving into the area. The Shadow Lords have too entrenched a power base to allow them much of a foothold, but it does raise the already contentious atmosphere.

1848 – The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed. Against the backdrop of civil warfare, the European tribes start to fully outnumber the Pure Tribes. Power shifts, and the Shadow Lords take a number of ruling positions, including Sept Alpha.

1869 – Los Angeles’ first railroad is constructed under the foresight of the Iron Riders. However, it brings with it other issues, as some of the products of the Storm Eater crop up on the rails.

1892 – Oil is first discovered in Los Angeles. Premium Oil—the interest that will one day become Pentex—sets up shop.

1950s – As automotive transportation takes off in LA, the city is blanketed in smog, establishing a beachhead that threatens to drag Hoga, Elemental Wyrm of Smog, into the Penumbra. Through battles on both sides of the Gauntlet and legislation spearheaded by the Children of Gaia, the smog starts to abate over the years, lessening Hoga’s influence and preventing the Elemental Wyrm from manifesting.

2005 – The Storm Eater returns to Los Angeles, killing a number of Garou and Fera while causing moments and landmarks lost in history to fade in and out of the Umbra, creating Broken Lands.

2009 – The Dark Brigade starts rallying its forces in LA. The various Pentex subsidiaries start transferring to the Beach Cities, consolidating their power.

2010 - The Black Spiral Dancers of the Burning Bone Pit lay siege to the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom. Both sides are decimated, but the BSD Alpha, Ha’la’drr, manages to drive her tainted klaive into the heart of the caern with her last breath, slaying it.

2011 – The Garou and Fera of Los Angeles race around the world, trying to fend off the Storm Eater and the other potential heralds of the Apocalypse. A number die. Back home, Griffith Park starts to turn… weird. The land serves as a Periphery with a hard edge and hostile entities, but never quite corrodes into a Broken Land. The Garou who remain try to find the source of the malediction, but can’t quite place it. Rumors of the return of the Curse of Griffith Park emerge in the press. By the end of the year, the Garou vacate, transplanting their Kinfolk to auxiliary sites.

2012 – With the spread of the Shard Seeds, the Garou receive one from the Sept of Forgotten Waters. An attempt to smooth out the Periphery at Griffith Park so that it might serve as the soil for the seed ends badly. A Periphery is found Downtown that appeals to the Concordat, but the Sanctum vetoes it, not wanting to put something so pure close to the Weaver—and the Ananasi veto for reasons they won’t share. Eventually, the seed takes root in the Periphery at Franklin Canyon Park, and the Garou start moving their Kinfolk to the Canyons.

Hall of Heroes

Those fallen but not forgotten:

  • Scroll-of-Thoth, Arden Galliard of the Silent Strider. Fought bravely and died transporting the caern seed.

Long was her road, longer still her legend.

  • Sings-Forth-Sunlight, Fostern Theurge of the Children of Gaia. Fought bravely and died transporting the caern seed.

His sacrifice will remain immortal beneath the boughs of the Redwood.

  • Crow's Talon, Athro Ahroun of the Shadow Lords. Fought bravely and died transporting the caern seed.

May the clouds above shake at her name.


  • Several Fera assisted in the rites to establish the caern.
  • There is no Sept Leader, and if the council has its way, there never will be.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Justin Searles

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: The Broken, Bloodied Earth


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