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“I may be negligent, foolish, and fearful; In every one of these no man is free...”
― William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

  • Name: Sept of Fallen Heroes
  • Sept Rating: 3
  • Shard Caern Rating: 2
  • Shard Caern Totem: (Rating 7) Danu
  • Shard Caern Guardian Spirits: Southern Honor, Cotton, Squirrel, Pine Glade Children
  • Location: Hitchiti Experimental Forest Macon, GA

Sept Description:
The Sept of the Fallen Heroes is making strides for a new tomorrow out of the ashes of the past. Born from a Sept and history of tradition and old ways, this Sept has taken the hard knocks that has proven old biases to be more detrimental than helpful. Traditionally, the garou of the Ocmulgee plains (Macon) were hard and fast traditionalists and distrusting of outsiders. With the fall of their Caern and Sept, the acceptance of more open thinking has been adopted. It is better to accept help from those willing to aid in the taking back of Macon than to turn them away. Even with this new turn towards acceptance of outsiders, the old stigma of distrust can still be found. The great fear of infiltrators sneaking in and destroying the fragile new sept and finishing off the resistance of the Garou Nation in Macon is prevalent. With this, the tradition of visitors presenting themselves outside of the Shard Caern and staunch cleansing practices are maintained. But the past should not be forgotten. It is customary and expected that visitors to the Sept bring an offering for the shard caern totem, a gift or a lesson of the past to honor Danu. As a young sept, a lot of pressure is placed on teaching the young so they will not be lost to the ravages of war and the dark front on which the sept is placed. Both members and visitors to the sept are expected to help others in learning and share knowledge to better strengthen the Sept.

The Ocmulgee plains (Macon) have a long and diverse history in the Garou Nation. A cornerstone of tradition and the remembrance of the old ways that has stood the test of time for so long with the cooperation of multiple tribes that have reflected the melting pot of peoples that have come to call the area home. With the fall of this bastion of history, so much has been lost to the enemy. A history and legacy stolen by the Wyrm. Can it be recovered? What relics of the past may lay hidden still under the stolen earth? The Garou find themselves refugees in their own home, fighting to take back the land and city that was once theirs. Forced out of the city proper and to hide as they prepare for their next assault. Macon is a landscape of decay and corruption. Violence fills the newspapers regularly with stories of murder and kidnappings. This historical melting pot is bubbling over with corruption at its core, that even the buildings and streets are beginning to reflect it as well as the people that call this place home.


  • 1540 - Sept of the Raging Blood Formed in response to mass loss of kinfolk in the region.
  • 1690 - Caern raised at the Ocmulgee Mound complex with the help of Fianna new to the area.
  • 1821 - Sept of the Raging Blood shifts in population and leadership from Uktena towards Get of Fenris
  • 1823 - The city of Macon is founded.
  • 2000 - Age of Apocalypse
  • 2008 - (Nov) Sept of the Raging Blood and Caern at the Ocmulgee Mound Complex are destroyed. Most garou die in last stand except for cubs and cliath that are told to flee with Ashley "Many Faces" Greene, Den Parent.
  • 2009 - Hive rises over the site of the fallen Caern. Survivors and kinfolk from fallen sept are hunted down, captured or murdered.
  • 2012 - Sept of the Fallen Heroes formed with Ashley "Many Faces" Greene as Sept Alpha. Hitchiti Experimental Forest claimed as territory and staging ground for taking back Macon.
  • 2014 - (June) Shard Caern raised and dedicated to Danu. Shard seed gifted by Sept of the Forgotten Waters (Louisiana, USA - custody of the Bone Gnawers).
  • 2017 - (March) Chronicle Start


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