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Sept of the Buffalo Grass

Shard Caern Rating: 1 (Seed planted 2013, replanted 2016, replanted in 2018 in Kansas City)
Totem: Pioneer
Location: (Historical) North Shore of Tuttle Creek Reservoir near Randolph, KS

(Google Map of the Sept of the Buffalo Grass)

Location Notes: The Sept of Buffalo Grass is Located in Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area just out of sight of highway sixteen where it crosses the north end of Tuttle Creek Reservoir. Until November 2018, the area is fairly secure from development as it is in the lakes flood zone. Of course this brings its own issues every decade or so. The Nearest town is the small town of Randolph (Population 163), but the majority of the shifters in the area consider the nearby Manhattan their primary protectorate.


  • Sept of De Verdronken Stad (“The Drowned City”)
    • 1952- Plans for the Tuttle Creek Dam are started by the Army Corps of Engineers.
    • 1962- The lake begins to fill, affecting ten towns and submerging four of them. Local Garou raise a Caern at the site of this new Wyld space the keep their community together, and most kinfolk affected move to towns nearby such as Manhattan and Riley.
    • 1990’s- After the flood of 1993, the release of water from the spillway exposed 290 million year old rock (known locally as “The Canyon” and accidentally frees a powerful Bane that had been trapped there.
    • 2000’s- After 1st Infantry headquarters are relocated in 1995, Fort Riley is gradually reduced and is decommissioned fully by the mid 2000’s.
    • 2008- The Caern is destroyed during the Gnostic Plague.
  • Sept of the Buffalo Grass
    • 2013- A new Caern is raised at the site of the old one, using a seed shard brought from the Sept of the Hollow Heart by a group of Garou as well as several Fera.
    • 2014- The Sept continues to expand as more Garou as well as many Fera find a welcome home with the Concordant of Stars leadership of the Caern.
    • 2015- Fera are allowed to officially join Septs, and the Caern grows accordingly (reached Level 2).
    • 2016- During a particularly brutal attack by forces of the Wyrm, the Sept is forced to move their Seed Shard temporarily to defend the Caern (Reduced to Level 1). Several members of the sept were lost during this battle, including the forme Wyrm Foe, a Get of Fenris named “Buries His Claws Deep”.
    • 2018- During the November 11 assaults to stop the Third City Plague virus, many of the Sept of Buffalo Grass were killed in combat. The Seed was secured and removed to be transported to Kansas City. The Shard was replanted near Parkville, MO and was rededicated as the Sept of the Heartland Star.

Sept Leadership (Historical)

Auspice Council

Google Spreadsheet: Sept Roster

Sept Laws


Local Packs

Pack Name Totem Alpha/Leader OOC Player Contact
Tempts Fate Bobcat Goodness Gracious Christopher Hutchinson
Wyvern's Sting Wyvern William Henry Howard Joe Boyer
Semper Vigilantes Clashing Boom Boom Connor Spencer
Heaven's Way Tambiyah Jinghua Zheng Cari Neujahr
Unnamed Pack Bear The Mountain

Local Shifters

Character Tribe Affiliation Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Positions
Lyssa Leto "Delivers What's Due" Black Fury Sanctum of Gaia Philodox Homid 3 Adren None None
Styx Nuwisha Fera Ragabash Latrani 3 Adren Wyvern's Sting Fool
Jinghua Zheng "Justice Unflinching" Silver Fang Sanctum of Gaia Philodox Homid 3 Adren Heaven's Way Sept Leader
The Mountain Gurahl Fera Philodox Ursine 5 Elder Unnamed Pack Sept Champion
Chaos on the Battlefield Black Fury Sactum of Gaia Ahroun Homid 3 Adren None Warder
Wisdom's Guardian Children of Gaia Concordant of Stars Theurge Lupus 2 Fostern Tempts Fate Rite Master
Connor Spencer GlassWalker Concordant of Stars Ahroun Homid 3 Adren Semper Vigilantus Wyrmfoe
Zachary Marks None None Ahroun Homid 0 Cub None None
Westwind Featherstone Wendigo Sanctum of Gaia Ragabash Lupus 2 Fostern Tempts Fate None
Grace "Goodness Gracious" Uktena Concordant of Stars Theurge Lupus 2 Fostern Tempts Fate None
Jason Spencer Glass Walker Concordant of Stars Ahroun Homid 2 Fostern Semper Vigilantus None
Quinton “Fist of Peace” Stargazer Concordant of Stars Galliard Homid 2 Fostern Unnamed Pack Talesinger
Michael Black Bone Gnawer Concordant of Stars Philodox Homid 3 Adren None None
Evanezar "Van" Dukakis "Torchbearer" Children of Gaia Concordant of Stars Galliard Homid 3 Adren None Den Parent
Sarah "Clean Plate" Romanov Kitsune Fera Ahroun Roko 5 Elder Heaven's Way None
Briar Jack Nuwisha Fera Ragabash Homid  ???? None Ally of the sept
Goro Nakane Gurahl Fera Ahroun Homid 2 Fostern Unnamed Pack Ally of the sept
Mark Antwerp Ananasi Fera Philodox Homid 1 Cliath None Ally of the sept
Strych9 Ratkin Fera Philodox Metis 2 Fostern  ???? Ally of the sept
Name Tribe Faction Auspice Breed Rank Pack Position
Name Tribe Faction Auspice Breed Rank Pack Position
Name Tribe Faction Auspice Breed Rank Pack Position

Local Kinfolk

Character Type Other Notes
Julia Lovejoy Child of Gaia NPC Unofficial head of local kin
Cassidy Black Fianna Married to Michael Black
Mrs. Katrina Marks Mother of Zachary
Mr. Joe Marks Father of Zachary
Ms. Teresa Somerset Schoolteacher, Associated with Jesse Youngblood
Name Type Notes

The Honored Dead

Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Date Died Notes
Rúni Knudson Adren Get of Fenris Galliard Homid  ??/??/18 Went on a death mission after falling deep into Harano
Jesse “Rock and a Hard Place” Youngblood Athro Bone Gnawer Ahroun Homid  ??/??/18 Bitten. Former Sept Leader. Died on a quest to the Legendary Realm.
Price of Anarchy Paid in Blood Adren Black Fury Ragabash Homid  ??/??/?? Bitten. Former Fool. Died in defense of the sept.
Hillary Jones Fostern Uktena Theeurge Homid  ??/??/?? Bitten. Fell in defense of the Sept of Joining Waters.
Summer Fostern Nuwisha Ragabash Homid  ??/??/??
Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Death Date Notes

Major Spirits

Name Rank Type Notes
Ad Astra  ? Pioneer Caern Totem
Name Rank Type Notes
Name Rank Type Notes

Places of Interest

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Storyteller: Joe Boyer

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