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Sept Rating: 1
Caern Level: 0
Totem: None
Totem Rating: 0
Location: Matagorda Island
The Matagorda Island WMA consists of 56,688 acres of offshore barrier island and bayside marshes which is privately owned by Bruce Lamnidae.
The island is 38 miles long and varies in width from less than a mile to about four and a half miles. The island supports a wide variety of migratory birds, some 19 state or federally listed threatened or endangered species, a large herd of white-tailed deer, alligators and other wildlife. A lighthouse dating from 1852 still stands at the north end of the island. Matagorda Island is known for its seclusion and untouched natural beauty.

  • The island was purchased by Bruce Lamnidae, known as Razortooth, for private ownership.
  • The island is Veil Safe.
  • There is no electricity, concession, or drinking water on the island. All visitors are required to bring all necessary supplies with them.
  • Island access is done by boat, there are boats ran by local kinfolk (NPCs) to drop visitors off at the island.
  • All interior access is via hiking.
  • Sept Lands (Click Here)

Protectorate: Northern Matagorda Island and Port O'Connor

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Apex of Light's Keep
Razortooth, the Undying


Master of the Rite
Carrion Crowe VACANT VACANT Sings in the Abyss (NPC) Kajika

Lights Keep 4.png

Warder Den Parent Master of the Challenge
Helaku Gonzalez, Hides In Plain Sight






Guardians: Red Tides, Sings in the Abyss, Ghost Eyes

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Light's Keep Traditions

Light's Keep Laws

So Henceforth this is the Law of the Land and Sea decreed by the Apex of the Last Bastion of Light’s Keep

  • Follow your people’s litany without endangering the Light’s Keep territory, Spirit Allies, or Members of the Last Bastion of Light’s Keep. As set by Razortooth, Apex of the Light's Keep 01/11/2019
  • Survival is paramount, do not throw away your lives in combat that cannot be won. Retreat is not cowardice. We are unable to protect what we hold dear as corpses. As set by Razortooth, Apex of the Light's Keep 01/11/2019

Litany Interprtation of the Truth-catcer (8/17/2019):

  • Garou Shall Not Mate With Garou – This stands, but the wording is specific. “Garou”. Not “Gaians”, nor “Garou and Fera”, just “Garou”. I catch two Garou at it, I’ll deem it a breach. Otherwise, I don’t have an issue.
  • Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds – This stands, but combat doesn’t always need to involve violence. If you can combat the Wyrm through use of your influence, or by denying territory gains, then that’ll do. Combating the wyrm is the not only the goal of Tempest but also His Ban. Failing to do so weakens the Incarna. We are sworn to the Sept, we are Sworn to Tempest to keep His lands.
  • Respect the Territory of Another – This stands, with the caveat of if you are genuinely unaware that where you are is the territory of another, you’ll be given a warning, and hopefully the owner of the territory will educate you on their borders. The exception being if you’re cornered and have to escape, and the only option is to go through someone’s territory. Those are exceptional circumstances.
  • Accept an Honorable Surrender – This stands, it takes a lot to admit you’re wrong and to put your hands up and surrender. If someone holds up their hands and surrenders, admits they’re wrong, accept it and move on.
  • Submission to Those of Higher Station – This stands, we use the same system of Rank and positions as the Garou, and we respect that same chain. If someone is of higher Rank or holds a position, they’ve likely earned it, and they know what they’re doing. If you really have an issue, challenge them, or take it to someone who can mediate, preferably the Truthcatcher.
  • Respect Those of Lower Station, for All Are of Gaia – This stands, pretty much the same as above, but just be nice to those of lesser station, educate them, help them in their journey, nurture them and help them to excel.
  • The First Share of the Kill for Greatest in Station – Open to interpretation largely, this is wolf-like behaviour, and if your Breed is also of a similar mind, then by all means go for it. But if you have less focus on a hierarchy, then this isn’t as necessary. Exception being if the kill has something that is important to your Breed, such as a Klaive, Fetish Weapon, or specific sorts of Fetish, etc. then it will go instead to the highest in station of the Breed in question.
  • Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans – This stands, for the most part. The exception being is that if it would serve a purpose. And no, that doesn’t extend to stopping you being hungry. If eating the flesh of a human would serve a good purpose, then sure. Otherwise, don’t do it. More than anything else, it’s gross.
  • The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted – This stands. No ifs or buts. The Veil is our defence against being hunted to the very last, our protection against extinction. We cannot let humanity know. We work to cover up breaches, and we educate those who do so that they won’t do again. If you’re going to be in a non-human or non-animal form, or you have to shift forms, make extra sure you’re unobserved or securely hidden. And remember we’re in an age where tiny cameras can be hidden just about anywhere.
  • Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness – This is less important in my view, it’s better to take time out to help someone who is suffering to get through something that is ailing them, than to let them suffer and risk them dying and we lose a soldier, or even worse, risk them falling to the Wyrm. This is a Garou thing, those who suffer shall have help. We have people who can help, who will help. Let them, help us all by admitting when you're not doing well.

The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time During Peace – This stands, if you don’t like the way a leader is doing something, challenge them. There’s a system for that, use it.

The Leader May Not Be Challenged During Wartime – This stands, when War is officially declared, there are far more important things to worry about. Challenges can wait until we’ve gotten through the War declaration.

Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated – This stands, the Periphery of the Lighthouse is an Anchor to Tempest and his Realm. When it is weakened, He is Weakened. We have seen the examples of when the Periphery was Broken. Violation of the Periphery will be treated as violation of a Caern.

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Local Packs

Pack Name Totem Taxonomy Life Cycle Organizational Structure Alpha OOC Player Contact
Spirit Sentai Inari Ōkami Motif Wayfarers Theocratic PENDING PENDING
Depth Seekers Gulper Eel Motif Generational Wyld Sings in the Abyss VST
Guardians of the Deep Sea Serpent Motif Wayfarers Wyld Razortooth Any Member
Pack Name Totem Taxonomy Life Cycle Structure Pack Alpha IC/OOC Player Contact

Local Fera

Name Fera Breed Auspice Birth Breed Rank Pack Sept Member
Razortooth, the Undying Rokea Brightwater (Ahroun) Squamus (5) Of the Deeps Pack Yes
Red Mend Rokea Darkwater (Theurge) Squamus (3) In the Open Sea None Yes
Kajika Gurahl Uzmati (Ahroun) Homid (2) Verden None Yes
Carrion Crowe Corax Ragabash Corvid (4) Athro Pack Yes
Peach Blossom Kitsune Doshi (Theurge) Roko (2) Fostern Spirit Sentai Yes
Jeremy Kylinsky Corax Ragabash Breed (2) Fostern None Yes
Flies Strange Paths Corax Ragabash Breed (3) Adren None Yes
Aylin Osman Bastest Galliard Homid (2) Fostern None Yes
Sings in the Abyss NPC Rokea Dimwater (Galliard) Homid (3) In the Open Sea Depth Seekers Yes
Red Tides NPC Rokea Brightwater (Ahroun) Squamus (2) In the Shallows Depth Seekers Yes
Ghost Eyes NPC Rokea Darkwater (Theurge) Squamus (3) In the Open Sea Depth Seekers Yes
Whispers with Gaia Corax Ragabash Corvid (1) Cliath None Yes
Helaku Gonzalez, Hides In Plain Sight Nuwisha Ragabash Homid (3) Adren Pack Yes
Nerida, Song of Waves Rokea Dimwater (Galliard) Squamus (1) On the Surface Pack Yes
Tabitha Bastet Dawn (Ahroun)  ?? Cub None Yes
Name Type Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Member

Local Kinfolk

Name Breed Relations Notes Pack Sept Member
Priscilla Lamnidae Rokea Owner of Lamnidae Tours Currently None Yes
Enola Gonzalez NPC Nuwisha Co-owner of Fisherman's Rest Pack attached to Yes
Sokanon Gonzalez NPC Nuwisha Notes Pack attached to Yes
Name Kinfolk Type Notes Pack attached to Sept Member (Yes or No)
Name Kinfolk Type Notes Pack attached to Sept Member (Yes or No)

The Honored Dead or Departed

Name Fera Breed Auspice Birth Breed Rank Date of Passing Notes
Lydia Ambrosia Ananasi Wyrsta (Galliard) Homid (2) Fostern None Retired
Soothes the Burn Kitsune Doshi (Theurge) Roko (4) Athro 4/14/2019 Died in the battle of the Lighthouse Broken lands. Post-humorously promoted to Athro for his hard-work and sacrifice.
Erin Murray Gurahl Uzmati (Ahroun) Homid (2) Verden -- Retired
ICE-BR34KR Bastet Twilight (Philodox) Homid (2) Fostern 9/22/2019 Retired
River Gurahl None Breed (0) Cub None Retired
Name Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Date Notes

The Banned and Exiled

Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Date Banned Notes
Name Rank Tribe/Breed Auspice Breed Date Foot Notes
Name Rank Tribe/Breed Auspice Breed Date Foot Notes

Lights Keep 7.png

Major Spirits

Tempest's Manifested Human Form
Name Rank Brood Notes
Tempest Incarna Wyld Also goes by the name "Captain", he appears as a captain from the mid 1800's. He is the old Caern Totem before the fall, a Hurricane Spirit. He currently patrons the local Fera who have gained his favor and demanded to take back his Lighthouse.
The Crew Jaggling Wyld The crew is several spirits dressed in sailor uniforms of the mid 1800's who serve Tempest, the Hurricane Spirit, they can be found near the Island of Matagorda.
Gale Winds Gaffling Tempest These are small wind spirits that can act like messengers for shifters on land whom server Tempest and his Crew.
Keyser Söze Jaggling Butterfly Spirit Pact with Chula, usually appears in the form of a colorful red, orange, and yellow butterfly.
Inari Ōkami Jaggling Fox Pack totem of Spirit Sentai. Appears as a young goddess of food, an old man carrying rice, or an androgynous figure of enlightenment.
Otto Jaggling Kun Caribbean Reef Octopus, Spirit Pact with Priscilla.
Light's Hope Jaggling None Ancestor Spirit, Soothes the Burn now known as Light's Hope, remains behind to continue teaching local Kitsune of the Sept.
Sea Serpent Jaggling Wyld Sea Serpent is an angry and violent Wyld Spirit that patrons the pack Guardians of the Deep. Lurking in the depths of the gulf coast just off the shores of the Bastion, to strike her next targets of unsuspecting victims.
Name Rank Brood Notes

Shrines & Spirits of the Island

Name Rank Brood Notes
Blue Crab Gaffling Sea So many crabs, these spirits wonder the shores and towns of the coastal cities.
Sand Gaffling Sea The sands of the Umbra are likely made of of these tiny spirits
Lightning Whelk Gaffling Animal Fathers Large predatory sea snails. Lightning whelks are unusual in that they have a counterclockwise shell spiral
American Alligator Jaggling Animal Fathers It has a long armored body with thick scales or bony plates. It has short, powerful legs and a long, round snout.
Western Cottonmouth Jaggling Viper Elliptical pupils that look like cat's eyes and like all pit vipers, has a heat-sensing pit between the nostril and eye on each side of its large, triangular head.
Northern Harrier Gaffling Sky Slim, long-tailed hawk gliding low over a marsh or grassland, holding its wings in a V-shape and sporting a white patch at the base of its tail. Up close it has an owlish face that helps it hear mice and voles beneath the vegetation.
White-faced Ibis Gaffling Sky Long, down-curved bill with long dark legs and dark body.
Whooping Crane Gaffling Sky At nearly 5 feet tall, whooping cranes are the tallest birds in North America. The have white bodies, a red cap on their head and long dark legs.
Whooping Crane Jaggling Sky White body, a red cap on their head and long dark legs. Stands taller than its gaffling brethren
Eastern Oyster Gaffling Sea Numerous bivalve mollusk within the waters.
Breakers Gaffling Sea Strange sea-spirits that represent the meeting between force and water (i.e. waves)
Rorqual Gaffling Sea Dolphin or Whale Spirits in service of the Sea.
Remora Gaffling Sea Also known as sharksucker or suckerfish are noted for attaching themselves to, and riding about on, sharks, other large marine animals, and oceangoing ships. Remoras adhere by means of a flat, oval sucking disk on top of the head. They also play a role in delivering messages via spiritual water ways.
Shark Gaffling Kun Description of Spirit
Yuejin Jaggling Fox Usually appears in the form of a large fennic fox.
Spirit Name Rank Brood of Spirit Description of Spirit
Name of Shrine Location Description of Shrine
Name Location Description
Name Location Description

Known Places of Power

  • The Realm of Tempest: A Wyld Realm, one that changes outside of time and shows the memories of Tempest, usually stuck in the year of 1846.

Places of Interest

  • Lamnidae Tours and Oceanic Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
    • The main focus of the company is ecotourism and oceanic wildlife rehabilitation and restoration. It is open to the Public and under operation by local Rokea. Located in Port O'Connor, TX.
    • Point of Contact: Priscilla Lamnidae Owner.
  • Fishermen's Rest
    • A local, small restaurant ran by a local family, located in Port O'Connor, TX.

Target Enemies and Locations

Name of Enemy Location Description
Name Location Description
Name Location Description

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