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The Sept of the Celestial Shore

Sept Location: Fairchild Botanical Gardens
Sept Rating: 1
Territory Boundaries: Sept Territory Map
Shard Caern Totem: Alligator
Shard Caern Rating: 1
Seed Source: Sept of Glass & Steel

Sept Leadership

Sept Leader: Goddrick "Sword of Luna" Masukotov (NPC)

Warder: Helena Grishenko (NPC)

  • Guardian:
  • Guardian:

Den Parent:

Master of the Challenge: James Tsarovich

The Council of Auspices

  • Fool:
  • Master of the Rite:
  • Truthcatcher: Ghost of 1000 Stars
  • Talesinger:
  • Wyrmfoe: Viktor Vaseiliev

Prominent Locations

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OOC Information

Region: South East
Location: Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, FL
Domain: FL-040D
Venue Storyteller: G$

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