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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of the Coastal Cliff

Packs: None

Totem: None


  • Many Scars
  • Sympathetic Vibrations
  • Gnashing Maw
  • Drops the Razor
  • Scratch & Sniff
  • Sickle's Edge

Frequent Visitors:



The death of something isn’t always permanent. As long as memories persist, as stories linger then even something thought destroyed can be reclaimed, reborn. Such is the story of the Sept of the Coastal Cliff. While they fought their share of land menaces, what was always their focus was the rumored leviathan in the great trench in the bay beyond. But forces of the Wyrm destroyed the Sept and all who called it home. Small as it was, it was forgotten for a time. But Garou memories can be long. A decade later, new Garou have found it’s remains and wonder, can it be awakened? But, more so, will the thing in the depths awaken as well?

Sept Timeline:

• 1850 - The Sept of the Coastal Cliffs was founded not long after nearby Monterey was as well.

• 1992 - The Hive in Salinas attacks the Sept, many are lost, but the garou manage to protect the Sept.

• 2008 - The Caern was destroyed with the Gnostic Plague & invading forces.

• 2017 - Chronicle Start



OOC Information

Storyteller: D. Scott McQuiston

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: Monterey Werewolf VSS

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