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Sept Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Crescent Bayou

Totem: Honey Island Swamp Monster

Sept Leader


  • Wyldheart {NPC Redtalon}

Den Parent

  • {Vacant}

Master of the Challenges

  • Currently vacant, formerly Kuro Ki


  • Hellevi Larssen

Master of the Rite

  • Dillon "Seeds the Soul"


  • "Shifting Paradigm"



Other Members and/or Guest:

Local Packs:

  • The Blu Foo


  • 2011: The sept leader was well loved and respected. Everyone worked well together. The sept flourished and were peaceful. The factions had a few minor problems but nothing that interfered in the running of the sept. The sept heavily leaned towards the weaver aspect of the city. This went on for several years.
  • 2015: The council of the sept started noticing changes within the leadership. Slowly the sept leader started becoming harsher in his laws, what he allowed on the sept. Soon others started questioning his leadership. If a garou questioned his decisions he would backhand them or put them down. He would go out into the city on a more regular basis. His pack would go with him to the seedier parts of the city. He didn’t spend time with the cubs or kinfolk like he used to.
  • May 2016: The Sept Leader orders the Moonbridges closed and all visitors and outsiders are turned away by the Warder. No one has heard from the sept or anyone from the caern since July of this year.
  • 2017: Several family members of sept members of Endless Storm have made their way to New Orleans to check in with their family and to find them if necessary.

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Storyteller: Katie Nance

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