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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of the Fallen Green
Totem: Fox of the Hidden Den
Location: Governor's Island, NYC

Sept Timeline: (abbreviated)

  • 2005 – Worried about increasing tensions with the Bone Gnawers, and increased scrutiny of Central Park, the Glass Walker Joe Brannigan forms the We’re Group and purchases Governor’s Island from the city. He starts building it as a sanctuary.
  • 2008 – As the Sept of the Green weakens from the caern plague, the Glass Walkers start arranging a plan to get Kinfolk and Garou off of Manhattan if the worst happens. Having patched relations with Mother Larissa, they have her full cooperation.
  • 2009 – On the first day of summer, three Thunderwyrms break through the ground of Central Park right underneath the Sept. During the resultant battle a large number of the Garou of the Sept of the Green perish, including Mother Larissa. The remaining members of the Sept are rallied by Glass Walker Nancy Killpatrick.
  • After a running street fight, the Garou escape Manhattan and make it to Governor’s Island. They manage to repel several assaults on the island, though they are unable to make any headway towards establishing a beachhead on Manhattan. No one knows the fate of the remaining defenders of the Sept of the Green – only that the entirety of Central Park glows with a green balefire in the Umbra. No one has, to date, made it significantly far into the park.
  • 2012 – The leaders of Governor’s Island travel to Alaska to claim a shard seed. A shard caern is formed, and the Sept of the Fallen Green is formed.
  • 2017 – After the sudden and violent death of Sept Leader, Nancy Killpatrick, Glasswalker Hollis Faraday steps up to replace her as Sept Leader.

Further Information

Sept Members

Name Rank Auspice Breed Tribe Society Pack
Hollis Faraday, Hollow-Point Teeth Athro Philodox Homid Glass Walker Concordat Vigiles Urbani
Leon, Quietfoot Fostern Ragabash Lupus Bone Gnawer Concordat Vigiles Urbani
Johnny Swanson, Stoplight Adren Galliard Lupus Bone Gnawer Concordat Vigiles Urbani
Fiona Morales, SageSight Fostern Philodox Metis Child of Gaia Concordat Vigiles Urbani
Thursday Jones, Far to Go Athro Ahroun Homid Bone Gnawer Concordat Eagle's Vanguard
Gentry Don't Cliath Theurge Feline Bastet n/a
Pocket Rat XXX XXX Roden Ratkin n/a
Beau Calhoun, Fierce Urgency Adren Philodox Homid Black Fury Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
Teddy Delancey, Walks with Wisdom Cliath Ragabash Homid Gurahl n/a
Maya Nadoo, Burns Like Truth Fostern Ragabash Homid Child of Gaia Concordat Gardeners of the Renewed Earth (G.O.R.E.)
Daniel Vox, Delta Adren Theurge Lupus Shadow Lord Concordat
Philipe Reynard, Baihu Athro Galliard XXX Kitsune n/a Gardeners of the Renewed Earth (G.O.R.E.)
Lucas Grant, Razes the Bar Athro Philodox Homid Glass Walker Concordat Gardeners of the Renewed Earth (G.O.R.E.)
Deborah Greenspan, Steady Heart Adren Galliard Homid Child of Gaia Concordat Lighthouse
Aisling (Ash) Hayes, Click-Boom Cliath Ragabash Homid Fianna XXX Lighthouse
Keymaster Fostern Theurge Homid Uktena Concordat Lighthouse
Brad Tepec Adren Philodox XXX Silver Fang Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
No Clue Fostern Ahroun Homid Bone Gnawer Concordat Lighthouse
Aiden D'Arcy, Impulse Control Elder Ragabash Homid Fianna Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
Hereandthere Adren Ragabash Corvid Corax n/a Three-Eyes
Vanessa Sullivan, Van Fostern Theurge/Philodox Homid Bastet n/a Three-Eyes
Nowandthen Adren Ragabash Corvid Corax n/a Three-Eyes
Dances With Everybody XXX Ragabash Homid Nuwisha n/a Three-Eyes
Eyeteeth Fostern Ahroun Homid Rokea n/a Three-Eyes
David Chang, Craftsman Athro Theurge Homid Stargazer Concordat
Ned Morrsion, Wards-the-Innocent Fostern Ragabash Homid Child of Gaia Concordat XXX
Autumn Song Cub Philodox Homid Black Fury Sanctum
Sidney Wards-the-Bridges Adren Ahroun Homid Shadow Lord Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
Genevieve Cromwell Adren Ragabash Homid Anansasi N/A
Sabian Cub Galliard Homid Unknown Unknown
Petra Ironpelt, Constrains the Wyrm Fostern Ahroun Lupus Fianna Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
James Cliath Ahroun Homid Stargazer Concordat
Faith McOwen Cub Ahroun Homid N/A N/A
Dr. Marcus Smith, Redman Athro Theurge Homid Wendigo Sanctum Eagle's Vanguard
Ludmilla Adren Kojubat (Galliard) Ursine Gurahl N/A
Hyde Cub Ahroun Metis Child of Gaia N/A
Rebar Fostern Ahroun Homid Bone Gnawer Concordat Vigiles Urbani
Burns Cub Philodox Homid N/A N/A

As a note, only PCs are listed above.


Name Rank Auspice Breed Tribe Society Pack Home Sept
Phalen Coffcrow, Wintery Stag Fostern Theurge Homid Fianna Sanctum XXX XXX
Chase Wilson, Casts-No-Shadow XXX Ahroun Homid Khan n/a XXX XXX

==Sept Officers & Assistants==
Position Current Holder
Sept Leader Lucas Grant
Warder Paul Brannigan (NPC)
Guardian Ashley Marcello (NPC)
Guardian Vlad Kuznetsov (NPC)
Den Parent Ludmilla
Master of the Challenge Maya Nadoo
Fool Aiden D'Arcy
Master of the Rite Keymaster
GateKeeper [[Dr. Marcus Smith]
Truthcatcher SageSight
Talesinger Riya Patel (NPC)
Wyrmfoe Thursday Jones

==Tribal Elders==
Position Current Holder
Eldest Black Fury XXX
Eldest Bone Gnawer XXX
Eldest Child of Gaia XXX
Eldest Fianna Aiden D'Arcy
Eldest Get of Fenris XXX
Eldest Glass Walker XXX
Eldest Red Talon XXX
Eldest Shadow Lord XXX
Eldest Silent Strider XXX
Eldest Silver Fang XXX
Eldest Stargazer XXX
Eldest Uktena XXX
Eldest Wendigo XXX

Sept Laws & Litany Interpretations

  • Giving the Bite without the consent of the one Bitten is a breach of the Litany.
  • Fera may challenge for and hold any Auspice Council position except for Truthcatcher.
  • If a Fera's Litany conflicts with the Garou Litany they may act counter to the Garou Litany with the permission of either the Truthcatcher or Sept Leader.
  • A Fera's Rank should be considered equal to that of a Garou's in regards to Submission to a Higher Station/Respect for Lower Station.

OOC Information

Storyteller: John Christensen

Storyteller Email:

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