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Gaia's Vengeance

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Gaia's Vengeance

Packs: Wyldfire, Primal Unkindness, Serdtse Volka (Heart of the Wolf), Зубы Волка (Zuby Volka), Red Sky

Totem: Lion



Founded: 2011

Founding Packs:


In the waning days of 2011, word spread to members of both the Sanctum and the Concordat of Stars that a Garou by the name of Strom the Bold had stolen a Caern Seed from the Sept of Blood Fist and fled into the forests of New Jersey. Word also came that Black Spiral Dancers in the area were planning to waylay him and take the Seed for their own purposes. The founding packs flocked to the area to prevent this, some by protecting Strom, others by defeating him and taking it.

The packs met in a large clearing in the Pine Barrens, where Strom seemed fairly shocked to find them. He met with members of the various packs, securing from many of them an agreement to found a Sept together. While the Black Spiral Dancers closed in, those present began to form up around him in a protective fashion. It seemed that Strom had found a place of safety.

Then, Pack Wyldfire arrived. Within minutes, they confronted Strom and beat him unconscious, then loped off into the woods with his body in tow. The rest of the Packs tracked them through the trees and arrived just in time to see a Silent Strider healing Strom and preventing the apparent disembowelment he had suffered from killing him. Pack Wyldfire held the Caern seed, and made it clear that they were willing to help found a Sept only with the permission of Sept Blood Fist.

Not long after this agreement was reached, Fire-touched, a Garou of Blood Fist, arrived. After he learned of the conditions by which the Packs had taken back the seed, he permitted the seed to remain, and a Caern to be founded.

The Alphas of the founding packs met, and agreed to accept Hunts-the-Broken as their Alpha. Screams-in-Darkness was named his Beta, and Jet Set the Master of Challenges. They went out to their Packs to make the announcements, and the assembled Garou came together to plant the seed and found the Sept of Gaia’s Vengeance.

In the intervening years, the Sept has held firm against all opposition. New Garou have joined the ranks, and others have fallen to battle or infirmity. Hunts-the-Broken continues to lead, and the Packs of the Sanctum and Concordat have fallen into a reasonable, if not always easy, cooperation and peace.

Sept Laws

The Litany of the Western Concordat

  1. Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou
  2. Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds
  3. Respect the Territory of Another
  4. Accept an Honorable Surrender
  5. Submission to Those of Higher Station
  6. Respect Those of Lower Station, for All are of Gaia
  7. The First Share of the Kill for Greatest in Station
  8. Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans
  9. The Veil Shall not be Lifted
  10. Do Not Suffer thy People to Tend thy Sickness
  11. The Leader May be Challenged at any Time During Peace
  12. The Leader May not be Challenged During Wartime
  13. Ye Shall Take No Action that Causes a Caern to be Violated

The Laws of Gaia’s Vengeance

  1. The Protection of Gaia comes before all other concerns
  2. Metis will be accepted into the Sept only if they name their parents.
  3. Before any Challenge, the Challenger must spend a day and a night atop the Challenge Mound, answering the questions of the Master of Challenges. If the Master of Challenges finds the Challenger’s motives unacceptable, they have the right to set the mound ablaze.
  4. Each member of the Sept must spend one week a year in service to the Sept.
    1. This service is typically maintaining the Hall of Heroes, though the Warder, Alpha, or a majority vote of the Council of Auspices can assign some other duty based on the needs of the Sept.
  5. The Alpha of each Pack must spend one week a year as a member of another pack, they may not hold a position in that Pack, and they must be accepted by that Pack’s Alpha. If a Garou refuses, or cannot find a Pack willing to take them in, they are named Dishonorable. Upon completion of this week of subordination, Garou are named Worthy.
    1. Note: The Sept Alpha, if an Alpha of a Pack, must also take part in this weeklong self-abasement. However, they do not receive the Moniker of Worthy.
  6. Tools of the Weaver are allowed within the Bawn, but they may not be taken into the Hall of Heroes or the Caern Heart.
    1. OOC Note: This means no cell phone use during games taking place at the Sept, unless for emergencies or Real Life™ issues.
  7. Sept members must receive permission from the Sept Beta before entering audience with the Alpha. Members of the Alpha’s Pack are exempt from this restriction.
  8. Any Kinfolk who desires to become Garou has the right to petition the Alpha for the Bite. This is the only time that a Kinfolk may directly approach the Alpha.


  • The Sept of Gaia's Vengeance has a BSD problem.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Rachel Sanks

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Venue Style Sheet: Devil May Caern