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Caern Level: 3
Sept Rating: 3
Totem: Dolphin
Location: Isla de Cabras, San Juan, PR


  • This park was bought before the Shard Seed was placed. While in reality it is a well developed and busy city park, it is now a private preserve. The park is significantly more Wyld now than it is in reality. More native plants grow, particularly along the edges exposed to the rest of the world. There is a barrier along the East Beach that prevents all but small craft from coming close to the beach. It is only appropriate for shallow drafts. The West side of the island does have an appropriate deeper water dock that is accessible for deeper draft craft such as yachts and the like.
  • There is a set of three tablets that rest on the Bawn in the main gathering area.
  • Multiple shrines dot the Bawn.

Protectorate: Peninsula south of the Sept, to south of Marina Baiha, San Juan, PR
Gathering Tides Protectorate.png


Sept Leader
Lord Amasis "Blade of the Redeemer" Sabry

OnyxPath-Silver Fangs.png

Master of the Rite
Damage 'DC' Control Vacant Riot Rogers Tenebrous Harmony Carries the Dead


Warder Den Parent Master of the Challenge
Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees


Unsolvable Riddle


Clickbait Luciano

OnyxPath-Glass Walkers.png

Guardians: UR


Litany Interpretations

Dolphin Human PR.png

Respect Those of Lower Station, For All are of Gaia
This applies to Kinfolk, and specifically applying the Bite unwillingly on a kin, or the forceful coercion to be Bitten. Such action would be a breach of Litany. - Interpreted by former Truthcatcher Wins-Flame-Wars, in the human year 2017, of the month of June, on the day of the 15th

Sept Laws

Officers of the Sept can and must be held to a higher standard. As such, any violation of the laws below by an officer shall be punished thoroughly.

Every member of the Sept is vital and important. When acting within the bounds of your auspice, ensure you inform the Councilor for your auspice. It is their job to know and coordinate the activities of their Auspices to the betterment of the Sept, they cannot do so without information. This ensures the harmony of action, and the safety of the members of this Sept.

1.Do not break the ban of our Sept totem, Dolphin.
The Will of Dolphin is one of hospitality. Violation of Hospitality disrespects the totem of our Caern. Members of the Sept, or visitors to it, shall all be held accountable for their actions and choices. Those whom are invited into our territory, who have shared our food and succor are to be honored, unless they break faith with violence or violate our laws. Members of the Sept are expected to in return honor each other and those who visit in the same way. Offering violence to one who has received Hospitality is a violation of this law.

2.Use challenges to resolve disagreements, not violence.
If a dispute cannot be resolved by words, that is what challenges are for. Being so unable to control your Rage as to do violence to another outside the bounds of challenge, makes you a liability not only to the Sept, but to the Nation. Failure to do so is a violation of this law.

3.The orders of the Sept Leader and the Council of Auspices are to be obeyed while they are in the pursuit of their duties to the Sept.
Failure to do so is a violation of the Litany, Submission to those of Higher Station. The Officers in turn, are cautioned to always keep Respect of those beneath you in the forefront of their minds when issuing orders. All are of Gaia.

4.While in another Sept’s territory, members of the Gathering Tides will abide by their Sept Laws.
As a Nation, to respect another’s Laws is to show honor to our own. Failure to do so will be punished by Gathering Tides, as well as the Sept upon which the transgression was issued.


Local Packs

Pack Name totem Taxonomy Life Cycle Organizational Structure Alpha OOC Player Contact
Coriolis Effect Trade Wind Motif Wayfarerers Wyld Tenebrous Harmony Rowan Keele-Hokanson
Gumshoe Guard Clashing Boom Boom Motif Wayfarers Democratic Gang Rules Martin "Wins-Flame-Wars" Stryker Michael Bryan
Abyssal Maw Sulphurbottom Motif Wayfarers Collective Leadership Shifts Any
Feral Harmonics Cockroach Motif Wayfarers Wyld Pack Carrion Crowe Dana W.
Gaia's Shield Pegasus Motif Wayfarers Wyld Pack Yitzhak Liam Keptnar
Alley Cat Pack El Gato Callejero Tribal Young Bloods Collective Winter Sunshine Troy L
The Menagerie Totem Taxonomy Life Cycle Structure IC/OOC Player Contact
Sea Glass Fire Coral Motif Wayfarers Collective Clickbait Tommie B
Pack Name Totem Taxonomy Life Cycle Structure Pack Alpha IC/OOC Player Contact

Local Garou

Name Tribe Society Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Member Sept Position
Amasis "Blade of the Redeemer" Sabry Silver Fangs Sanctum of Gaia Ahroun Lupus (4) - Athro Coriolis Effect Yes Lord of the Sept
Arabella Finnagin Shadow Lord Sanctum of Gaia Theurge Homid (1) - Cliath None Yes -
Bravo Glass Walker Sanctum of Gaia Theurge Metis (1) - Cliath Sea Glass Yes -
Dippy Bone Gnawer Concordat of Stars Ragabash Homid (1) - Cliath Lux Tenebris Yes -
Frost Paws Wendigo Sanctum of Gaia Theurge Lupus (1) - Cliath Gaia's Shield Yes -
Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In Black Fury Sanctum of Gaia Ahroun Homid (2) - Fostern Gumshoe Guard Yes Guardian
Marilyn Jean Blair Black Fury Sanctum of Gaia Ahroun Homid (2) - Fostern Gumshoe Guard Yes Guardian
Melody Falls Black Fury Sanctum of Gaia Galliard Homid (2) - Fostern Gumshoe Guard Yes -
Nikoleta Vassos Silver Fangs Concordat of Stars Theurge Homid (2) - Fostern Feral Harmonics Yes -
Paints the Trees Silver Fangs Sanctum of Gaia Theurge Lupus (4) - Athro Yes
Peace Bringer Child of Gaia Concordat of Stars Philodox Homid (3) - Adren Lux Tenebris -
Smoking Gun Black Fury Sanctum of Gaia Ragabash Homid (2) - Fostern Gumshoe Guard Yes
Tobias Walker Child of Gaia Concordat of Stars Galliard Homid (3) - Adren Gaia's Shield Yes -
Spectre Glasswalker Concordat of Stars Ragabash Homid Bitten (2) - Fostern Gaia's Shield Yes -
Starbucks Silent Strider Neutral Ragabash Homid (1) - Cliath Gaia's Shield Yes Junior Guardian
Swift Cataclysm Silent Striders Neutral Ahroun Homid (2) - Fostern Coriolis Effect  ? -
Tenebrous Harmony Silver Fang Sanctum of Gaia Galliard Homid (3) - Adren Coriolis Effect
Martin "Wins-Flame-Wars" Stryker Glass Walker Concordat of Stars Philodox Homid (2) - Fostern Gumshoe Guard Yes -
Stags-Fury Fianna Sanctum of Gaia Ahroun Lupus (2) - Fostern N/A Yes -
Damage Control Children of Gaia Concordat of Stars Ragabash Homid (3) - Adren Feral Harmonics Yes Fool
Carries the Dead Silent Striders Neutral Ahroun Homid (2) - Fostern Sea Glass Yes None
Theresa Morrison Black Furies Sanctum of Gaia Galliard Homid (1) - Cliath None Yes None
Clickbait Luciano Glass Walker Concordat of Stars Galliard Homid (4) - Athro Sea Glass Yes Master of the Challenge
Miguel "Shits You Not" Cambpell Fianna Sanctum of Gaia Galliard Homid (3) - Adren None Yes No
Name Type Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Member Sept Position

Local Fera

Name Breed Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Member Sept Position
Valen Cross Kitsune Galliard Homid (2) - Fostern Feral Harmonics Yes None
Arc St. Claire Ananasi Galliard Homid (2) - Fostern Vulpes Shroud No -
Dredges-Unsea's-Corruption-from-the-Vast-Expanses-of-Sea Rokea Darkwater Squamus (5) - Of the Deeps Abyssal Maw No -
Tides-of-Time Rokea Darkwater Sqaumus (2) - In the Shallows Abyssal Maw No -
Swims Deep Rokea Darkwater Sqaumus (2) - In the Shallows Abyssal Maw No -
Shipsinker Rokea Brightwater Sqaumus (2) - In the Shallows Abyssal Maw No -
Vanishing Grin Bastet Dusk Homid (2) - Fostern None No -
Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees Gurahl Rishi Homid (5) - Rishi Gaia's Shield Yes Warder
Ora James Ajaba Dusk Homid (3) - Adren The Menagerie Yes Den Mother
Zoya Petrova Bastet Daylight Homid (1) - Cliath Alley Cat Pack Yes Guardian in Training
Gareth Travers Bastet Daylight Homid (3) - Tilau None No -
Winter Sunshine Bastet Dusk Felid (2) - Fostern Alley Cat Pack Yes
Name Type Auspice Breed Rank Pack Sept Member Sept Position

Local Kinfolk

Name Tribe/Breed Notes Pack Sept Member
Svetlana Volkov Silver Fang FBI Agent Yes
Clara Fianna Artist and Armorer Yes
Troyan Laskaris Shadow Lord Yes
Brigid O'Mannion Fianna Song Writer/Archer/Healer Yes
Malcom Walsh Silver Fang Business Owner and Operator -
Molly Tucker Silver Fang Not Available Yes
Natalie Wolfe Silver Fang Hacker None Yes
Name Kinfolk Type Notes Pack attached to Sept Member (Yes or No)

The Honored Dead & Departed

Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Date of Passing Notes
Asger (1) - Cliath Get of Fenris Ahroun Lupus November 28th, 2017 Pack: Gaia's Shield - Killed in Action
Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Date Notes

The Banned and Exiled

Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Date Banned Notes
Name Rank Tribe/Breed Auspice Breed Date Foot Notes


Major Spirits

Dolphin Shrine PR.png
Name Rank Brood Notes
Dolphin 8 Incarna Caern Totem Appears as a woman covered in sea-foam and waves of the ocean
Trade Winds Jaggling Exploration Woman in blues and greens likes to hang around the edges of the Bawn and out in the ocean
Crash Caddo Jaggling Grandfather Thunder Man with lightning in his eyes, the embodiment of the summer storms in the Caribbean

Shrines & Spirits of the Sept

Name Rank Brood Notes
Chimerling Jaggling Chimera White Wisp, tends to hang around the Bawn. Has not been seen since Feb 19.
Coqui Gaffling Dolphin Tiny frog spirits that are messengers, relaying information via their chirping squeaks through the forests. They vary in species, from mottled, golden and the mona coqui.
Death Spirit Jaggling Death A traditional Death spirits covered in black swaths of cloth, that floats around at the edge of the Bawn and throughout the city of San Juan. Also known to shape shift into the creature it will guide to the Autumn Realm if it an animal.
Dog Jaggling Loyalty Dog is a spirit of loyalty, that wonders the umbral streets of San Juan.
Crab Jaggling Unknown, possibly Sea Crab is a...crab. No one has seen Crab or where Crab lives, or stays, or visits. Crab is mysterious.
Bat Jaggling Unknown Bat lives in the mountains, no one has visited Bat in a long while.
Cat Gaffling Animal Fathers Cat was once a living black cat that wondered to the Bawn looking for the Death Spirit for final release. It once helped guide shifters to the Autumn Realm when it was taken home. It has been recently seen wondering the streets of San Juan in the Umbra.
Ocean Glass Gaffling Unknown Unknown
Sand Gaffling Unknown Unknown
Manatee Gaffling Sea A small herd of West Indian Manatees that travel the warm waters of the Puerto Rican coast.
Corozal rat Gaffling Rat A once populous number of these spirit rats roamed the Umbra but their numbers dwendle as their earthly counter parts have since gone extinct. No one knows when the last of them will disappear
Boa Gaffling None Numerous yellow tree boas exist within the Umbral landscape of the forests of Puerto Rico. They also have found ways to survive within towns and even San Juan.
Puerto Rican Gharial Gaffling None Another fading spirit due to its earthly counter parts long extinct, the long thin-nosed crocodile was once native to the waters of the island.
Elkhorn Coral Gaffling Coral Like the reefs of the waters along Puerto Rico, so to the spiritual Elkhorn dot the underwater landscape. Like their earthly counterparts, they suffer.
Spirit Name Rank Brood of Spirit Description of Spirit
Name of Shrine Location Description of Shrine
Coral On the bawn A small alcove build of mortar and beach collected coral pieces, sheltering a single larger piece of undamaged coral the size of a football.
Coral 100 yards off the coast A carefully tended cluster of transplanted corals, meticulously cleaned of trash by a Bravo regularly.
Dolphin Tide Cove Sculpture of Dolphin in her human and animal form set on a based made of crushed stone and coral that takes the shapes of wave. Submerged at high-tide and exposed at low-tide.

Known Places of Power

  • Pocket Realm of Autumn Domain
    • Realm of Eternal Rest for Spirit Animals, however some wraiths and spirits of others have established residency within the Realm.

PC/NPC Maintained Places of Interest

  • Kinfolk Community Centre. Just off Sept-Caern lands. Used for Kinfolk activities such as a community food kitchen & showers, sports - including a youth soccer team, Martial Arts training when a teacher is available, schooling and activity days as and when arranged. Help always required. Point of contact: Molly
    • Opened in late 2017, helped to be set up by funds donated by Valen Cross

Target Enemies and Locations

Name of Enemy Location Description

Lion Fish (Bane) Puerto Rican Waters A large jaggling lionfish bane that stalks the coastal waters and could be spotted near large gatherings of breeding lionfish in the material realm.
Name Location Description

Sept Stories

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