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Black City on a White Field

Since time immemorial, Western Massachusetts has been a war zone, on the front line of the battle against the Wyrm. The manufacturing plants in Springfield pumped out weapons of war and wretchedness for three centuries, and the loss of the last great Caern in the region only made their forces stronger. The remains of the last sept fought battle after battle to finally push the Wyrm’s forces back to their strongholds in Springfield and its suburbs, but the victory was pyrrhic at best.

Springfield and its powerful Hive have been defeated, but new enemies gather at the gates and the Apocalypse is far from over...
Important Information

The Laws and Customs of the Sept of the White Fields

Doomsday:11:55:14 PM
Name:The Sept of the White Field
Mailing List:Here
DTA Form:Here
Information Known by the Garou Nation
Packs: click to expand
D.A.M.A.G.E Inc.Bound under The Wolf serving the Sept as an efficient pack of problem solvers.
Rogue ElementsA pack designed to seek out mysteries and the secrets of Gaia's enemies, and to use that knowledge with Wisdom.
Members: click to expand
Sept LeaderAugusta Williams, Adren Metis Child of Gaia Ragabash, known to the Nation as "Three-Step"
Sept BetaWassador "WaZ" Mahegan, Adren Homid Glass Walker Ahroun
WarderVoid That Whispers, Adren Homid Shadowlord Ahroun (NPC)
GuardianDavid Solomon, known to the Nation as "The Cavalryman," Fostern Ahroun of the Get of Fenris
GuardianSean Galbraith, Athro Lupus Fianna Galliard
Master of the ChallengeDavid Solomon, known to Nation as "The Cavalryman," Fostern Ahroun of the Get of Fenris
Den ParentWassador "WaZ" Mahegan, Adren Homid Glass Walker Ahroun
Council of Auspices: click to expand
Fool (Ragabash)Henri D'Corbin, Fostern Homid Corax Ragabash, known to the Nation as "Seeker of Spiders"
Master of the Rite (Theurge)Adren Homid Uktena Theurge, known to the Nation as "Eyes of Shadow"
Truthcatcher (Philodox)Gaston Saint-Pierre, Athro Homid Shadowlord Philodox. Known to the Nation as "Veiled Assets".
Talesinger (Galliard)Phineas Morningkill, Fostern Homid Silverfang Galliard
Wyrmfoe (Ahroun)Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Adren Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun
Emissary (Fera Liaison)Vacant
Others: click to expand
DamirElder Gukutsushi Kitsune; known to the Nation as "Kills With Kindness."
Gaston Saint-PierreAthro Philodox Shadow Lord; known to the Nation as "Veilled Assets"
Matthew Saint-PierreCliath Theurge Shadow Lord; known to the Nation as "Hunter of Consequences", son of Gaston Saint-Pierre
Mindy DurantAdren Theurge/Ragabash Qualmi Bastet; known to the Nation as "Shadow Spark"
Alice GaineslyKinfolk to the Bastet and Mr. Whiskerson's adoptive mother. Wealthy widow. (NPC)
DriverKinfolk to the Bastet. Quiet, and well paid chauffer of Mr. Whiskerson. (NPC)
The St. Pierre FamilyKinfolk to the Shadow Lords. Veiled Assets' wife and son are valued assistants to the Sept. (NPC)
William HuntKinfolk to the Silver Fangs. UMASS Professor of Anthropology. (NPC)
Paulo "Be-Bop" JacksonKinfolk to the Bone Gnawers. Street Musician. (NPC)
Susan CaldwellKinfolk to the Children of Gaia. An avid hiker who serves as a lookout at the Western Tower on Mt. Tom. (NPC)
Waldo Kristofer and Esther JonesKinfolk to the Shadow Lords and Bone Gnawer (respectively). Firefighters who serve as lookouts at the Northern Tower on Mt. Toby. (NPC)
Eyes of ShadowFostern Theurge of the Uktena.
Thayne HutchinsFostern Lupus Uktena Ragabash, known to the Nation as "Cypher."
Ezra LeeOncoming Storm, Cliath Homid Black Fury Ahroun.
FoolSeizes the Truth, Cliath Homid Nuwisha
Jamie BurnhamKinfolk to the Children of Gaia. Nurse at the local addiction / withdrawal clinic. (NPC)
Alex GutierrezKinfolk to the Children of Gaia. Previously homeless, being treated by Luke for addiction after the Palmer Warehouse Event. (NPC)
Ani BalickiKinfolk to the Get of Fenris. Previously homeless, being treated by Luke for addiction after the Palmer Warehouse Event. (NPC)
Yuri ValkovAdren Ahroun of the Shadow Lords; known to the Nation as "Void that Whispers" (NPC)
Laughing JackFostern of the Nuwisha
Claws of Fenris MightEldre, Ulfr, Get of Fenris, Modi
Gawain Samson Elio Sol-Ferrum, Adren Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun. Known to the Nation as "Strength of the Wolf, Strength of the Pack."{{{Detail}}}
Danielle StephanoKinfolk to the Black Furies, Assistant Manager of The White Hall (NPC)
James StorrsKinfolk to the Silver Fangs, Banker in Deerfield, MA (NPC)
Brianna McCallanFostern Homid Galliard of the Fianna, known to The Nation as "Whispering Dreams" (NPC)
Liam QuinnCliath Metis Ragabash of the Stargazers, known to The Nation as "Ancestor's Cloak" (NPC)
Honored Dead: click to expand
Henry McKinnonAthro Homid Galliard of the Fianna; known to the Nation as "Carved from the Trees," and his kinfolk, Robert Ainsley (NPC), killed in battle at the Southern Watchtower with an unknown Bane in August of 2017 during the great Umbral Eclipse.
Hank AinsleyKinfolk to the Fianna (NPC); a victim of Pentex.
Victor WojcikElder Homid Ahroun of the Shadow Lords, known to the Nation as "The War's Ender" (NPC) He and his friend Johnny Lopez, Elder Homid Ragabash of the Bone Gnawers, known to the Nation as "Knows a Guy" (NPC), departed on the Rite of the Winter Wolf and were never heard from again.
Alicia Van CampKinfolk to the Children of Gaia and daughter of Iron Heart; victim of the False Bite.
Mary WyldeElder Lupus Theurge of the Children of Gaia; known to the Nation as "Iron Heart" (NPC); the long-lived lupus passed away after years of service, succumbing to a broken heart.
Yuilang HyungAdren Galliard Stargazer; known to the Nation as "The One Who Wanders;" fell in action against the Wyrm.
Aaron TildonBitten Fostern Silver Fang Ahroun of House Wyrmfoe, a retired Red Sox pitcher known to the Nation as "Golden Arm," who fell in action as Guardian of the Caern, defending the Bawn from the forces of the Springfield Hive.
Luke LamhadaBitten Fostern Fianna Theurge, known to the Nation as "Oak Embers." Fell to the forces of the Wyrm in defense of the Bawn during the Fall of the Hive.
MenesFostern Metis Silent Strider Philodox, known to the Nation as "Deathspeaker," and Truth Catcher of the Sept of the White Fields. Fell to the forces of the Wyrm in defense of the Caern Heart during the Fall of the Hive.
Kinfolk Casualties of the Fall of the HiveColin Wojcik, Kevin Wojcik, Fred Czipiel, and Andrew Chance, kin to the Shadow Lords; Greg Hardwick, kin to the Silver Fangs; two wolf pups, kin to the Uktena
OshaAdren Gurhal, known to the Nation as "Bright Song." Succumbed to the spirit sickness of Harano after retelling the tragic tale of the attack on the Caern Site.
Gerald "Mac" McKinnonKinfolk to the Fianna (NPC), of suicide.
Harry SaintclaireAdren Theurge Child of Gaia; known to the Nation as "Fragile Bones," Branded a Hero, who fell to the Wyrm's forces in Manhattan on Larissa's Day.
Mr. WhiskersonFostern Dusk Ceilican Bastet, known to the Nation as "Provokes the Pack", who laid down his lives to prevent the release of the Third City Plague.

Timeline of the Sept of the White Fields

This is the Sept of the White Fields and the fourth such Sept to bear that name and watch over the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Its history stretches back to the European settlers who founded the area during The Incursion, and that history has been a bloody one ever since. The major city in the area (Springfield, MA) had been a stronghold for the Wyrm for almost its entire existence and several generations of Garou and kinfolk in the area have known nothing but war and threat. However, at long last the Hive was destroyed in 2018. Still, a prophecy hangs over the region that many believe says that the Sept will be the last.
Important Locations

Protectorate and Territories Please note: while some of the locations described below correspond to real world locations, these descriptions are fictional.

Location Description Mundane Umbral
Caern Site The site of the young Shard Caern of the Sept of the White Fields, protected and blessed by Badger. A remote notch in Mt. Toby in Sunderland, MA. A refurbished farmhouse a few hundred yards off the main road serves as its Waystation and the property stretches back into thick forests criss-crossed by small brooks and boulders. The Caern Heart is at the center of a cave in the mountainside whose only opening is difficult for one of human size to enter. A small pagoda has been erected not far from the cave, blending into the landscape and serving as the challenge mound. The Umbra here is still developing as it is a young Caern, but notable residents are Gaffling of Badger and a suit of armor that patrols the edge of the challenge mound named Duty.
Site of the Lost Caern Here lies the ruins of the former Caern Heart of the Sept of the White Fields. It is located in a clearing in the woods off Bay Road in Hadley, MA. Several died in the doomed defense of this site from the Dark Brigade. The site is mostly ruins. The buildings that were here have all been torn down in hopes of keeping out curious hikers. There remains a few clear markers of where structures once were, but little else. Once strongly aligned with the Wyld, the area is pock-marked with scars from the battle that once raged there. The damage here is intense and, even cleansed, the stench of the Wyrm in the aftermath of the Dark Brigade’s horrors remains heavy on the air.
Lookout Posts These are various clearings, one each on Mt Hitchcock (tasked with keeping an eye to the south), Mt. Tom (tasked with keeping an eye to the West), Mt. Toby (tasked with keeping an eye to the North), and Mt. Lincoln (tasked with keeping an eye to the East). Staffed by various kinfolk and other volunteers. Generally clearings or small camps. Mt. Toby and Mt. Lincoln feature actual real-world fire towers. Mt. Tom's is nearby the ruins of the Eyre House. Typically they resemble lighthouses or lookout towers. Mt. Tom's site is very bizarre, with constantly-shifting scenery.
The White Hall This bar off a side-street in downtown Amherst, MA is owned by the Solomon family. Between a combination of rites and influence, this bar manages somehow to simultaneously eschew the college and townie crowds while staying in business! The White Hall has become something of a de facto meeting place for the supernatural beings of the area. Charmingly anachronistic, this bar features lots of handmade, hardwood furniture and smells of generations’ worth of beer and cigarettes. It resembles a wooden lodge with high ceilings and carries an air of safety, security, and reverence.
Bridge of Flowers This tourist attraction in Shelburne had historically been a hot spot for changelings in the region. During the Age of Apocalypse, with the alliance between the Fianna and the Fae in tatters and the Changelings facing their own crises, the magic is largely gone from this place. Still, it is a beautiful site attuned to the Wyld. A turn-of-the-century walking bridge with a beautiful garden spilling over its edges. The flowers are larger and even more beautiful and the river beneath sparkles with a certain magic. Wyld Spirits often frequent this spot. In the past, it was rumored that, on the solstice, crossing the bridge in a certain manner could lead you to the Arcadian Gateway, but any knowledge of how this was done has vanished from memory.
Hotel Northampton A historic hotel in Northampton, MA which houses an upscale restaurant and luxury accommodations in the heart of Northampton's arts and entertainment district. It is often the site of unusual people and those sensitive to such things can sense a palpable magic in the place, though it's exact origin remains unknown. A beautiful white historic building. A vibrant old home filled with music and intrigue. Many spirits may speak of "Room 413," though no such room exists.
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary This woodland and pond in Easthampton, MA is an important Wyld Periphery in the area. Somewhat ironically, the area has historically been off-limits to Changelings, though the reasons why are lost to memory. Beautiful conservation land on the north side of the Mt. Tom range. Lush primitive forest filled with Wyld Spirits. However, something large and predatory stirs just out of sight.
Quabbin Reservoir Created in the aftermath of the Battle of Swift River, this sprawling wilderness is heavily protected by various human authorities as it serves as a drinking water supply for Boston, MA. A massive man-made Reservoir making up the border of Hampshire and Worcester County. Though Wyld attuned, the spirits still battle with Weaver and Wyrm spirits deep beneath the water, creatures who didn't want to see their home destroyed. The region is often unpredictable.
The Site of the Battle of Mt. Tom This abandoned Wyrm Tunnel was the site of the game-changing Battle of Mt. Tom. An abandoned Power Plant Inaccessible
Springfield Armory An imposing brick building upon a hill overlooking much of Springfield, MA. This is the former site of the Hive of Springfield, which held dominion over the area for centuries but was destroyed in June of 2018. The site is still heavily scarred and banes remain a common appearance in the area while imposing anthropomorphic war-machine Weaver Spirits struggle to reclaim the territory for their own.
Mt. Tom Antenna Farm This antenna farm houses several radio and television stations serving the region, as well as a variety of other communications stations. Several radio towers on the trap rock cliffs of Mt. Tom's western face. Access to the towers is restricted, though the site is not manned (It should be considered to be under regular electronic surveillance, though). Beams of light rapidly fire to and fro, as Weaver spirits charge and communicate.
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Offline RP Google Form:RP Form - Used for notifying the VST of VSS impacting or CvC RP between games.
Caern Site:Caern, bawn, and structures.
Protectorate Map:Territories and Places of Note
Sept Laws:Here
Sept Fetishes:Inventory - This document is so crafters can record what they've created, and the Master of the Rite can have an idea of what is in the stockpile. Please talk with the Master of the Rite before removing any fetishes or talens.
Influence Background Guide:Who ya gonna call? - A primer by our VST on Influences, Contacts, Allies, etc.
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