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Chaos at The Rivers Edge
St. Louis, MO MO-028-D

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Sept of the Summer Gale

Packs: 1). Trouble. 2) A Family Affair


Sept Leadership:

Sept Leader: Aria Daniels "Tips the Scales" Black Fury Philodox

Warder: Makenzi Der Grimm "Scarlet Talons" Black Fury Ahroun

Den Parent: K'liegh Dresden "Shadow Song" Kitsune Galliard

Master of the Challenge: Jacob Yost "Click Click Boom!" Glasswalker Ahroun

Council of Auspices

The Fool: Kathleen Brennan "Daughter of Dwyn" Fianna Ragabash

Master of the Rites: Layna O'Connell "Whisper of the Spirits" Fianna Theurge

Truthcatcher: Jason Daniels "Seeks the Truth" Black Fury Philodox

Talesinger: Willow "Tales in Motion" Fannon Fianna Galliard

Wyrmfoe: Anders Berg "Maverick" Get of Fenris Ahroun



Sept Description: The Garou of the Sept of the Summer Gale in the years before the Gnostic Plague have always enjoyed a busy lifestyle. Centrally located in the US, it was known as hub of activity, enjoying a host of travelers through, seeking shelter and rest as they journey from one side of the country to another. This became particularly true in 2006, when the moon bridge network became compromised and too dangerous and unpredictable to use.

When the Gnostic Plague hit, the caern fell with the rest, leaving the Sept in shambles. While they still played host to travelers in need of shelter, it was more out of survival and necessity than tourist convenience.

The elders in the Sept set out on their quest for their caern seed in 2012. St. Louis plays host to a large Irish population, both garou and kinfolk, and the Alpha Elder Philodox Viona "Mac Cumhail's Spear" Mulloy decided to seek help from the Sept of the Silver Tara to obtain a seed and start anew. With as public as Forest Park is, the decision was made to move the Caern to a location outside St. Louis, to the newly formed township of Stag’s Bend. Successful planting of the seed occurred on Wednesday, June 20th 2012...the first day of summer in honor of their fallen caern and the garou who had lost their lives defending it.

The small community worked hard to care for their seed, helping it to grow to its present level, but this is not without sacrifice. The elders rely almost completely on their kinfolk they have brought in from other corners of the country and world to maintain their 'normal' ways of life, while the elder garou themselves rarely (if ever) actually leave the site of the caern seed's planting. The kinfolk have built up their own community as a result, a 'green town' so to speak with its own markets, farms, convenience stores and businesses, resting on privately owned land, and completely self-sufficient with new green technology that has become available. This is a Gaian Caern, and will be respected as such. Tribes and fera of the garou nation are welcomed to visit or attune to this Sept and Caern if they wish, so long as the Tenants of the Garou Litany are followed and respected. The Kinfolk themselves are extremely paranoid to outsiders, particularly the rarer Fera breeds they have never come into contact with before. The Alpha has made it known in the past that she has a problem with the Spider Shifters entering into her territory and will defend her borders against their encroachment fiercely without ample prior notice to their arrival and reason for doing so.

Sept Timeline:

1818 - Fianna Kinfolk Keiran Rourke begins purchasing land around the Mark Twain Lake, The Wild Rover Pub and Brewery is founded

1920 - Sept of the Summer Gale Formed in Forest Park

1984 – Randy Giles born

2006 - Alpha Mulloy opens her territory to shelter any tribe or fera in need of rest from travel during the moonbridge network collapse

2008 - Caern falls along with most of the rest in the nation, Township of Stags Bend founded

2012 - The Sept received its new Caern Seed in March from the Sept of the Silver Tara. Sept is moved and Seed planted in June in Stags Bend

2017 – Chronicle Start



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Storyteller: Erin DeMoullin-Stratton

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