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Alpha: Stormy
Warder: Serpent's Whisper
Wyrm Foe: Great 'Hurts Like Hel'
Master of Rites: Ethan aka Nine Tails
Fool: Tracks the Wyrm
Tale Singer: Interim held by Mama Bear
Sept Beta: Mama Bear (Fera Representative)

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Tampa Laws.png

1. When entering the bawn territory of the sept you are to be cleansed by the attending kinfolk or the Warder. This is not a negotiable action, no cleansing done is no entry.
2. It is is acceptable for the Corax to openly use their gifts so long as it's for the benefit of the sept or current mission of the sept's residents. Otherwise these gifts should be used with caution and in privacy.
3. No matter the benefit, alliance with any Wyrm affiliated creatures will not be tolerated.

Tampa Geography.png

Caern Heart
The Heart is located in a circular grove of trees with only one clear entrance into this area. As you enter, is much like a hedge maze inside with vines, trees and shrubs growing and coming together to form the walls of the winding ‘halls’ inside the grove. Without guidance it can take some time to find the right path to the center.

Upon reaching the center of the maze, there is a clearing of all the trees. The rich canopy of vines, limbs, leaves and foliage stretch across the clearing to make a roof. Carved into the trunks of the trees, facing the inside of the glade, are different styles of elephant busts.

In the direct middle of the clearing lays a large clay drum, the sides carved in harsh, deep grooves and a treated skin stretched over the top. Water funneled down from the canopy above, striking it to make a soft resonating tone as it hits the top.

Standing here in the center, you are enveloped by a feeling of building import; as like before a great battle. The electricity of unseen rage brews here, seemingly infusing you with it's power as you stand there. A presence of strength and endurance then follows, enveloping you as your focus is drawn to the new feelings; as of a shelter in a storm; inspired by the area.

The Bawn
The Bawn is literally the entirety of the Caern that does not comprise the heart. This includes all the area used as the rescue itself on the eastern side, the housing that borders the west and south side and the more blank land to the north that provides a barrier between the rescue and the homid, mundane buildings and shopping areas.

Be mindful of the animal enclosures and other more guarded stations of the Caern. Access anywhere else should be fine. The Warder will make sure that any off limits areas are announced and word carried out to the residents of the Caern by spirit or kinfolk.

The Waystation
The Waystation is located at the front of the newly remodeled Big Cat Rescue. There is a visitor’s center that of course regular, mundane visitors to the center are funneled into and out of the center during regular business hours. Heavily monitored by surveillance equipment, supplied by the local Glasswalker and monitored by a kinfolk of the Warder’s choosing.

Those that are new to our area typically find themselves first out front of the visitor center. those that live in the Caern and know there way inside however go a different way. Just off to the side of the visitor center is a more ‘staff’ looking entrance. A large gate that is the size to allow through all manor of land vehicles is there. Inside the gate is a second included door for those walking on feet. This gate and door are both controlled by the monitoring kinfolk and those that have come to call the place home have been given a key by which to enter and leave through the door or gate.

The Challenge Mound
The Challenge Mound is just east of the Caern heart, at the back of the public side of the Big Cat Rescue. It’s often explained as a play ring for the larger animals at the rescue. Just outside the large stone-walled ring is a sizeable mound of rocks with a more or less flat surface that stands about five feet high. This is dais is to be used for declaring challenges to the population of the Caern and also can be used for the Master of Challenges to oversee any physical challenges that choose to use the combat area.

There is a combat ring for those that wish to use physical challenges. The stone wall that makes up the outer perimeter stands just under three feet high withthe only way in is by jumping or simply crawling over. A very viking or gladiator style feel to this arena; the wall is both to keep out anyone not involved in the challenge and a boundary for those that are involved in the challenge.

The Hall Of Heroes
The Hall of Heroes is located in the southwest corner of the Bawn. The mementos of fallen heros are hung beneath the cover of a Native American style stilt house. Wooden slat steps leads up to a raised platform that’s about 20 feet long, with a thatch roof and three walls. The one side left completely open with optional covering for inclement weather.

There is a long bench that sits in the center of the raised platform, meant for sitting and observing the mementos of those that had died defending the Caern. From the roof hang three tapestries, each with a Garou glyph: Honor, Glory, Wisdom. The reverence and stillness in this place instill a sense of awe and peace, quelling thoughts of conflicts in the sight of so many lost in the Great War.

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