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Sept Information

Name: Sept of the White Stone Tower

Totem: Selene

Sept Level: 3

Sept Leadership

Sept Alpha: Lalawethika Greymist

Sept Beta: Yamka Greymist

Counsil of Auspices:

  • Master of the Rite: Askuwheteau
  • Talesinger: Pending challenge outcome.
  • Truthcatcher: Yamka Greymist
  • Wyrmfoe: Gregor Vosoviltch

Master of Challenge: Hunts the High Ground

Den Parent: Vacant

Warder: Manslayer (NPC, Adren, Lupus, Ahroun, Black Fury)

  • Guardians:

Sept Laws

  • The Litany will always be followed. Fera Litany never takes precedence over the Garou Litany.
  • Nature will be nurtured and protected.
  • Metis must announce their parents, if known, to be accepted.
  • All Sept members will serve the Sept for at least four weeks a year.
  • The attempt of making someone a Bitten will not occur without the unanimous consent of the Counsel of Auspices or the Sept Alpha.
  • Kinfolk will be protected to the best of one's abilities as they do have their place in our society. No unnecessary harm to the Kinfolk will be tolerated in the protection of a Kinfolk.
  • Fera that has not completed the Rite of Acceptance are not permitted on the Caern.
  • Fera will not hold Sept leadership positions; Auspice Counsellor or Sept Leader.
  • Mercenary type attitudes will not be condoned; guests will be good guests or they must leave. Accepted guests will be provided hospitality and their actions will be honored in the traditional way.



Honored Dead

  • Spills the Wyrm's Brew (NPC, Cliath, Homid, Ahroun, Fianna)

Known Territories

  • Zimmers - Well Dressed Violence


Sept Description: Terre Haute has always been a land between. Even before 1875 Terre Haute always had a dark place the Wyrm inahbited.

• 1865 Indiana Sate Normal School founded (Later becomes the Indiana State University). Weaver starts to move, and starts to consolidate its knowledge spirit. A dark entity seems to grow, showing up to talk to others to try to make deals.

• 1870 Terre Haute becomes Boomtown due to development of National Road (1835), Wabash Canal, Erie Canal (1849) and Railways (1852). Major industries of coal mining, iron mills (1867), steel mills (1867), hominy production, glass making, distilleries and breweries. Large scale Weaver activity within the area leave the Wyrm and Wyld in a weakened state.

• 1901-1942 Edith Brown, Madam of Terre Haute arrives. The Hive grows larger.

• 1904 Edwin J. Bidaman elected mayor and begins work to control Terre Haute's red light district.

• March 30, 1905 450 prostitutes and 200 madams reported to be in Terre Haute. Number of Fomori and Drones in the city explode.

• April 8, 1905 Memorial Stadium built to distract from other projects.

• May 25, 1905 Edith Brown married George Edward Gosnell aka Eddie. He owned a roadhouse and the private Spring Brook Rod and Gun Club. The two lived apart. Edith Brown becomes an agent of the Wyrm.

• June 27, 1906 Edwin J. Bidaman impeached by City Council for not doing a good enough job of controlling red light district.

• August 7, 1906 Board of Public Safety try and fail to move brothels west of Third Street due to interference from legal firms.

• January 1, 1914 Charles Monroe Fortune exposes election rigging within Terre Haute indicted 132 people including Mayor Donn M. Roberts, Circuit Judge Eli H. Redman, Controller Elmer E. Talbott, Sheriff Dennis Shea, County Sealer of Weights and measures Maurice Walsh, President of the Board of public works Harry S. Montgomery, City Inspector of Weights and Measures John M. Masselink, City Judge Thomas B. Smith, Board of Public Works Member George Ehrenhardt, Vigo County Democratic Party Secretary Edward R. Driscoll, Street Commissioner Joseph O'Mara, Undertake and Progressive Party Election Official Arthur Gillis.

• 1914 Street Car Strike put on by local Bone Gnawers to try and distract public from a large skirmish between the BSDs and the Garou.

• 1915 The Root Glass Company survived economic decline because of patent with Coca-Cola to make their bottles.

• 1920 Terre Haute begins to decline with floods, labor disputes, mines losing money, rail yards diminishing, destruction of breweries and glass making. Large Garou strike against the Wyrm's mining operation including breweries. Weaver has a large decline in the production.

• 1920-1933 Edith Brown uses the Cadillac Limousine she owns to run bootleg liquor up from Kentucky.

• 1921 Donn M. Robert tries to become Mayor of Terre Haute again, but loses to Ora D. Davis.

• 1929-1940 Edith Brown donates to Terre Haute Boys Club providing toys and more to the youth of Terre Haute. Some of them turn out to be a test in Wyrm-tainted technology.

• 1935 Strike takes place. Strike used to try to destroy assets of the Wyrm.

• March 23, 1935 Strike at The Columbian Enameling and Stamping Company.

• May 28, 1951 Work on the Allis-Chalmer Compressor Assembley Building begins.

• May 7, 1952 Members of the Local 1164 of the United Auto Workers went on Strike.

• June 20, 1952 Construction on the Allis-Chalmers Compressor Assembley Building stops.

• July 28, 1952 Fight breaks out between Operating Engineers and American Federation of Labor workers in front of Allis Chalmers' pilot plant. Rumor had it that Ananasi had sabotaged this, but others say some homeless Ratkin at the American federation of labors are trying to keep the Wyrm from taking a better hold.

• August 20, 1952 Strike ends after most of resistance has been squashed and the Caern was almost lost in the conflict, weakening it.

• 1954 Allis-Chalmers plans to build Transformer Assembley Building October 31, 1956 Edith Brown 'dies' in Terre Haute and left 5,000 to Terre Haute Boys Club.

• 1957 Allis-Chalmers completes work on Transformer Assembley Building wyrm rumored to have been sacrifices for a stronger entity.

• 1962 Allis-Chalmers' Transformer Assembley Building 'closes' (Garou used influences to close) rumors ring that the rituals were half complete.

• 1968 Ivy Tech Community College opens. Private group starts to fund the scholarships and offer long term jobs

• 1970 Red light district of Terre Haute disappeared for a year; Edith Brown's Brothel was demolished by Garou.

• 1970 Terre Haute House taken over by vampires in order to hold as regular Elysiums. Rumors speak of infernal Vampires taking up residence in the city. The Terre Haute House was expanded from a 10 story building to a 20 story building.

• 1990 The Camarilla vampires were weakened by Sabbat infestations and abandon Terre Haute House. Rumors grew of infernal vampires running the city. Weaver starts building counter measures to deal with the infernals.

• 2000 The infernals started to harvest humans. The BSDs start more aggressively attempting to take over the city block by block.

• 2008 A grim reaper lady appears, starting to 'harvest souls'. Rumor has it she was the head of the Infernal Vampires.

• 2009 The resources are gathered to strengthen the Pit. During the degrading of caerns, the Sept is destroyed and an event happened. During the event multiple Garou disappear along with a good number of mortals.

• 2010 The Pit is destroyed finally destroyed after a great battle.

• March 2011 Caern shard is acquired and stolen by BSDs. However, it is then rescued by the Garou.

• May 2011 The attempts to find a suitable place for it fail.

• November 2011 The group attempts to establish a new Caern but with no luck as the Caern seed forsakes the wilderness. Hope is beginning to dwindle.

• December 2011 The last sighting of the grim reaper in the area occurs.

• March 2012 Caern shard is planted in Terre Haute House.


  • A Wyrm base in the area still pulses with life, and strange creatures are now being seen in the city.
  • The Wyrm is peddling drugs. Some really good stuff, just ask around, even old ladies have tried it.
  • The last Warder was done in by something that was truely evil.
  • Ask around, everyone knows Mrs.. Nesworth

OOC Information

Storyteller: Charles Oliver

Storyteller Email:

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Game Time First Saturday of the month from Noon-5pm


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