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  •  ????: All histories of this septs Origin have been lost along with any knowledge of it’s occupants although rumors exist that it was an Uktena Stronghold
  • 2008: The Gnostic Plague wreaked havoc on all the caerns
  • 2009: All inhabitants of the sept were destroyed with their caern when the dark brigade attacked. Any memories of the inhabitants seemed to fade away as if by some curse.
  • 2012: (Historical Game) After Contacting the Current residing members of the Sept A few outsiders including Fera came to exchange stories and deal with a menacing Fragment of a Storm Eater. After a harrowing battle and several losses the Sept overcame the Fragment and sealed the tear in the Umbra.
  • 2015: (Historical Game cont.) A few years passed quietly since the battle with the Fragment Spirit and suddenly the SEPT has gone completely silent. A few non Sept members who had been on friendly terms with the Sept went to investigate. They discovered that a great battle had occurred within the confines of the Sept and there was no evidence of any survivors or trace of who executed the Attack.
  • 2017: After years of searching and Investigating there is still no sign of any of the previous Sept members. It is time to build a new Sept, and find a Caern seed to replace the lost Caern. New Garou have come to the area and old friends have been called back.

Sept Information

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Sept Leadership

Sept Leader:


  • Guardian:
  • Guardian:
  • Guardian:
  • Guardian:
  • Guardian:

Den Parent:

Master of Challenge:

The Council of Auspices:

  • Fool:
  • Master of the Rite:
  • Truthcatcher:
  • Talesinger:
  • Wyrmfoe:

Prominent Locations

  • The City of Tucson Sprawls at the Northern Edge of the Vast Southern Arizona Territory, giving sanctuary to those of weaver affinity. As well as, a few small towns spread throughout the area.
  • Benson, Douglas, Bisbee, Tombstone and Sierra Vista are additional small towns
  • However, the majority of the territory is very much Wyld. With abundant National parks and historic sites the wyld thrives in Southern Arizona.
  • Cochise Stronghold, Katchner Caverns, the Sonoran Desert, the San Pedro River (undergrond), the Dragoons, and Elgin winery's are just a few locations that contribute to the Wyld.

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