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Werewolf the Apocalypse VSS

VSS Information

VSS: Doomsday Dreams

Domain Code: IA-001-D: The Asylum

VST Name: Jeremy Cue; Natasha Cue

VST Email:

VSS Boundaries (Domain Borders): Whole Iowa Counties of Adair, Clark, Lucas, Madison, Mahaska, Marion, Monroe, Poweshiek, Union, Warren. Half Iowa Counties of Jasper south of Highway 80, Dallas and Guthrie counties south of Highway 44, and Polk south of Highway 44/NW 70th Ave/NE 70th Ave


  • Change - It is a time for new ideas… it’s now or never.
  • Compromise - Those who do not give a little, will die. What can be set aside for new growth?


We Live In Strange Times, that Will Only Get Stranger, the Clock continues to countdown.


BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse “The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor; I’ve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe there’s a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell.” -Aaron B. Powell, Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector

Traveller’s Rest was an odd sort of Caern hosted by the Glasswalkers. It sat upon the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the city of Des Moines Iowa. In 2010, the Dark Brigade finished what the Gnostic Plague started, destroying the Caern and scattering the survivors to the winds. No one in the city of Des Moines saw a thing as 40+ werewolves and fera died or disappeared. Not one mortal. No one remarked upon the floors of the most predominant skyscraper were quietly closed off, and renovated. As the years went one, more and more strange things began to occur as the spiritual threads of the city began to unravel due to lack of attention. The silent and empty skyscraper is the least of everyone’s worries now...

Sept Information

Sept Name: Traveler’s Rest

Sept Location: Des Moines Greater Area

Sept Rating: 0

Shard Caern Totem: TBD

Shard Caern Rating: TBD

Seed Source: TBD

Sept Leader: Jack Hinks, Corax: Jack has always had a roost in Des Moines. But he had quite the traveller’s bug, and often takes adventures for months at a time before returning. It’s how he completely missed the destruction wrought by the Dark Brigade. As the infrastructure starts to crack, Jack is talking to anyone and anything that will listen to get assistance before Des Moines turns into a cesspool of spiritual energy.

Sept Description: There is not currently any standards, culture of the area of rules of conduct. What is known is that the Sept and Caern was destroyed in 2009-2010 by the Black Brigade after years of rumors about a traitor in the Sept. There are rumors that many of the kinfolk and very young members of the Sept escaped the Black Brigade. The Garou Nation was driven out to extinction in the local area. It is difficult to travel in the Umbra as maps/tips from before 2004 are often wrong and umbral storms are known to flare up and alter the area further. Spirits are often rumored to be out of control in the area. The downtown area which once housed the caern has been under urban revitalization, obliterating other historical sites once valued by the Traveller’s Rest Caern and Sept.

Sept Timeline

  • (Prehistoric)
    • Based on archeological evidence, the juncture of the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers has attracted humans for over 7,000 years. As of findings, at least three villages have stood in or near what has been developed into the downtown area of Des Moines. There has been at least 15 to 18 prehistoric American Indian mounds observed and located in the same area by early settlers and city development -- most of which have been destroyed as of current date.
    • The “People of the Lune” or the Moingona are one of the tribes that are known to have been part of the area. They are a nomadic tribe, however observations by early settlers show that part of the tribe always remained in the area while others were chosen for migration to the west, or migration to the north, depending on the season. The tribes were known to be friendly to settlers, often playing harmless practical jokes on them. However, there were areas in the plains that settlers were often warned off of, sometimes by violence.
  • (1834) Recommendations by an Indian Agent at Fort leavenworth, KS that a military post be established at the point where the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers merge.
  • (1851) Des Moines is Incorporated.
  • (1991)
    • 801 Grand is built by the Principal Financial Group, LLC. The 630 feet, 45 floor structure becomes the tallest building in Iowa upon it’s completion. The structure was done as an eight-sided pyramid clad in copper with the upper floors containing a series of terraces and setbacks. The lower floors host retail spaces, the top of which is connected to the city’s skywalk systems. A private restaurant is located on the top two floors. Upon completion, Principal Financial leases and uses most of the building’s office space, however floors 43-35 were the offices of Sterling Enterprises, a technology firm. In the Garou Nation, Floor 35 starts the bawn to Traveller’s Rest, concealed behind the heavily-warded frosted glass doors that were courtesy of Glasswalker Theurges.
    • First Alpha of the Caern was Frost Fur, Silver Fang, Galliard.
  • (1995)
    • Alpha Challenge for the Sept is given by Night Eyes, Shadow Lord, Ragabash. The challenge was issued under the call that Frost Fur had been neglecting his duties to the caern to continue to provide guidance and protection of the heart after a series of break ins on the Sept’s floors of 801 Grand. Night Eyes is declared the victor, and Frost Fur leaves the territory.
  • (2000)
    • The red star, Anthelios, weakens the gauntlet and the prison of the Storm Eater
  • (2004)
    • Storm Eater alters the Umbra; The Pack of Smokes was lost on a reconnaissance mission during the chaos that followed; all Umbra to Material world fetish communications crash, becoming useless.
  • (2005)
    • Issues with communication between Umbra and Material realm worsen, forcing local Garou to return to "the old ways" and cross frequently or use messengers. The drain on time and resources is notable, and reconnaissance missions become less frequent.
  • (2006)
    • The Pathstone allowing Moon bridges into Des Moines is shattered. Internal strife erupts as every pack believes it's due to some error on the part of another pack. Nobody is willing to say the word out loud, but suspicions of sabotage reign supreme.
  • (2008)
    • The Gnostic Plague hits Des Moines, confirming the fear of a saboteur from within. The thought being that without operable Moon Bridges the Gnostic Plague shouldn't have been able to spread to the Caern.
  • (2009)
    • Dark Brigade forms, begins to siege Caerns worldwide.
    • Hard decisions are made by the Den Parents/Sept Alpha to send anyone newly changed or of the rank of cub out of the city to be hidden before the fighting begins, and entrust their safety to a pack of Cliath. Many kinfolk who are not able to fight directly are also sent elsewhere to prevent hostages and casualties.
  • (2010)
    • The exact date of the Caern destruction is not known, however by the end of 2010 there isn’t a Caern in the top of 801 Grand Avenue and those who were commonly associated with the city of Des Moines were not heard from. They did not answer communications from the Nation and those who were sent from neighboring Septs could not find more than a limited trace of what was once a thriving Caern. Rumors continued to grow about a traitor and the absolute destruction; no two stories were alike.
  • (2011)
    • Rumors begin of a man in a suit and a man in a bomber jacket meeting in the floors that once were the Caern area within the skyscraper. Both wait for several hours… for what, no one knows, but rumors grow. Local spirits become concerned that the jacketed man can see or hear the spirits, and the suited one reeks of corruption.
  • (2014)
    • Bitten start appearing across the Garou Nation.
  • (2016)
    • Construction begins on the downtown Des Moines area as part of an urban revitalization movement. Large companies are investing in the growth from residential apartments, tech companies, trendy restaurants to green spaces to even grocery stores -- all the modern conveniences to grow the downtown area into a more cosmopolitan metropolis.
  • (2017)
    • Game 0 - In Which a Few Garou and Fera Return…..

Storyteller Notes

  • As of game start, there is no Caern nor Shard Caern in the city of Des Moines, which means Moon Bridges are impossible. Umbral travel is difficult due to the lack of mapping in the local area, but travel in the Material Realm is surprisingly easy (barring weather or unforeseen issues.) Des Moines sits on the connecting point of I-80 and I-35, making it a central travel stop for cross-country road travel.
  • For a list of Known Historical Figures/Packs of the Sept and Tribe/Fera specific historical notes, please email the storytellers for more information about your specific Tribe/Fera type.
  • Proxying into the VSS costs a downtime action from the player coming, as well as the person being visited.

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