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The Queen Shattered


The City of Charlotte has always been hectic, both supernaturally and in the mundane world the Queen’s City never truly stops. The backroom deals, politics, celebrations, races, and various other activities keep the city on the constant move. This held true even in 2012, when the 10 Second War, briefly, rocked the the mundane world, and forever altered the structure of the supernatural one.

In 2012 the Vampires subtlety controlled Uptown, the ebb and flow of Mortal politics at their beck and call. The werewolves patrolled the Shadow, ensuring their duty was fulfilled. Beasts extolled the fear of other’s, granting something of an impetus for the continued paranoia that exists in the dark. The changelings freehold was one of the larger ones within the nearby area, flourishing under a nearly untold time of safety. Mages existed apart, focused on their mysteries, and in ensuring that their own actions did not bring upon a worse outcome than whatever the present worry was.

In the moments of the 10 Second War that all changed, and our world was shattered, as it was, was shattered. The call for help was sent, and not a single faction failed to answer the call, even the immortal Kindred found their own way to contribute. Those that stepped forth out of time found themselves fighting side by side with the things they would normally disdain, if not destroy, and when all was said and done very few of those sent ever made it back.

In the wake of the 10 Second war, the remaining structures, as they were, developed a version of the Compact Council, each leader or group electing a representative to sit on the Council, to ensure that this danger never fell upon their city again. But even with all of our safeguards in place we knew it was only a matter of time...

Your Life

"You live in this world, a world where the vast majority of humanity doesn't know about the Supernatural, you are trying to survive in a world where a huge backlash occurred in the Supernatural portion of the world, ripping it apart, breaking apart families, and leaving vast areas of ruin, all without it really being noticed by humanity.

You are one of those few survivor's, or you just came to your supernatural being, either way you have to try and find a way to live past those things which stalk those like you, the human's, monster's, and otherworldly entities that weren't damaged by the disaster. The things that want nothing more than to remove your existence. Survive, and maybe you will live to see a brighter day, fall and you will ensure a darker one..." - Hugo Jenkins, Apex - Speaking to a newly arrived member of the Supernatural Community, from a chair, in their bedroom without them having known he was there...

The Council

"No, the war that occurred didn't bring peace or prosperity, just pain and loss. But there is one potential positive that it did manage to accomplish, if you could cal it that, which is the initiation of communication between the various Supernaturals.

We formed a Council of Representatives, people who will, when forced, talk to one another about the issues and threats that face every Supernatural, and some regular people, who live within the city and it's surroundings. We don't talk about the minor things, the stuff that only affect one group, only the things that could kill us all, and only then when we feel like there is no other choice.

There is no trust, no companionship, no margarita's with our new best friends, there is only the knowledge that no matter how horrible that bloodsucker sitting in the corner is he cannot be worse than the Huntsmen who have been unleashed to drag us all back...and I'd rather die then be taken back again." - Arc, Summer Queen - Discussing what the Council would be in a Freehold gathering.

The Machine

"No the God Machine isn't someone we can bargain with, I've already discussed this with you all how many times already. This is not something that can be changed, altered, or mollified. It is the very basis of our reality, of everything that exists and that we are.

Their foolhardy attempt to actually influence it resulted in just what you saw happen, mass chaos, destruction, and ultimately the doom of most of all of our kinds. So forgive me if I refuse to see the use in trying to, yet again, make alterations to something that is purely unalterable. It represents the very basis of static-ism, and there is no way that any of us an understand it, much less change it.

Besides...I've already attempted to go back, to before the Event,'s stuck, there is nothing left that can be changed, nothing that can be altered, it's as though I'm staring into the broken glass of our shattered past and I don't think I can continue looking there anymore.

Instead, and I know that some of you may not have the intelligence to understand it, we must work together, in some limited fashion, to ensure we are not swallowed by the destruction that is still rippling out." - Blankspot, Hierarch - Seconds before being jumped by the assembled Supernatural Leaders.


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