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The Silence of Amherst

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The Silence of Amherst  -  Boundaries  -  Consilium  -  Laws  -  Cabals  -  Timeline  -  Silence Breaker

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The Silence of Amherst

“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.” ― Aung San Suu Kyi

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Amherst is the seat of the major power in the region, the silent sanctum. Hidden from the sleeper eyes, this center of Awakened lore reopened to the magi of the region who, until now, found themselves orphans of either a consilium or an assembly, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Werewolves and Changelings and Vampires still have some presence in the area although they retreated in darker and more remote areas of the region as the overwhelming presence of the hunters drive them away. The Hunters weren’t known to target the magi, but the return of an organized consilium has changed things.

The pages of history flutter in the wind.

The wise struggle to catch them, to gather some meaning and revelation that not everything has been a lie.

But in the search for truths what dangers go unseen?

In opening sanctum doors what enemies may be let in?

Knowledge is power, and what you don't know will surely kill you.


The Consilium claims control over all of Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties in Massachusetts.

Hierarch:The Gardener
Acanthus Councilor:ne jamais
Acanthus Provost:POSITION VACANT
Mastigos Councilor:Pharos
Mastigos Provost:POSITION VACANT
Obrimos Councilor:Quint
Thyrsus Councilor:Aelfweard
Sleepwalker Representative:Rowena Ainmhí


MystAcanthus of the Mysterium, killed by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2018/10/24.
VirgamObrimos of the Silver Ladder, discovered to be a Seer traitor. Killed by the Silent Sanctum Consilium, 2019/05/18.
DeucalionThyrsus of the Free Council, discovered to be a Scelesti traitor. Presumably killed by rival Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2019/05/18(?).
KhanMoros of the Adamatine Arrow, killed by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2019/07/12.
Wild Cardkilled by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2019/07/12.
MyrddinThyrsus, missing and presumed killed by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2019/07/12.
LetoHelldiver Beast Changeling, Queen of the Autumn Court, killed by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland," 2019/07/12.
WhiterabbitMoros and leader of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland." Known Master of Death and Time. DECEASED, 2020/05/23
Mad HatterAcanthus of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland." DECEASED, 2019/10/19
CheshireObrimos of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland." DECEASED, 2019/10/19
CaterpillarThyrsus of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland." DECEASED, 2019/09/21.

Enemies of the Consilium

The Niebelungenlied - Known colloquially as "The Ring," a well-funded paramilitary force based out of a black site outside Pittsfield, MA that specializes in hunting supernatural threats. Currently, they have succumbed to internal strife, with much of their operations moving out of the area.

Colonel Jakob C McNamaraCommanding Officer
Banisher SquadA group of Awakened who have been chemically pressed into service of The Ring for use in special operations. Currently defected from The Niebelungenlied
Agent MacMysterious high-level officer of The Ring who has made a temporary alliance with the Consilium of Amherst in the interest of defeating Wonderland.
The Plastic ManStrange creature living in the Shadow around The Ring's HQ in Pittsfield who is creating an abnormally-strong Gauntlet. A.K.A. within the Consilium as "General Motors." DESTROYED by Whiterabbit, 2019/10/19

Others - Other threats to the Consilium who do not fall into the categories above.

Queen of HeartsMastigos Scelesti. Known Master of Space and Mind. Former member of the "Wonderland" Cabal, now exiled from the area after having turned on Whiterabbit.
The Anti-CultistsA cult of Sleepers who were at one point followers of a group of intellectuals called The Watchers, they possess an impressive ability to subconsciously seek out and erode Supernal powers. This ability may have been an side-effect of earlier manipulation by members of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland." When the initial group of Watchers died of under mysterious circumstances in early 2020, the rest of them, though without much centralized-leadership, have become more radicalized.
Le Monde Invisible:A cabal, and associated mystery Cult, dedicated to self discovery and awareness.
City Timeline
1746The awakened form their first consilium in western Massachusetts
2009The world forgets about the consilium of western Massachusetts as if its existence was erased from history. The Awakened in the neighboring area suspect it to be the result of a Paradox but are left to be none the wiser.
2010Werewolves and vampires start to pour in the area and establish themselves taking advantage of the vacuum of power.
2011A consilium forms again in the area and gathers in what is named the silent sanctum. However as soon as it gets formed it closes its doors to all but a small elite of awakened and, occasionally, very high profile visitors.
2012In Pittsfield, Dynaglobe inc, a defense contractor, receives an influx of money and resources over a project called “Nibelungenlied”. On december of the same year the local population of vampires and werewolves is halved and continues to further decline.
2018The silent sanctum has an open convocation in which they reopen their doors to fellow mages.
2019Several members of the Silent Sanctum's leadership are revealed to be traitors of various stripes, and that much if not all of the Silent Sanctum's recent history has been manipulated by the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland" in North Adams, MA. The charter is rewritten and leadership replaced. The Silent Sanctum is beset by attacks from Wonderland as well as a militaristic hunter group called "The Nibelung Ring" or "Project: Valkyrie." Also, a strange being, The Plastic Man, who some call an "Angel" has been seen in the area.
2020The remaining members of the Scelesti Cabal "Wonderland" disband. Members and allies of the Consilium defeat an immensely powerful Golmuth that had taken over Mt. Greylock in North Adams. The former leader of Wonderland, The Whiterabbit, is killed in Pittsfield by members of the Consilium.
The Silence Breaker
June 2018The Silent Sanctum is Opening!
August 2018A Myst-trial?
September 2018Good Will Hunter
October 2018Samhain is Here
November 2018The Silent Reconquista
January 2019No Clap for These Fairies
February 2019Endangered Species
March 2019White Bunnies
OOC Information
VST:Simone T
Boundaries:Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties in Massachusetts
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