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Austin: The Head of the Pin
“Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not.”
― Michael Shermer

Austin is a city haunted by nightmares. Since the Icarus Event and the local fallout from that, the supernaturals of Austin have been forced to hide from various enemies that seek them in the city and the territory that surrounds it. Although the various foes don’t work together, their combined presence is a threat to every supernatural power - after all, many of these foes can’t clearly tell the difference between a werewolf, a vampire with Protean, and a Thyrsus who likes taking other shapes.

It is also haunted by nightmares in another way. In the wake of the Icarus Event, the Day the Music Died, and the Day of Revelations, sensitive residents of Austin and its neighboring areas have been beset by visions, thoughts, and other prophecies. Some of these individuals - those who can find an outlet for them - use them to create works of art in various media. These works often are terrifying and fear-inspiring pieces of art, but they also convey secrets about the supernatural world - which can be used by the supernaturals to help stay ahead of their enemies, or by their foes to make things harder for the supernaturals.

In addition, the damage from the Event, the fallout from the war, and the release of the enemies of the supernatural communities, all fell upon the the elders of the supernatural community. Those who remain are without the guidance of their mentors and leadership, and are forced to make their way in the world without the protection and assistance from the ones who kept their societies on track before.

But most of all, the Angels remain in Austin. They disappeared for a time after the War, but returned subtly and otherwise shortly thereafter. Their work seems to be tied to securing Infrastructure where possible, though for what purposes no one understands.

The supernaturals and supernaturally-aware of Austin and the surrounding area are caught in a battle for the soul of the city - literally and figuratively. The Shadow and Hedge are twisted; the Underworld is shattered; and the servants of the God Machine stir and mill about the city, going about their alien and unknown work. How will the remnants deal with the new world?

Theme: The Mysteries of the Past and Future
Mood: Desperation, Tattered Hope, Darkness Around Every Corner
Setting: MES CoD-X Chronicle

VST: John DiPietro
Mailing Lists: CoD-X IC and OOC List
VSS: The Head of the Pin

Inhabitants of the City

The Compact of Austin
The Aware Representative R. P. Windsor
The Beast Representative Marcus Cain
The Changeling Representative Nidhogg
The Mage Representative Raziel
The Vampire Representative Tristian Blackwell
The Werewolf Representative Freya
The Aware
Daphne Carlisle
Gabriel Kingston
Genevieve Harte
Gentry Thomas
Isaic Lazul
Jude Bridges
Lena Rogers
Morgana Willow
R. P. Windsor
The Beasts
Aaron Stryker
Jackson Irving
Mairin Byrne
Marcus Cain
Ursula Widows
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
The Changelings
Margot Blue
Sydney Fisker
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
The Mages
The Bartender
Olivia Perkins
Connor McKnight
Dr. Odin Glapsvin
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
The Vampires
The Saint
Tristian Blackwell
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
The Werewolves
Luke Fisker
Thorin Maddison
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
Character Name
City Landmarks
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen is a bar on Sixth Street, which has a unique feature to it - the entire bar is on the second floor, with the first jutting into a hill, save for the elevator and storage room. Upstairs, the bar is a wide-open floor plan - the actual alcohol is served from an island in the center of the bar, with couches and chairs and tables lining the edges along with a few old fashioned arcade cabinets. A small kitchen and food window sits in the back, across from the stairs as you come up. Usually the Bartender can be found here Tuesday through Saturday nights, though others work here who are still mortal. There is magic present - the area seems to be under spells of alarm and wards of various sorts. A message is visible above the front door to all supernaturals, of any template - Violence is Unwelcome, and Will Be Met With Swift Retribution. Enter, and Be Safe.

More to be discovered...