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“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man” - Samuel Johnson

Information Known

The world as we know it has changed, ever since The Icarus Event on 21st December 2012, when for 10 seconds the world was turned upside down and inside out. Supernaturals died by the droves in this 10-second war, where time was out of joint and masses of Supernaturals joined in battle. But something about the world broke during those ten fateful seconds… and now the world will never be the same again. No two areas in the world reacted the same way after the Event, some experienced electrical storms, gigantic shadows rose and seemed to swallow things whole. Nothing worked the way it should any more.

Milton Keynes and a number of towns surrounding it suffered badly in their supernatural communities. What was once an established and almost comfortable arrangement was shattered utterly. The 10 Second War as some know it decimated these well-forced chains, many believe the Mages may have been to blame, considering that it can only have been Time Magic that isolated such an Event. Others believe it was outside influence, and the Mages actually acted as damage control by taking things out of the normal time-stream.

As a result of the Event, a charter was drawn up, the Woburn Treaty, which required the supernaturals who signed up to it to have at least respect for each other, an uneasy alliance so to speak. Where members of the supernaturals could talk to other societies and request aid, come to agreements, and somehow try and get through the mess that The Icarus Event had created together.

Notable Locations

The Quiet Corner Café – An internet café located in the Xscape entertainment complex, and owned by Addison Traze, who has only recently come into ownership of it. With the help of Doom, she has established it as a neutral meeting place for supernaturals to come together where fighting is not tolerated and breaches of hospitality are met with harsh punishments.

Church of Christ the Cornerstone - A church located in the centre of the city perfectly placed between the shopping area of the city and the office buildings that make for the largest chunk of the employment in the city. The church is owned behind the scenes by Ophelia, and as it is a time-honoured tradition that places of worship are to be known as a sanctuary to all, it is an offered meeting place to all supernatural types under the protection of Elysium and other Hospitality rules.

Willen Lake - A large lake not too far from the centre, but very picturesque and draws a fair amount of tourist attraction. Jet has made it widely known that she keeps a Hollow attached to a Hedge Gate in this area in case someone is in need of shelter, or a Changeling needs temporary accomodation until they can get on their feet again. The suitability of the place as a meeting area is fairly low due to the unrestricted access of the lake to mortals.


Notable NPCs

Doom” – Few certain details are known about Doom, except that he is a Beast (other Beasts will recognise him as part of the Eshmaki family), and that he seems to have always been around Milton Keynes, patrolling the neutral areas and ensuring the safety of residents. It has been said that he once had a Brood that helped him in this matter, but they have not been seen for some time. He’s a tall and imposing man, with fire-red hair and observant eyes. He holds a job as security for The Quiet Corner Café.

Oberon – An older gentleman, a Mastigos of the Free Council and if the tales are to be believed, a veteran of both World Wars, though he doesn’t look old enough to have done so. It’s a topic he never addresses, instead urging people to look to the future and rebuild after the ravages of the Event. He is often found in the Milton Keynes Central Library while it is open, and after it closes, he is often found enjoying a cup of fruit tea at The Quiet Corner Café.

Farsight – A young Uratha who was drawn to Milton Keynes as a mortal for its rich culture, after his First Change he decided to remain for reasons that he declines to elaborate on beyond searching for his muse. He’s never seen without his acoustic guitar and is often found sitting in public parks or at underpasses playing for whoever cares to listen. Supposedly any money he gets given by the public he always donates to those less fortunate without a thought for himself.

Jet – One of the few remaining tenders of Bastion, she has worn herself down to the point of exhaustion trying to keep the Trods in order and the Hedge in some semblance of safety. When she talks to you, there’s an ever-present smile on her face, and if that doesn’t catch your eye, then her rainbow-coloured hair certainly will. But what few notice, is that there’s a deep sadness in her eyes, of an untold loss. She spends what time she can working at the casino as a Floor Manager to ensure she never is lacking a source of desire-fueled Glamour.

Ophelia St. Germaine – Ophelia was the Prince before the Event, and still lays claim to the title and the power associated with it. No-one is certain of her age, and if asked she’ll either give you a look of disdain or reply with simply “old enough”. She is wealthy and seems to have at least a passing financial interest in much of Northampton and her eyes are set on expanding her influence to Milton Keynes. Always favouring black business attire, she is rarely seen except when she wants to remind others of her ‘position’ as Prince of the local Kindred.

Corven - A Changeling who has dedicated himself to the protection of Milton Keynes. He works closely with Doom as part of his security force. Skilled with a blade, and those that can see beyond his Mask can easily identify him as a water Elemental. He is a kind and caring sort who wants nothing more than to protect the residents of the city that has been his home ever since he escaped Arcadia.

The Woburn Treaty



  • Changelings: Luton and Dunstable
  • Vampires: Northampton
  • Werewolves: Banbury
  • Mages: Bedford
  • Beasts: Aylesbury


  • 571: The conquering of Aylerbuy by Cutwulph, brother of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons. The conquering forces bringing new ideas of monster and primordial terrors, allowing Beasts to establish themselves in the surrounding area.
  • 957: Werewolves establish territory in what would be Banbury, the wildness of the area as well as the reliance on wool make the area an easy hunting field for them
  • 1120: The Changeling establish a Freehold, Bastion, in the wilds between what would be Dunstable and Luton.
  • 1123: Bastion becomes incorporated into the gardens of the Royal Palace of Henry I.
  • 1645: War of Tooth and Claw: During the English Civil War, Beasts and Werewolves ended up on opposite sides and nearly wiped each other out, leaving a power vacuum for the Vampires to slip in to.
  • 1675: the Great Fire of Northampton allows for an influx of vampires, one of which is known today as Ophelia St. Germain, into the power structure of this town. With their machinations, the town grows.
  • 1832: Bedford introduces gaslighting, it was, in reality, it was a cabal of Obrimos establishing a territory within the city.
  • 1916: Night of Blood and Lightning: A brief, but fierce conflict breaks out between the Mages and the Vampires in the vicinity of Overend Green Farm and Shenley Hill Road. Reports state hearing eleven explosions during the night, and in the morning there were eleven holes, each seven foot deep and ten foot across, but the only damage was a few broken window panes and a single dead rabbit. This was covered up to indicate a passing German Zeppelin having dropped his payload in the area. In reality, it was the supernatural conflict.
  • 23-1-1967 Milton Keynes Formed The underlying purpose being a neutral ground to work through territorial disputes brought by the various supernaturals in the area.
  • 21-12-2012: Icarus Event
  • 01-01-2013: Survivors begin to emerge from the Event, looking for fellows and taking stock of who is left.
  • 3-02-2013: Woburn Treaty drafted and signed.
  • 2018: A gathering is called for all who are able to attend, to check in and look at the progress of rebuilding from the aftermath of the Event.



OOC Information

VST: VST Election in-process, currently vacant
aVST: Vacant

Venue Style Sheet

VSS Boundaries: City of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

City Type: Mixed Templates Allowed: Changelings, Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Beasts, Fae-Touched, Ghouls, Wolf-Blooded, Proximi, Stigmatics, Mortals. Territory Boundaries: Milton Keynes is agreed upon the neutral ground. There are five surrounding towns that each are claimed by an individual supernatural type. As part of the Woburn Treaty, the below types are found in each town. Personal Territories must fall within the proper town for creature type. Territory may be claimed within Milton Keynes but on the express understanding that it offers at least a neutral meeting place or amenities that can be made usable by any signatories of the Treaty.

Theme: Survival in a Brave New World
Mood: Rebuilding and Rebirth
Setting: MES CoD-X Chronicle

Storyteller Notes

All characters are to be submitted to the Approvals Database and approved for play by the VST before they can be played as locals on the VSS. A copy of the character sheet and background/CCD should be sent to the VST for their records also, either Excel or Google Sheet is acceptable.

Any inbound proxies should be submitted at least 24 hours before time-in of a game, closer than this and attendance cannot be guaranteed for visitors except in exceptional circumstances. Note that submission of a proxy is not a guarantee to play unless the VST has replied giving you permission to play, and unless otherwise specifically stated in the proxy, the character is assumed to arrive the night of the gathering within reasonable travel times, and will depart directly after the gathering. Any change or extension to time spend in the VSS must first be cleared with the VST.

IC Pregnancies: Only available with the express consent of both involved parties on an OOC basis. Pregnancy will never be “sprung on” a player as a plot. Any pregnancies will also be subject to approvals in order to play out during the chronicle. Currently, as the Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition preview makes no reference to the state of fertility of Lost, they are considered to be infertile as was the case in First Edition. If this changes with the book release, then this will be updated to reflect that.

If a visiting character has High Approvals on their sheet, they need to be noted on the proxy to ensure that the VST is aware of their existence and can prepare accordingly should it come up.

PvP (also referred to as CvC for Character vs Character) is a part of the game, but the VST reserves the right to deny PvP if they feel it is unwarranted. If you are planning to have a ‘killbox’ at the game, please inform the VST in advance so they can be prepared for this. For further information, please see the MES National documents about Proxy KIllbox.

Game attendance should be regularly consistent. I would like to see characters played actively and attending a game at least once every two months. If you are unable to attend games for an extended period of time, please inform the VST to discuss available options.

Feeding varies between supernatural type. Those with expendable resource stats with the exception of Beasts (Vitae, Mana, Glamour, Essence) will start each game with half of their maximum resource. This amount can be increased through various merits or through the use of downtime actions to feed or harvest, etc. Beasts are an exception due to the way they feed and naturally lose their resource, as a result, all Beasts will start games with a Satiety of 10 minus their Lair dots. This can again be changed through the use of downtime or pre-game actions to raise or lower the amount of Satiety they start the game on, though no Beast can start the game on a Satiety above 9 or below 3.

Experience points are awarded for game attendance and submission of downtime actions. Submission of a downtime action will award you with 1 experience point, attendance of game will award 3 experience points, with an additional 2 points if the player is on Accelerated Growth Rate. This means that attendance of a game is the only requirement to gain the monthly cap of experience points (3 normally, 5 on AGR).

The Woburn Treaty

We, the leaders of the undersigned groups, do hereby, this night, (3/02/2013) agree the following.

1: That local towns and cities be assigned to each kind of the supernatural alone for their use in all ways. None shall encroach without permission upon that area in any way if they are not of the assigned kind.

2: That the area surrounding Bletchley shall be neutral, comprising the villages of: Loughton, Newton Longville, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Willen, Woburn Sands, Stony Stratford and Milton Keynes.

3: In that defined neutral area, no hostilities shall be brought by any. The area shall be considered to be under the laws of Elysium and other similar laws and traditions. No powers shall be used, save those who require a civil masking power to be amongst mortals, they are the sole exception.

4: All kinds of supernatural may have one, and only one place of power and security within the neutral lands, it shall be kept small and function as combined home and embassy for their kind.


Doom, on behalf of the Beasts.

Prince St. Germaine, on behalf of the Kindred.

Farsight, on behalf of the Forsaken.

Jet, on behalf of the Free Lost.

Oberon, on behalf of the Awakened.

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