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Basic Info

VSS Boundaries: Southwest Louisiana; 5 Parish Area (Calcasieu, Jeff Davis, Allen, Cameron, Beauregard)

VST Name: Patrick Deaville

VST Email:

Domain Code: LA-008-D

City Type: To be determined by players through RP

Templates Allowed: (blue book) Mortals, Vampires, Ghouls, Mages, Proximi, Changelings, Fae-Touched, Werewolves, Wolf-Blooded, Stigmatics, and Beasts (Please check the approval docs to ensure your template’s approval requirements can be met)

Territory Boundaries: To be determined by players through RP

Safe Place: To be revealed upon completion of “Those Who Wander” Plotkit

Theme: Survival and rebuilding

Mood: Engrained Suspicion meets Begrudging Knowledge That Others Are Needed To Survive

Setting: MES CoD-X Chronicle

VSS Description

"Pale death, with impartial step, knocks at the hut of the poor and the towers of kings." — Horace

After the Icarus Event in 2012, Lake Charles had been ravaged by catastrophic storms. Water flooded the entire city, lightning striking multiple times a second, and unbeknownst to mortals a supernatural backlash struck out killing many of the Supernatural creatures that did not participate in the war.

Years have passed since that night and the great purge that followed. A once perfect city has been left bear with mortals only noticing the scars of what was once a great refuge for supernatural entities of all kinds. It is in this ruin that your story begins peering out into the darkness as hunters and those that wish you dead believe that they have all but eradicated your kind...for now.

Your own kind was not strong enough to withstand the purge but perhaps with the help of other survivors you can prevent the tragedies of the past from repeating themselves. Perhaps with their help you can rebuild what was lost.

But trust does not come easy...

City Description: Hunters and template antagonists currently believe the Lake Area has been eradicated of almost all Supernaturals. However there were survivors and traces of the past can still be found. The area itself physically resembles itself in the real world for now though weather is sometimes more extreme than it was before the Icarus Event.

Plots may increase Threat Level of the city noting how aware Hunters and other Template Antagonists are of Supernatural Survivors in the area. This scale will operate on a 0% to 100% scale. Solving plots in a setting appropriate manner will result in the Threat Level lowering while plot retention and notable supernatural action will cause the Level to increase.

Tipping points are at 33%, 66%, and 100%. Each point notes and increase in the difficulty of feeding, plots, and the overall strength of antagonistic NPCs. This Level will be indicated and adjusted during VST (DST) monthly reports.

Mundane VSS Timeline

Mundane VSS Timeline:

  • March 7th, 1861: Marco Eliche, merchant and tradesman, founded Lake Charles
  • 1910: Great Fire of 1910: The French Opera House caught fire and galeing winds caused it to spread across most of the city causing thousands of families to lose their homes.
  • 1929: The Charleston Hotel completes construction as the cities first skyscraper with weekly dances held on the rooftop
  • 1950: Industry expanded to support WW2 efforts
  • 1970’s: The Civic Center completed construction and in the following years hosted many entertainers including Elvis.
  • 1980’s: Many of the populous left the city suffering from the recession
  • 1990’s: The Casinos of Coushatta and Isle of Capri open up, causing the struggling economy to boom with an influx of growth in the region.
  • 2006: Citgo Plant had the great Oil Spill, releasing 18,000 barrels of oil into the waterways of Lake Charles
  • 2014: Golden Nugget Casino opens furthering the casino tourism industry in the area
  • 2015: The largest petrochemical project beings in the Lake Charles area, causing the largest influx of immigrants and workers since its founding.

Storyteller Notes

Storyteller Notes: - All IC interactions must have a ST presiding over them to be cannon. This includes interactions with members outside the bounds of our VSS boundaries.

- All Players who show up to game must either have a copy of their Character Sheet or access to a character sheet on the Approval’s Database. If the player is a paid member they must have their character on the Approval’s Database which must be properly updated. Temporary exemptions to this rule can be offered on a case by case basis especially for players who are bringing a new character to game.

- Each game will grant a player 2 exp for their character so long as that character played for at least 2 hours. Downtime actions may also be entered on a monthly basis for an additional 1 exp during that month.

- PC’s can be removed from play and/or turned into NPC’s should a player lose all of their morality points, retire their character, or through RP should that character choose to side with venue antagonists.

- Players that bring note cards or “cheat sheets” with their supernatural powers/merits written down and their corresponding mechanical/addended text will receive 1 Beat at the beginning of the game.

- All beats gained during game or downtime actions are lost at the end of game unless the PC has accumulated 5 Beats which can be used to gain an additional downtime action. If a Beat is awarded during a downtime action or extra scene the player may choose to store this Beat for monthly game if it has not taken place already in that month. Otherwise the beat is lost.

- Mediation between PC’s and NPC’s will generally be offered on the second round of combat. Depending on the Threat Level of the Encounter the presiding ST may request a concession of health, willpower, etc. from players to defeat the encounter. If the ST believes that the players cannot defeat the encounter fair escape will be offered should the player have a mechanic that allows it. Mediation vs NPC’s cannot result in PC death unless the player(s) relents to it.

- Mediation between PC’s will be offered when one of the PC’s involved in the combat offers it. Mediation will include each side stating their goal in the combat and two ways that they are willing for the combat to end. If none of the presented options are chosen by the players combat will continue until resolved or mediation is requested by a player once more. A player can request mediation at the beginning of the combat or on their turn.

Proxy Info

Proxy Info: By proxing to this VSS you are agreeing to give the presiding ST full control over your character and their actions. If you are proxying you must include the following.

1. Your Character Sheet. This sheet must be readable and the presiding ST may request it in a different format if they are unable to read it.

2. A list of all your character’s supernatural abilities. In addition to your character sheet you must present a list of all your character’s supernatural powers and merits, their mechanical text from the book and/or addenda, and the page on which they can be found.

3. Your character’s goal. Please provide as statement regarding what your character seeks to accomplish during this proxy, what they will be doing to achieve this goal and anything else they plan to do or where they plan to go. You can be as detailed or as vague as you wish with this statement.

4. A statement from you the player noting that all proxies are considered hard proxies. And that you understand that your actions, PC actions, or NPC actions have the potential to harm or even kill your character while on this VSS.

Downtime Rules

Downtime Rules: As stated in the Universal Addenda Downtimes are renewed at the beginning of each month. Downtimes will be answered the night before game, upon request of the player, or before the end of the month if filed after the monthly scheduled game. To file a downtime please use the following format:

To: Subject Line: (Your Character’s Name) (Date mm/yyyy) Downtime Actions

Player Name: (Put Your Name Here) Character Type: (Put your template type and subtype; ex. Vampire, Ventrue, Invictus) EXP: (How much exp you’ve spent; this includes what you’ve spend in this downtime)/(How much exp you have; add +1 for submitting a monthly downtime)

Supernatural Fuel Merit(s) (ex. Herd and Feeding Ground): Note your dots and list the mechanics of said merit from the book. Safe Place: List your safe place dots, its physical address, and any supernatural merits that accompany it as well as a copy of said mechanics for the supernatural merit from the book.

Downtime Actions (You receive a number of Downtime Actions equal to your character’s Resolve +1) - 1. (Note what kind of action you are taking): Detail the action and if you are using any kind of supernatural power to assist you. If so list the mechanics of the power as written in the book. If you have gained an extra downtime action by spending 5 beats please also note this in the extra downtime action.

2. (ex.) Investigate: Johnny goes down to Memorial Park to investigate the crime scene. He will go at night and will attempt to not be seen. I am using Time Magic to look into the past to see exactly what happened.

(Name and description of power used)

Social Modifiers- 1. (List the Social Merit you are using and your dots in it): You may use merits such as Fame, Resources, Striking Looks, or other supernatural merits/powers to give you bonuses to your draws or actions. If it is supernatural please copy the mechanics of said merit or power from the book and list it in this section as well as what action you are taking with it.

2. (ex.) Resources 3: Johnny is using 1 dot of resources to give hiself a +1 to all my social draws this month as he basically bribes everyone he sees.

Allies (List your base draw for this merit; Manipulation + Persuasion)- 1. (List the type of Ally and your dots in it; ex. Hospitals 2): List one action you would like your ally to take over the course of the month. I will make a draw for you (Manipulation + Persuasion + Merit Dots – Challenge of task) and determine if this action was successful.

2. (ex.) Police 4: Johnny will ask his friends in the police department to do extra patrols around his house.

Status- 1. (List the type of Status you hold and your dots in it): State what, if any, action you are taking with your status. You may requisition resources from the organization in the form of money, equipment, or a safe place equal to your status dots (if said organization has access to such things). Or you may choose to block a specific character or NPC’s use of the mentor, resources, Retainer, Contacts, or Allies merit (pick one) for the month so long as your organization would reasonably be able to do this. (Note: if you do not spend a downtime action to maintain your status you lose access to it for the month. One downtime action is sufficient to maintain all your statuses.)

2. (ex.) Banks 4: Johnny is using his status in the bank to put a freeze on Adam's bank account blocking his Resources for the month.

Retainer Actions- 1. (List the name and occupation of your retainer and your dots in that retainer): State one action that you would like your retainer to perform for you in their field of expertise. If your retainer has specialized equipment or supernatural powers detail them as well.

2. (ex.) Ashley; Bodyguard 3: Ashley will travel with Johnny and keep him safe at all times.

Staff Actions- 1. (List the staff type and the skill pertaining to them): State the action you wish them to perform. Your staff will garner 1 success automatically in this action so long as it relates to their skill.

2. (ex.) Lawyers; Politics: Settle any legal problems Johnny has out of court.

Contacts (List your draw for this merit and which social skill you are using; Manipulation + Social Skill)- 1. (List your contact type; ex. Drug Dealers): I will make a draw for your character based on your pull and note if your contact comes up with anything relating to their field. You may also choose to target another PC or NPC to determine what social merits they possess instead. (Note: Your contacts expect things from you too. If you do not feed them information via RP or spend a downtime action socializing with them you will receive a -1 to your draw for each month you do not do so up to a cumulative -3 penalty.)

2. (ex.) Hospitals: Find out if Adam has any ties to local Hospitals.

EXP Expenditures- 1. (List what you are spending exp on): (List how much it’s exp cost was) (List your justification for purchasing it. This can be an action you are taking or using something that you have gained via RP during game.)

2. Fame 1: 1 exp, After blowing up the bank and announcing himself as a criminal to a reporter live on air I feel as though Johnny is going to be quite famous after this stunt.

Downtime Notes

Additional Downtime Notes-

List of Downtime Actions: 1. Defend myself and my Assets: You protect yourself and anything that is represented by dots on your sheet such as safe places, retainers, allies, etc. If you or something on your sheet it attacked by a PC or NPC you will receive a warning and be allowed an opportunity to react before anything happens.

2. Investigate/Follow Up: You may choose to follow up on or investigate any single plot that you are aware of including personal plot. In doing so please detail how you are following up on said plot. You may use multiple instances of this action to follow up on more than one plot.

3. Patrol: You may choose to patrol the domain in which should something out of the ordinary happen you will be allowed to react to it just after it happens. If you instead declare that you are patrolling something specific you will be allowed to act faster. The more specific you are the faster you will be allowed to react. For example if you are patrolling Lake Charles and something happens at the docks you can be there within the hour. But if you are specifically patrolling the docks you may be able to act immediately or even prevent whatever is about to happen. You may spend extra downtime actions to patrol more than one location.

4. Maintain Status: If you have any statuses you may use a downtime action to maintain them. If you have statuses and do not maintain them they will be unavailable to you until you spend a downtime action doing so.

5. Socialize: You may choose to spend some time with your mortal acquaintances. In doing this you may choose to eliminate the challenge rating of any allies’ draws you are making during your downtime actions or at game or you may choose to give yourself a +3 to draws with your contacts. You may choose to spend two downtime actions to do both of these.

6. Learn Supernatural Power: You may choose to learn or improve upon a supernatural power by spending a downtime action so long as you have justification for it. You do not need to spend a downtime to learn any supernatural merits unless the merit specifically notes that it takes time to develop it.

7. Spy/Track/Attack: If you know of another PC or NPC you may use your downtime action to track down, spy on, or attack that character in some way. If you choose to track them you may attempt to find a character’s location. If you know a character’s location you may choose to spy on them you may reveal one of their downtime actions. If you know a character’s location you may choose to attack them as well as when, where, and how to do so. If the other character has taken the action “Defend Myself and My Assets” they may be able to catch you spying on them or attacking them. If they are hiding tracking them down may be difficult.

8. Hide: Your character may choose to lay low. By taking this action your character will be difficult to track down or get a hold of. Should any PC or NPC attempt to locate you your character will be entitled to a draw based on how you are laying low to escape notice.

Coordination of Downtimes: If your character wishes to coordinate a downtime action with another PC the first person to submit a downtime action must send a second e-mail and cc both the vst account and the player that you are coordinating with listing the downtime action(s) that you are coordinating. Please also note the time table for resolution as either “By Game” or “By The End of The Month.”

Once all players in the chain have submitted their downtime actions the VST will confirm the action and list the result in the chain email. If a player in the chain does not file a downtime action by the time table listed for the action that player will be excluded from the result email and the absence will be noted.

Feeding: It will be assumed that your character knows how to gain whatever their power points are in their off time. Your character may choose to do a feeding draw before games and scenes should they so choose. If they do not their power points will be determined by the level of Supernatural Threat in the domain. Merits such as Herd which give “free” power points may adjust this amount.

In the case of the player being attacked during the month via downtime action or plot their power point level will be determined by their current circumstances and merits.

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