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EC-VIR-D Information

EC-VIR-D Domain Coordinator: Denise Lilly
Mailing List: EC-VIR-D Mailing List
Facebook Group: EC-VIR-D Facebook Group
MES Members' Portal: Minds Eye Society Members' Portal
MES Virtual Webpage: MES Virtual's Game Information Website
Minds Eye MES Website's Home Page

MES Virtual Discord Servers for the Virtual Venue Games:

Virtual Apoc Server:
Virtual Anarch/IA Server:
Virtual Sabbat Server:
Virtual CODX Server:
Virtual Space Server:
Virtual Camarilla Server


EC-VIR-D's Domain Coordinator Reports:

2020: Reports Folder for 2020
2019: Reports Folder for 2019
2018: Reports Folder for 2018
2017: Reports Folder for 2017
November 2015--December 2016: Compiled Document for 11/15 to 12/2016
October/December 2013--October 2015: Compiled Document for 11/2013 to 10/2015
Older EC RC Reports: Eastern Regional Coordinator Reports from Prior to 2017