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Information Known to the Protectorate

Name: House Kerensky

Dynastic House Allegiance : Brae Dynasty

From: Elysia in the Lymurian System

Industry: Security forces

House Summary: House Kerensky is a small Elite house sworn to the Brae Dynasty. It was Founded under Devlin Kerensky during the final push against the Thurisaz. They are from Elysia in the Lymurian System, they devote their whole focus to security forces, the military, and Para-Con or its subsidiaries. They use this to gain influence over a sectors criminal justice systems and bend them towards the Elysian way . Those members of the House that deal in other trades tend to be weapons dealers or technology brokers.

P.C. Members

Family Members

Dead P.C. Members

OOC Information

We are open to any PC's that wish to join the House, we only ask that if you have a supernatural template to please put in your background that the family does not know about it.

Archetypes: Any Core origin from Elysia in the Lymurian System

Organizing Player: James Strader

Organizing Player's Email:

Secondary Contact: Lee Franklin

Secondary Contact's Email:

Presiding VST Email: