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Main Force Patrol

A law enforcement Subsidiary

Data Feed

Stock: MFP (S6VS)
Headquarters: Vulcan Station
CEO: Maxwell Grant (4090-)
Chief of Operations: Scott Gorman (4100-)
Number of Employees: 9,000 - (4117)
Founded: 4050
Founders: Frank Dumas, Lisa Sterling, William Baker
Subsidiaries: None
Parent Corporation: Paragon Consolidated (ParaCon)


The Main force Patrol is the preeminent Criminal justice Mega-Corporation of the Crucible System. We excel in enforcement of Protectorate and Local Laws and Statutes. Our Officers are well trained in the use of force and deescalation and they are provided with the most cutting edge tools for Law enforcement. Citizens can expect a very fair charge for special services, which the Officers of the MFP will undertaken with the upmost professionalism. We accomplish our mission with the following departments.

  • Vice: Homicide, Theft, Illegal drugs and Kidnappings
    • Cyber-crimes: VR crimes, Illegal Hacking, Rogue Synth Retirement/ Recovery
      • Patrol: Traffic and Street Gang crime
        • Secure Contain Protect: Dangerous Supernatural Creatures/Emanations, Terrorism, and Piracy
We also support local Unions by offering Subcontract work as MFP Officers.


(4050) Founded

(4061) Begins subcontracting work with the Mercenary Union members

(4070 ) an out break of a dangerous narcotic drug called Soma becomes epidemic among the huddled masses

(4080) The MFP busts the Soma ring. It is discovered that the ring was lead by a MFP officer, who was using his knowledge of the MFP's procedures to allude them. This officer is sentenced to 20 years in the Vault.

(4115) The MFP struggles to end Pirate raids to shipping lanes in the system, their base of operations is unknown.


  • The MFP hands over criminals to PenTech.
  • They never arrest Elites nor charge them with crimes.
  • They act as an enforcement arm of the protectorates kangaroo courts in the systems they operate in.

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Storyteller:Nat Calvert

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