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The Domain of Baltimore, Maryland


“Some people think Baltimore is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.”Valerius Lysandros


Doyen: Angela Giovanni
Doyen: Memphis
Virago: Cassius Giovanni
Guardian of the Sacred Places: vacant
Hatchet: Khepri
Giovanni Emmisary to DC: Richard Millner
Follower of Set Emmisary to DC: vacant

Sacred Places

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Contact Information

Sect: Camarilla and Independent Alliance
Domain: MD-001-D
Storyteller: Jason P
Domain Coordinator: Joy P
Game Schedule: 2rd Saturdays

Denizens of the Dirty City

Name Clan Age Sect Position Clan Position
*Lore Check*
Valerius Lysandros Terminus Viper Eternal of Sothis IA Doyen -
Evelyn Garter Follower of Set Neonate IA Emissary in DC -
Fylakas Follower of Set Eternal of Sothis IA - Temple Priest
Marco Dinali Viper Ancilla IA - -
Zelda Dinali Viper Ancilla IA - -
Kalika Viper Elder IA - -
Ferrucio Giovanni Giovanni Elder IA Emissary in DC Don
Alessandro Crivelli Giovanni Ancilla IA Virago -
Siri Viper Ancilla IA - -
Ecidisi Follower of Set Neonate IA Hatchet -
Carmella Giovanni Giovanni Ancilla IA - -
Shlomo Rothstein Giovanni Ancilla IA - -

As a note, only PCs are listed above.

Resolutions of Baltimore

  • The Follower of Set Doyen shall be referred to as The Eternal.
  • Undeclared visitors to Baltimore are only given safe passage to and from Sacred Places
    • Undeclared visitors have no feeding rights within the city.
  • Any member of the Independent Alliance can grant visitation to the domain and feeding rights in the Rack.
  • Feeding on members of Greek Societies is expressly forbidden for all visitors.
  • The Rack is defined by the following landmarks:
    • The south western most boundary: the intersection of Russell Street and Scott Street (South of the Football Stadium)
    • The North Western most boundary: Madison Park
    • The North Eastern most boundary: Fells Point
    • The South Eastern most boundary: Baltimore Museum of Industry
  • No vampire regardless of sect shall kneel, or in any way lessen themselves to another in a public gathering including to members of other sects.
  • Titles are to be used only when the actions of that office are required.
  • Neonates can approach those of higher station (including members of their own sect) without fear of reprisal.
  • Any vampire can petition a resident of Baltimore for a Summer Home within the domain of Baltimore.
    • Summer homes may only be rented with the permission of the Doyen.
  • No haven nor Summer Home will be made within four blocks of a Sacred Place.
  • Kindred found to be wearing snake skin will be flayed publicly by the Hatchet.
  • Kindred with spiritual stalkers must report such to the Hatchet for interview.
  • Disturbing of any graveyard without express permission from the Doyen will result in an entombment of no less than one month.
  • If you draw a weapon and do not use it, that weapon will be broken and returned to you in pieces.
  • Vampires found dumping bodies into the Patapsco River will be forced to fast, or feed only on other discarded bodies found in the River, for one month.
  • Those with revolting, special and or dangerous feeding requirements are to feed on the “Hipsters” around the Lexington Market and Hippodrome Theater.

Colonial Period

1608 – Captain John Smith, (c.1580-1631), sails north up Chesapeake Bay to the area that would become the future site of the city of Baltimore.
1624 – Sir George Calvert, (1579-1632), resigns and withdraws from public life. He received the title of nobility as Baron Baltimore ("Lord Baltimore") in the Irish peerage for the town of Baltimore.
1632 – A second Charter to a colony granted by King Charles I of England to Sir George Calvert, (1579-1632), First Lord Baltimore, named Maryland.
1693 – Gov. Nicholson orders that a "garrison" or stone blockhouse be built in western reaches of Baltimore County. Fort Garrison now considered as the oldest colonial fort in Maryland.
1704 – Provincial law requires that enough trees be cut down to widen the main roads to twenty feet and that roads be marked
1705 – A small alliance of werewolves and gangrel begin making very precise attacks to slow modernization and the destruction of the wilderness
1706 – Port of Baltimore authorized for shipping of tobacco and other products by colonial General Assembly of the Province of Maryland.
1715 – A lone Follower of Set calling himself Abraham settles in the Baltimore area and begins to insinuate himself into the tobacco trade.
1729 – County citizens petition the Colonial Assembly to establish a Town for the ease of exporting tobacco and importing goods from overseas and further expanding the 1706 Port and Harbor.
1730 – The success of Abraham begins attracting others. Including one Abel Rothstein of the Giovanni clan.
1731 – Baltimore Ironworks Company formed by Daniel Dulany the Elder and others who establish iron ore pits, furnace works and export through Baltimore and Fells Point.
1747 – Provisions regarding fire prevention was added to local legislature enlarging the town boundaries. Housekeepers were to be subject to a ten shilling fine for non compliance
1747 – Seven ships have ported at the growing Port of Baltimore this year, with fifteen arriving the following year (1748), all bound for London.
1749 – Following an influx of unaligned and neerdowell vampires attempting to exploit the quickly growing economy the establish werewolf pack named the Roots of Gaia officially make a pact with the five gangrel who have claimed the Wilderness. To seal this deal they are the secret cause of the first recorded fire in Baltimore Town on March 16, at the home of Greenbury Dorsey, at an unrecorded location. Unfortunately, one man, four children and "one colored girl" were burned to death.

American Revolution/Antebellum Period

1750-1800 – Expansion continues to outpace the gangrel and werewolf alliance. Their attacks go unnoticed and are attributed to normal growing pains.
1803 – Dispensary founded and incorporated for providing primitive medical and drug need for indigent citizens of the burgeoning town
1812-1862 – Bereft of sect politics Baltimore finds itself as a refuge for Camarilla survivors from the all-out war for control of the eastern seaboard.
1840 – a short lived alliance of the Camarilla dissidents and controlling Giovanni and Followers of Set prevent the Movement from entering Baltimore.
1845 – fearing complete loss of control of the wilderness Roots of Gaia and the local gangrel stage an assassination of Octavian Latrobe an Elder Ventrue who was rumored to be uniting the Camarilla dissidents and looking to form a Camarilla Court.
1850 – unable to recover from the death of Octavian the unincorporated Camarilla vampires form a poorly organized “Court” under Patterson Bonaparte a french Brujah.
1858 – Patterson Bonaparte survives another assassination attempt, and assumes it's the Setites and Giovanni starts an all out war with them.

Civil War Period

1861-1865 – under cover of the American Civil War both sides of the encounter are at a near total loss with what remained being picked off by the Gangrel population.

American Golden Era

1867 – Fylakas settles down in Baltimore.
1900 – With the threat of World War 1 looming and no outsiders interested in the area the gangrel and Roots of Gaia begin spreading out.
1919 – The remaining gangrel and werewolves are picked off by nomadic packs of Black Hand Sabbat looking for Inquisition along the East Coast.
1925 – Fylakas and Valerius Lysandros, two elder setites, establish a small temple in Baltimore

Modern Era

1996 – Ferruccio Giovanni arrives one evening and makes contact with the local Settites in Baltimore. He begins his relationship with them purchasing an escort to the nearest Giovanni Don.
2017 – The Courts of Prince Rutherford of Washington, DC and Doyen Evan the Unworthy of Baltimore, MD are assassinated.
2017 – Valerius Lysandros, Elder Viper placed as new Doyen of Baltimore, MD

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