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The Giovanni are family, both in mortal relation and in their vampiric existence as they only embrace their own. They are an insular Clan of necromancers who stole immortality to control both this world and the realm of the dead. They are one of the youngest Clans, having been in existence for a few brief centuries. It is rumored that they achieved their vampiric state by usurping the power of Clan Cappadocian, and through eliminating them entirely in their desire for necromantic supremacy. Their founder is Augustus Giovanni who serves as the Patriarch of the Clan.

Internal structure

The Family, much like a successful business empire, only runs smoothly if the hierarchy is followed and those involved operate within lockstep. As with any family, the Giovanni may not always agree with one another, but they understand the importance of respecting those above their station and saving their disagreements and arguments for a more appropriate time.


The second in command of the Family in a city, in service of a Don/Dona. Whenever the head of the Family is away or unable to act, the Capo/Capa assumes control. They are expected to assist their Don/Dona in strengthening the Family, ensuring every Giovanni is doing their part to gain influence and control over an area. If the Don/Dona is not fulfilling their role, the Capo/Capa is expected to come forward to replace them.


The head of the Family for a city.; in Independent Alliance held cities they are usually the Doyen as well. When entering a new city, Giovanni are required to contact the resident Don/Dona. The Don/Dona is tasked with ensuring that things run smoothly within the city and report regularly to the Padrone/Padrona as well as sending tithes of money, boons, and influence to the Padroni to pass on to the Maester.


The head of the Family for a Region, collectively known as the Padroni. The Padrone/Padrona ensure the Don/Dona’s within their area of concern are fulfilling their responsibilities, as well as gathering the tithes to deliver to the Maestro/Maestra. When an issue occurs amongst the Family such as tension with another Sect or Clan in a particular territory or a Giovanni is accused of betraying the Family, they are to review the situation presented by the Don/Dona and make the final judgement for the Don/Dona to enact.


Each continent has a Maester, who reports to the Anziani. They control the Padroni, deliver the continent’s tithes, and take the credit or blame for the Giovanni’s success or failures. They have the authority (outside the Anziani) in declaring a Giovanni "Iscaritine" (rogue). Should the Family of a specific continent find their Maester lacking and feel they need to be replaced, it can only done through an unanimous decision of the Anziani. When a Maester is replaced, the Padroni present candidates, who are reviewed by the Anziani and selected again through unanimous decision. Only Unico Sangue Giovanni may hold this position.


The eldest of the Clan, these are the Giovanni who rule from Venice in the Patriarch’s absence and supervise the Family on a Global scale. These individuals are never seen by the rank and file members of the Family. Only the Maesters consult with these ancients, who pursue their own agendas, in addition to guiding the Family.

The Family

The Giovanni do not have factions, however they are a highly organized Clan consisting of a network of interrelated families who share a common culture and fealty to the ancestral Giovanni Family. As a result, despite popular conception, not all Giovanni are Italian.


The first major family the Giovanni adopted was the Dunsirn. In the 1700s, the Giovanni were looking for inroads into the rapidly growing markets of the New World. Every avenue they tried, the Scottish bankers blocked with the complete control they held over a number of shipping ventures that created lines to the English colonies of North America. Augustus was intrigued and impressed by their acumen and eventually brought them into the fold- a business offer the Dusnirn were more than eager to accept.

In addition to being bankers with vast amounts of influence throughout Great Britain, the Dunsirn's concealed secret of their love of human flesh was uncovered. Rumors speak that centuries before Augustus approached them, the patriarch of the modern Dunsirn was banished from his family's estate for the crime of cannibalism. Unperturbed, the outcast returned with a family of his own, killed and devoured his relatives and overtook their business. In the modern family, cannibalism is treated like an urban legend, and many Kindred that have contact with a Dunsirn banker joke about it, but just as many still look weary when a Dunsirn cugino brings food to the table at the family dinners.

The Dunsirn are now one of the chief sources of financial income for the family but the show almost no interest in necromancy as a family. As this disinterest seems to upset some of the Anziani, the stubborn and proud Dunsirn have been "forced" into necromantic education, both neonates and elders alike. This has caused some tension as of late, as some of the more vocal Dunsirn have protested, claiming they are being treated like children by the Anziani and there is speculation that the recently caused tension may very well come to a head at some point in the coming years.


By all accounts, the Milliners have been incredibly effective since they were adopted into the Family in the 1950's. They have their hand in everything at all levels of power and influence like deep-rooted vines sinking deep into the ground.

Their history within Clan Giovanni begins after Francis Milliner was passed over by P.J Kennedy during his campaign to become the next president of the Columbia Trust Company. In turn, Francis Milliner used his business contacts to ally himself with Andreas Giovanni of Boston, who had recently arrived. Over the years and a little encouragement from his new allies, Francis Milliner worked to systematically undermine the entire Kennedy business while they were "distracted" by politics. Urban legends within the Family claim that the Milliners still pursue their vendetta against the Kennedys, and that they are responsible for the assassination of J.F Kennedy, and that family's long line of misfortunes.

Currently, the Milliners are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and have influence not only in the greater New England area, but they also maintain powerful financial and criminal empires while holding their own against the Camarilla and the Sabbat throughout the United States as a whole. The youngest family of the Giovanni adapted when the power in organized crime shifted away from Italian families to the Russians and the Armenians. They work as fixers and activists for hire, creating straw-man Astroturf movements to distract from real problems. They have never been ones to set policy, but they are efficient in executing policies in profitable ways.

The Milliners have invested heavily in privatized prisons that bring in a constant source of income and cheap labor, while also placing their people in management positions to ensure that Giovanni can slip in and out of prisons to feed safely when their secret of being Kindred is at risk. They also posess operatives in Homeland Security that flag known vampire hunters as “persons of interest” or domestic terrorists which has greatly aided not only the Family in travel, but in gaining favor from other kindred who might be threatened by the mortals who stalk them.


In the early sixteenth century, the Giovanni found the Aztecs as part of the Cortes expeditions. In Tenochtitlan, they uncovered a massive, formalized necromantic cult ran by a man who called himself "Pochtli". The Spaniards, of course, were good God-fearing Christians, so they killed, enslaved, and converted any of these "heathens" that they found.

The Giovanni did what they could to help the cult of necromancers as both a professional courtesy and a little opportunism, approaching them with a deal to bring them into the fold. They formed a family and took the name Pisanob, which translates roughly as “ghosts of the dead that walk the earth”.

Although most of their temple havens in the Mexican hinterlands remain secure, many outlying Pisanob havens in Mexico have been compromised due to rampages by the Sabbat and conflicts with the resurfaced Harbingers of Skulls. The Pisanob have been dealing with these attacks in their homeland for years, pleading for help from the rest of the Family, though every attempt is either thwarted or leaves even more casualties.

Minor Families

  • Ghiberti: Italian necromancers with an active interest in Northern Africa.
    • Cannot be embraced before 1700 CE
  • Della Passaglia: Another Italian family focusing on the Far East.
    • Cannot be embraced before 1450 CE
  • Puttanesca: A Sicilian family with a violent temper.
    • Cannot be embraced before 1660 CE
  • Rossellini: Accomplished and forceful line of prominent necromancers.
    • Cannot be embraced before 1500 CE
  • Rothstein: Jewish-American Kabbalists centered in the Western United States.
    • Cannot be embraced before 1945 CE

Dead Families

  • Beryn: Flemish traders that had inroads into Northern Africa. This family was wiped out by unknown forces in Africa at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Hidalgo: A Mexican branch rumored to have been utterly destroyed by the Sabbat.
  • König: German arms manufacturers and death cultists. The König were eliminated during the attack on Venice, where they were calamitously gathered en masse for a meeting.
  • St. John: A cabal of English Masons. This family has not existed since the 1800’s CE as constant intermarriage into the other families caused their name to fade from Family records completely.


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