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Caesar approached Pompey and Crassus and invited them to join forces with him to dominate the government. Pompey and Crassus agreed, and the three men formed a powerful political alliance that later became known as the First Triumvirate.

Atlanta is a city divided.

Following the disastrous assaults by the Sabbat, all factions in Atlanta were forced to realize that without massive casualties and several more years of war and uncertainty, no one would rule the city unchallenged. The Camarilla, Anarch, and Independent Alliance all carved out territories and agreed to stop openly warring. Instead they formed a Triumverate of power and decided to safeguard the city as a group.

The arrangement is unusual - and no one knows how long the peace will last - but for now, it holds.

The Accord

With the elimination of the threat of the Sword of Caine to the Domain of Atlanta, the Camarilla, the Independent Alliance, and the Anarch Movement recognize that none of the Sects possess the strength of arms, numbers, or influence to control the territory of Atlanta. Given this reality, the city of Atlanta is to be jointly controlled by all above named sects with territory to be apportioned as noted on the attached maps (NW to the Independent Alliance, NE to the Camarilla, and South to the Anarch Movement). Areas outside of the perimeter are to be left to individual Kindred to claim and manage with nominal control held by the Sect controlling that specific arc. Below are the tenets of the Triumvirate Accord:

  • Atlanta is now subdivided into three separate Domains, with each Sect holding territory as defined in the Accord. The leader of each Sect (Camarilla Prince, Anarch Baron, the Doyen of the Independent Alliance--to be jointly held by the Followers of Set and Giovanni) will each have one vote on the Triumvirate Council.
  • Within that Domain, the will of the Sect that controls it is supreme.
  • Free passage in each section of the city is granted for any accepted resident of the city so long as the laws of the Sect controlling the area are followed.
  • Any punishment other than final death may be given for any violations within a Sect's territory. If an offense would require final death, the transgressor is torpored and returned to the leadership of their sect.
  • The only exception to above is the Masquerade. Violations of the Masquerade are punishable by Death in all parts of the city.
  • Issues facing the city as a whole are addressed by a majority vote of the Triumvirate Council.
  • Control of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport shifts every three months to ensure no single Sect has sole possession of its resources.
  • Peachtree Street from Five Points to North Druid Hills Road in Brookhaven and 100 yards on either side is considered neutral territory. This territory is administered directly by the Triumvirate Council, not by any of the three Sects within the Domain.
  • The Atlanta Triumvirate Accord may be dissolved at any point by a unanimous vote of the current members of the Triumvirate Council.

We, the undersigned, accept the terms of the Triumvirate Accord and agree to abide by its tenets while resident in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA is a city split evenly between the Camarilla, Anarch, and IA factions.

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  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade
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Game Date & Location

1st Saturdays
6:00pm checkin, 7pm gamestart

Roswell Office Suites
760 Old Roswell Rd
Roswell, GA 30076-1602
$10 per game site fee or 15 for both games

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The Court of Atlanta
Prince Sam Stone of Clan Gangrel
Seneschal Solomon of Clan Nosferatu
Keeper of Elysium Apocryphus of Clan Gargoyle
Scourge Amelia of Clan Gargoyle
Sheriff Lang of Clan Gangrel
Deputy -
Deputy -
Harpy Jehangir of Clan Tremere
Talon at the Left
Talon at the Right Sera of Clan Brujah
The Independent Alliance of Atlanta
Doyen  ? of Clan Giovanni
Virago Nitya Nataraja of the Followers of Set
Guardian of the Sacred Spaces Adlai Rothstein of Clan Giovanni
Hatchet Levi Rothstein of Clan Giovanni
The Anarchs of Atlanta
Advocate Mikey Dorgan
Architect Dominick 'RedSon' Rickard
Constable "Gen" Generus
Ambassador James


Kindred are assumed to be of their Clans main Sect unless noted otherwise

Primogen, Elder Odette
Elder Shahin
Primogen Elder Mila Rurik
Harold Lance
Pipebomb - Anarch
Lamar - Anarch
Lana Dale - Anarch
"Gen" Generus - Anarch
Primogen, Elder Vanator
Elder Una Olafsdottir
Ivan -Ind
Michael "Mikey" Dorgan - Anarch
Primogen, Elder Ailis Cárthach
Eliyatrov - Anarch
Shamus White - Anarch
Primogen, Elder Noah A. Salt
Elder -
Otto "O.K." Kaiser - Anarch
James - Anarch
Primogen Jacopo Morandi de Marmo
Elder Avery Michel Latimer
Camilla White
Vincent Russo
Aria Chartam
Primogen, Elder Amis Harlow
Simon Carlisle
Allie Massou
Primogen, Elder Stephen Kardoş
Casimir Sanguzsko
Elder Arnvald Torstein
Jonathan Hanover
Yana Teplova
Gabriel Kardoş
Vincent Russo Kardoş
Ephraim Boone
Follower of Set
Doyen Ysrael Adderstone
Nitya Nataraja
Dona Kamdyn Dunsirn
Elder Hamish Dunsirn
Elder Hugo Dunsirn
Asher Rothstein
Levi Rothstein
Dinah Rothstein
Devorah Rothstein
Adlai Rothstein
Simeon Rothstein
Gad Rothstein
Lottie Rothstein
Jerome "Rome" Dunsirn
Elder Jean-Louis
Elder Apocryphus - Cam Gargoyle
Elder Amelia - Cam Gargoyle
Nox - independent Samedi
Senna Solano Lasombra - Anarch
Prudence - Daughter of Cacophony
Sharla - Daughter of Cacophony
Lucus Groves - Anarch
Father Stewart - Anarch
Jimmy - Anarch
Zero - glamazon
Lang - glamazon
Sil - glamazon
Don Adrian Hades Monteoscuro - Antitribu Lasombra Anarch
Genevieve Bon Vivant - Anarch Samedi *deceased*

Publicly Accessible Documents

Important Places

  • Cathedral of Christ the King
  • High Museum of Art
  • Fox Theater (former Elysium)
  • Georgia Aquarium

Cities We Frequently Travel To

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