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  • City-Wide Effects Currently Active

The Court of Austin

Primogen Council

Important Groups

  • XCI - Autarkis Group
  • Guns and Gals - Anarch Gang
  • Midnight Society - Anarch Gang
  • Public Enemies - Anarch Gang
  • Los Cujos - Anarch Gang
  • Torre Caida - Anarch Gang
  • 130 - Anarch Gang

Important NPCs

The Courtesies of Austin (March 2018)

  • Acknowledgement is not Free. Those seeking residency must first prove to the satisfaction of the Prince that they will be an asset to the city. Such proof frequently takes the form or service rendered in solving issues or other contributions of note.
  • Caitiff of the Tower wishing to live in the city must be sponsored by a seated Primogen in order to be considered for residency.
  • Humans will not be wantonly killed or harmed. These actions risk negative attention and jeopardize the Masquerade. Feeding is not subject to this restriction, in terms of inflicting harm.

Harpy Reports

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