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I, against my brothers. I and my brothers against my cousins. I and my brothers and my cousins against the world.
Bedouin Proverb

Boston is a gate between the ages.

It is a bridge opening the way between the old world and the new. Yet it is a seat of revolution where colonies broke from nations, where young kindred turned against their elders. Modern and ancient ideals and powers clash over long years.

With the rising of the Red Star and the false Gehenna, the Camarilla power was badly damaged by conflict. War with the Sabbat and the the resulting backlash of Mortal faith and fervor shattered the old order. New England has always been deeply connected to the matters of faith. When humanity rose, the power of the New England faith, learning, and technological advancement took notice and rallied against the dark and unnatural.

Now (as secretly in ages past) in order to survive the Tower has filled its cracks with dark dealings. A pact was made with the rising Independent Alliance to keeps the fires from the gates. The Merchant Princes and Dealers of Sin now work hand in hand with the Tower as powerful mercenary partners.

Can this endure, who is using whom, and what lies just beneath the surface?

Who can know such things, and what would survive such answers?

Boston, MA is a Primary Camarilla praxis with an Independent Alliance enclave (Split City Cam/IA).

  • Theme: Dark Mirror of History, Jyhad
  • Mood: Intrigue and Order; beneath the surface: Darkness and Corruption
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade

Setting Documents.

Character Creation Guides and Documents.

  • CCD++ Local "upgraded" CCD with more questions and suggested theme and hook sections. (Now with better formatting for copying into the MES database)

Active Play documents and forms.


Game Date & Location

2nd Saturdays
6:30pm checkin, 7pm gamestart

Cambridge Masonic Lodge
1950 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

$15 per day site fee

Contact Information

Domain Email List
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The Court of Boston
Prince Ezekiel Weld of the Camarilla Lasombra (Magisters)
Seneschal -
Keeper of Elysium -
Scourge -
Sheriff Madam Sarka, Camarilla Tzimisce (Carpathians)
Deputy Octavia of Clan Malkavian
Deputy -
Harpy Drystan of Clan Toreador
The Independent Alliance of Boston
Doyen Ambrose Goddard of Clan Setite
Virago Victor Khan of Clan Setite
Guardian of the Sacred Spaces -
Hatchet Anthony Messina of Clan Setite

Primogen Amir Rashad
Whip Rebecca Rashad
Elder Alfaris Alqadim
Elder Primogen Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir
Whip -
Elder -
Raymond Comeau
Primogen Angela Aspinwall, esq.
Whip Sunshine
Zebulon Kessler
Sibylla Kerczechov
Elder Primogen Bran Leone
Whip Iago
Elder -
Reginald Cornelius Jackson III
Stefan Hoffman
Primogen Maria Savvina
Whip Drystan
Elder -
Kara Faye-Locke
Yann LeRoy
Liliana Beau
Indigo Belgrade
Elder Primogen Tsisia Orbeli
Whip Cillian Grey
Elder Elena Orlov
Nora Véres
Primogen Sebastian Bjornstad
Whip -
Elder -
Mr. Comstock
Quentin Thorne
Charles LaMoine
Followers of Set
Doyen Ambrose Goddard
Guardian Ana Grace
Margaret Smith
Layla Michaelson
Victor Khan
Doyen Vincenzo Giovanni
Abraham Rothstein Giovanni de Bardi
Capo Gregario di Lothario Giovanni de Bardi
The Arbiter
Pia de Baresi di Giovanni
Doña Katherinna Giovanni
James Ecks, Unaligned Caitiff
Georgie, Unaligned Gangrel
Ezekiel Weld, Camarilla Lasombra (Magisters)
Madam Sarka, Camarilla Tzimisce (Carpathians)
Nakail, Camarilla Gangrel
Hazel Blackwood, Camarilla Gangrel

Publicly Accessible Documents

Important Places