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Our Lady of Victory Basilica

Cainites of Buffalo

The Diocese of Buffalo
Archbishop Rolland - Ductus of The Ebon Watch
Bishop of War -
Bishop of Spirituality Father Leon - Pack Priest of Trash Mob
Bishop of Information -
Bishop of Resources -
The Ebon Watch
Ductus Roland - Ventrue Antitribu (Ultra-con)
Priest Oliver - Torreador Antitribu (Ultra-con)
Abbot Ganelon - Tzimice (Orthodox)
Member Ogier - Gangrel (Orthodox)
Member Samson - Brujah Antitribu (Ultra-con)
Trash Mob
Ductus McMahon - Pander (Pander Movement)
Priest Father Leon - Pander (Pander Movement)
Abbott Jacob Tyler - Pander (Pander Movement)
Member Grant Pafdom - Pander (Pander Movement)
To Be, Determined
Ductus Maisie - Malkavian Antitibu
Priest Name - Clan
Member Rat Man - Nosferatu Antitribu
Member Name - Clan
Ductus Name - Clan
Priest Name - Clan
Member Name - Clan
Member Name - Clan

Other Residents

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City History

CIty Timeline:

  • August 1999: Siege of Buffalo begins, with 5 packs under the direction of Roland and the Ebon Watch.
  • September 1999: Buffalo is captured around the same time as Hartford and several other east coast cities
  • 1999-2002: Sabbat control of the City coalesces under the watchful eye of its new archbishop. There are periodic probes of the city by camarilla and anarch scouts, but no serious threat to the Sabbat’s control arise.
  • 2001 - 2005 The nights of turmoil:Buffalo escapes the first wave of hunter strikes that hit the major cities, but the destruction of the loyalist pack Broken Chains in 2003 signals the start of a dark period for the Sabbat of Buffalo. Over the next two years, the sabbat slowly withdraws into more defensible lines, consolidating in Lackawanna and South Buffalo and largely abandoning the greater city.
  • 2005: Hunter attacks slow. Temoch takes control of the Sabbat in Mexico City.
  • 2005 to 2012: Roland allows packs to to slowly probe and expand back into the city proper. Slow growth allows them to do so more or less safely from hunters, but individual members are still lost when mistakes are made. Control of the city is finally reestablished in early 2012 with the destruction of holdout anarchs occupying the east side of the city and its suburbs.
  • 2012: the Blood Accord is signed, ending outright combat between the Sabbat and Camarilla
  • 2012-2017: without direct challenges from outside forces, the sabbat’s control of Buffalo is once again unchallenged. The archbishop and his subordinates work to turn the remnants of what was into the the anchor points for the future. The last five years have been marked by relative peace, with periodic squabbles between anarchs on the periphery or the odd hunter cell. More recently, with control over Buffalo firmly reestablished, Roland has allowed packs to survey further afield.

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Game Information

Games take place on the 1st Saturday of the month, with sign in beginning at 5 PM and Game on at 6 PM.

Our site is located at:
51 Woeppel St, Upper
Buffalo, NY 14211

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