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VSS: In Vitae Bellum VSS Boundaries: City of Columbus, Plus the neighboring townships, out to London, Marysville, Delaware, Utica, Newark, Lancaster, Mt. Sterling, etc VST Name: Danny Atkinson VST Email: Domain Code: OH-010-D Theme: Old School in the New World. Mood: Saudade Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

City Type: A Camarilla and Independent Alliance City Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Other sects (other than Sabbat, that is) are welcome in the city with permission from the sitting prince. A small number of Anarchs, Independents, and Autarkis are active within the domain.

Sect Boundaries: All territory is formally held by the Praxis. Legally speaking, territories are feudal fiefs operated by leave of the office of Prince

City Status Record, and list of citizens


The City is controlled by the Camarilla, with the exception of the personal Independent Setite Domain of the Hollywood Casino.


"I am the last monarch of the old school: It is my job to protect my people from their politicians." — Emperor Franz Joseph I to President Theodore Roosevelt

Columbus has risen from decades of strife to become a bastion of old world Camarilla tradition. We have a prince, but Protocol is king.

The city and its court were founded under the auspices of Prince Apollonia Lysander of Clan Malkavian. Her rule was tough, but fair and represented a time of stability and growth. Her rule was defined by constant warfare, which unified the city, but would prove to be her undoing. She took a hard line against the Sabbat and unruly kindred of all sects, waging active war against their incursions.

Sensing the impending ratification of the Chicago Blood Accords, the Sabbat conducted a final assault on the city, capturing Prince Lysander. With the advent of the Accords, it was impossible for the Kindred of the city to rescue their prince. She is presumed dead.

Penelope Painswick declared praxis, and immediately set about managing the situation. However, tensions long kept hidden under the previous administration began to test the strength of the city.

The Anarchs of the West Side took this as opportunity to assert their strength, and achieved brief recognition of their territory between 2012 and late 2017 with the assistance of Anarchs from the nearby Free City of Sanctuary.

Common fear of outside interference in Columbus’ internal affairs led the city to rebrand itself as a stronghold of traditional Camarilla values under the leadership of Anfonso de Martinez in November of 2017.

By February of 2018, an alliance had been concluded with the Independent Alliance. With a mutual agreement to reciprocate negative status and work together for defense and development, a treaty granted official recognition to the Independent Alliance in the city.

City Timeline

  • 1797- City is founded and the Camarilla along with it.
  • 1900- The De Martinez arrive in Columbus, the Brujah lineage proves a welcome addition to the city
  • 1913- The Entire city floods, with the aid of the Tremere further damage is prevented.
  • 1950- The New Romantics Anarch gang is formed.
  • 1999- With war with the Sabbat on the horizon, The Camarilla gives The district of Galloway to the Anarchs in return for their support.
  • 2011- Prince Lysander is killed by the Sabbat. Seneschal Penelope Painswick rises to the rank of Prince.
  • 2012 — Prince Painswick grants the Westside to the Anarch movement in a treaty in which they pledge loyalty to the praxis. The Anarchs expand their influence and work to develop their territory, eventually transforming the slums into the richest feeding territory in the city.
  • 2017- The Anarchs choose Augustus Brightly as their next Baron as Charlotte is called elsewhere. He serves as the last Baron as all Anarchs join the Camarilla.
  • 2017 — In November, prince Alfonso de Martinez achieves praxis, and declares the city a bastion of traditional Camarilla values.
  • 2018 - Prince de Martinez makes a pact with the Independent Alliance Setites.

City Territories

Every clan has their own feeding territory. Check with your local primogen upon arrival. Independent Alliance members should contact Hollywood Casino.


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