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Flagstaff: The Dark Redemption

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Following the end of "Blood & Iron War" in 1900, the native-born werewolves retreated northwards, further solidifying their grip on the territory around Flagstaff and what would become Prescott. This control would severely limit the presence of vampires in these areas for an additional fifty years. A situation which the werewolves considered ideal.

But, nothing lasts forever, and in 1950, Terrance Asher, III, of Clan Ventrue established a Petty Praxis in Flagstaff, naming John "Johnny" McVaigh of Clan Nosferatu as his Seneschal. A mere five years later, in 1955, the Sword of Caine launched a Crusade to claim Phoenix from the Camarilla. This assault originated from the south, and was, ultimately, a failure as Elder Navarro D'Cruz led the forces of the Camarilla along with his Anarch allies, driving the forces of the Sabbat back to the south, and through some remaining werewolf territory, where the valiant soldiers of the Sword of Caine took further losses. All, however, was not lost, as a single scout pack remained behind, led by Jessica Garza-Price a Ventrue Crusader and her priest, the Nosferatu Dominic Von Krieger. The scout pack bided its time and gathered intelligence for the next forty seven years.

A decade after the first failed Crusade, several gangs of Anarchs, led by the Gangrel Big Bob and including several of his descendants, settled in the Prescott area, where they established a small Barony.

Thirty seven years later, in 2002, lead by Julio Valdez of Clan Lasombra, the Sabbat again launched a Crusade to capture Phoenix from the Camarilla, this time they swept in from the west and made extensive use of mass embraces. Again they were driven off, but due to the ground work laid by the scout pack, the Sword of Caine swept northwards, first into the Prescott area, where all Anarchs present were given the option to convert or die, most followed their Baron, Big Bob, and converted. Strengthened by the new blood, the Sabbat then rapidly overwhelmed the Petty Praxis of Flagstaff, slaughtering the entirety of the court and drinking deep from their souls. The following year, the Sabbat fully entrenched itself and established the Diocese of Prescott and Flagstaff, with Julio Valdez ascending to the position of Archbishop and Dominic Van Krieger becoming the Bishop of Spirituality.

It seemed the Sword of Caine was poised to again assault Phoenix, but it was not to be, their actions attracted a mass-swell of hunters, who ravaged the fledgling Diocese for the next six years. The Sabbat's losses were heavy, including all of the initial leadership. After the hunter assaults waned, the Diocese was fully reformed as a Council of Bishops in 2009. Also in 2009, Big Bob betrayed his oaths and turned on the Sabbat, escaping after a short battle during a gathering called to recover and regroup, never to be seen again.

With new leadership and the Chicago Blood Accords the Sword of Caine now licks its wounds and rebuilds its strength...

Prescott and Flagstaff, AZ are under the stewardship of the Sabbat. The uninitiated should tread lightly as they are not welcome.

  • Theme: Struggle for Survival
  • Mood: Cautious, Reflective
  • Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade


Game Date & Location

2nd Saturdays

  • 7:00pm Check-In
  • 8:00pm Game-Start

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