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Welcome to The Bloody Assize

It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Aung San Suu Kyi

Assize [uh-sahyz] noun - an edict, ordinance, or enactment made at a session of a legislative assembly.

Hamilton is freshly held by a Triumvirate Council. The kindred of the area are tense as territory held, and local customs and courtesies are still being negotiated. The domain had been held for two centuries by the Sabbat, and then in the past 5 years by an alliance of Hunters. Other than a very few Independents who lived here for a time under Sabbat rule, the city is a mystery to all who choose to attempt to build a powerbase here. Where there are sacred places, or locations of import are to be determined.

For the Camarilla and Anarch Movement, the domain is a blank canvas to be explored and exploited. For the Independent Alliance, what was once known may no longer be so. For all, questions abound. There are many mysteries at the heart of Hamilton - secrets, lores, and creatures both lost and hidden - long forgotten or never known by the current inhabitants. They are there to be discovered by those who go seeking them.

Here you will find all relevant information on the membership of the Triumvirate Alliance who are attempting to gain control of the Regional Municipalities of Brant, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth. The region was strongly held by the Sword of Caine until they were purged from the area by a Hunter Coalition in 2012. There has been little known Supernatural presence in the region since.

Hamilton, ON is a Dual Camarilla / Anarch praxis with an Independent Alliance enclave (Tripartite City Camarilla/Anarch/IA).

Theme: Uneasy Alliances and Struggle for Control
Mood: Paranoia and Suspicion
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade

OOC Game Information

Venue Storyteller: Leanne W
VST Email:
Assistant VSTs: Lindsay White, Michael Spring
Game OOC Location: The Pearl Company Theatre, Hamilton, ON
Game Days: 4th Sunday of each month
Downtimes Due: 2nd Sunday of each month (two weeks before game)

The Triumvirate Council

Camarilla Representative: Rowena Ballantyne (Tremere)

Anarch Representative: Winston Rubens (Gangrel)

Independent Alliance Representatives: Eve Nathair (Follower of Set)

The Camarilla Court Sect-Camarilla.png

Prince: Rowena Ballantyne

Seneschal: Cyrus Eddington


Brujah: Janos Kovacs
Whip: vacant
Nosferatu: Cyrus Eddington
Whip: Coop
Ventrue: John Thurloe
Whip: vacant

Harpy: vacant

Keeper of Elysium: William Weston

Sheriff: Charles Kane

Ambassador to the Sword: John Thurloe

The Anarch Barony Sect Anarch.png

Advocate: Winston Rubens

Constable: Lee Crowley

Ambassador: May

Architect: Zeke Rubens

The Independent Alliance Independantalliance.png

Doyen: Eve Nathair (Followers of Set)

Virago: vacant

Guardian of the Sacred Spaces: Amin Saluket (Followers of Set)

Hatchet: Khaba (Followers of Set)

Residents of the Domain

Assamite Symbol.png Assamite

Brujah Symbol.png Brujah

Gangrel Symbol.png Gangrel

Lasombra Symbol.png Lasombra

Malkavian Symbol.png Malkavian

Nosferatu Symbol.png Nosferatu

Toreador Symbol.png Toreador

LogoClanTremere.png Tremere

LogoClanVentrue.png Ventrue

FollowersofSet Symbol.png Followers of Set

Samedi Symbol.png Samedi

Missing in Action



  • The Pearl Theatre Company


Residents of the Domain

Important Places

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