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Crucible of Caine's Fire

Theme: Survival and Reunification
Mood: The mood of Crucible of Caine’s Fire will change at times, dependent of plot springboards, player background story incorporation or the desires of STs to bring about the flavour and emotion of a Sabbat chronicle. Generally, however the game’s mood will shift between its five-fold elements, including; Allegiance, Estrangement, Faith, Intrigue, and Reformation. Allegiance – “Loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.” What defines loyalty to a Sabbat? Bloodlines? Covenants? Sacraments? Vinculum? Does one’s Path of Enlightenment or faction? Estrangement – “The sense of causing (someone) to turn away from a previously held state of affection, comradeship, or allegiance”. Will these latter night’s schisms, tumults and/or portents shatter the Sword of Caine? Perhaps one, knowing what it is to be alone in the night – separated, may galvanize it against the oncoming horror? Faith – “Strong belief in [God] or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” Can the True Sabbat member ever have complete trust or confidence in someone or something? Is Orthodoxy the summit of one’s faith, the foundation of worst yet, the stagnation of it? Intrigue – “The making of secret plans of combinations to do something illicit or detrimental to someone.” The Eternal Struggle does not end until the coming of true Gehenna. Reformation - The action or process of reforming an institution or practice. The Sabbat stands on the brink. Civil war is whispered. What will the Sword of Caine look like when the ashes settle?
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade

OOC Game Information

Venue Storyteller: James Murphy
VST Email:
Assistant VST: David L.
Game OOC Location: Unity Hall, Hamilton, ON
Game Days: 2nd Sunday of each month

Game Documents

Sabbat symbol.png VSS:
Sabbat symbol.png Pack Territories:

City Description

St Catherine's is the core of the Sabbat territory in 2018, Visitors to the city need to make sure their presence is known by the appropriate bishops or the archbishop, or their local contacts, before entering St. Catharines. There are three cathedrals in St Catharines, with multiple temples maintained by the packs. St Catharines is not the only area to explore, the surrounding townships and villages have much to be discovered. The Niagara region is rich in history, mystery and intrigue.


Sabbat symbol.png 1795: A pack of Sabbat are the first vampires to take up residence in the region.

Sabbat symbol.png 1812-1815: The battle for control of the Hamilton area rages throughout the War of 1812. By the end of the conflict, Hamilton and the surrounding area is held tightly in the grip of the Sabbat. The territory is held, stable, by an Archbishop and his council until 1952.

Sabbat symbol.png 1952: An internal coup within the Sabbat causes a change in leadership. The new Archbishop and her council reign until the hunter purge.

Sabbat symbol.png 1999 (July): The Red Star Appears in the Sky and The Nights of Turmoil Begin The Sabbat in the region participate eagerly in the ensuing Crusade.

Sabbat symbol.png 2000 (February): The Independents with the domain of Hamilton are targeted by the Sabbat Crusade. Many are destroyed. All others are able to flee. Sabbat Cainites are all that remain in the area.

Sabbat symbol.png 2009 (July): A major turning point in the War between the Hunters and Sabbat occurs when the Hunters win a decisive victory - destroying the Telyav in the Region.

Sabbat symbol.png 2012: The Sabbat are purged from The Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth (Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton and Stoney Creek), and the City of Brantford by a unified cadre of Hunters. The few survivors of the Purge flee to St. Catherines and Niagara Falls.

Sabbat symbol.png 2012: The Chicago Blood Accord is signed. The surviving packs make St Catherines their home base, one pack claims territory over Niagara Falls. Canaan gathers the surviving Ducti of the region and appoints them as a Bishops Council with herself as Archbishop.

Sabbat symbol.png 2013: Niagara Falls is assaulted by Hunters, the one pack that took up residence there is wiped out. It is rumored a coterie of Unaligned Kindred moved in some months later.

Sabbat symbol.png 2017: The Sabbat of St Catherines have been keeping a low profile, however dangers and antagonists lurk around every corner, The Blood Accord is honored and the silence of the blood maintained.

Sabbat symbol.png 2017 (Sept): Archbishop Canaan is challenged to Monomancy by Loyalist Derek Hubbard. She forfeits the contest and is ejected from the Diocese. Hubbard elects to install Nathan Bates as the new Archbishop. Bates solidifies his rule by anointing the five other Bishops over the city.

Sabbat symbol.png 2018: The Diocese comes under sustained assault by a faction of the Unblinded Brotherhood known as the Ardent Sword. This groups declares war on the Cainiotes of the Diocese and demands the head of the Archbishop

Sabbat symbol.png 2018 (February): A mass Embrace and a hunter attack both converge at the Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre. Seeking to quell the chaos, two Lasombra (Alice Foster and Derek Hubbard) from the Diocese use their disciplines resulting in the death of over 200 mortals. This breaking of the Silence of the Blood meets with universal condemnation from across the sect and requires massive amounts of influence to bring under control. Both Cainites meet Final Death as their punishment.

Sabbat symbol.png 2018 (summer): Bishop Jean d'Anneau is destroyed by Hunters. A month later, Bishops Valentaine and Brooks meet Final Death at the hands of the Ardent Sword. At Vaulderie gathering, it is revealed that two infiltrators for the Ardent Sword have helped orchestrate the attacks on the Diocese. They also meet Final death. Bishop Keeper vacates his position and leaves the Diocese.

Sabbat symbol.png 2018 (Fall/Early Winter): A possessed mortal shows up at the gathering to state the terms of war between the Sabbat and the Blood Eagles.

Sabbat symbol.png 2019 (February): Archbishop Nathan Bates is destroyed at the hands of Parzival Knight. The Haven belonging to The Gehenna Wind Riders pack is attacked and destroyed by the Blood Eagles, further more the Blood Eagles have the ashes of Memory delivered to the diocese. Violet Grey becomes Archbishop naming Alissandro Rossi Bishop of Security, Parzival Knight Bishop of War, and Keeper Bishop of Rituals.

Sabbat symbol.png 2019 (Autumn): Following a tumultuous encounter with a group of Anarchs, Alessandro Rossi challenges Archbishop Grey to Monomacy. The fulfillment of the Rite comes under fire as the Black Hand and sect politics intervene while both challengers reach an accord behind closed doors. This later leads to a quorum of the city’s Bishops declaring Grey unfit to remain Archbishop. Keeper declares himself the new Archbishop as Simeon Takács challenges him to Monomacy to contest his declaration. Keeper emerges victorious and names Simeon Takács as Bishop of Spirituality and Bianca Rossi as Bishop of War while calling others to step forward.

The Clergy

Archbishop: Keeper, Tzimisce
Bishop of Resoruces and Information: Joseph Baldwin, Harbinger of Skulls
Bishop of Spirituality: Simeon Takács, Tzimisce
Bishop of War: Bianca Rossi, Harbinger of Skulls

The Flock

Sangre de la Noche
Sabbat symbol.png Luana, Ductus (Lasombra, Orthodox)
Sabbat symbol.png Simeon Takács, Priest (Tzimisce, Orthodox)
Sabbat symbol.png Fausto, (Lasombra, Orthodox)
Sabbat symbol.png Quillon, (Gargoyle, Ultraconservative)

Pax Alexandria
Sabbat symbol.png Bianca Rossi, (Harbinger of Skulls, Status Quo)
Sabbat symbol.png Flammenkraft, Ductus (Salubri antitribu, Order of St. Blaise)
Sabbat symbol.png Keeper, Priest (Tzimisce, Moderates)

Sabbat symbol.png Honey Badger, (Gangrel antitribu, Black Hand)
Sabbat symbol.png Parzival Knight, (Lasombra, Moderates)
Sabbat symbol.png Rasa, (Daughter of Cacophony, Loyalist)
Sabbat symbol.png Thomas Story, (Gangrel antitribu, Loyalist)

Check Mate
Sabbat symbol.png Joseph Baldwin, Ductus (Ventrue antitribu, Order of St Blaise)
Sabbat symbol.png Giles Giddings, Priest (Pander, Loyalist)
Sabbat symbol.png Scarlet, (Nosferatu antitribu, Ultraconservative)
Sabbat symbol.png Ghost, (Toreador antitribu, Order of St Blaise)

Sabbat symbol.png Alissandro Rossi, (Ravnos antitribu, Loyalist)
Sabbat symbol.png Violet Grey, (Harbinger of Skulls, Order of St. Blaise)

Missing in Action

Sabbat symbol.png Worm (Nosferatu antitribu, Loyalist)
Sabbat symbol.png Maple Moose, (Pander, Ultraconservative)
Sabbat symbol.png Heinrich Kramer II, (Salubri antitribu, Order of St. Blaise)
Sabbat symbol.png Valentine "Simul8" Gray, (Malkavian antitribu, Loyalist)


Sabbat symbol.png Nathan Bates (Ventrue antitribu, Ultraconservative)
Sabbat symbol.png Niklas Aston, (Lasombra, Inquisition)


Sabbat symbol.png L3

Important Places

Sabbat symbol.png TBA


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