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Diocese of St. Catherines


City Description: St Catherine's is the core of the Sabbat territory in 2017. Visitors to the city need to make sure their presence is known by the appropriate bishops or the archbishop before entering St. Catherines. There are five cathedrals in St Catharines, with multiple temples maintained by the packs. St Catherines is not the only area to explore, the surrounding townships and villages have much to be discovered. The niagara region is rich in history, mystery and intrigue.

City History: A two centuries long reign of Cainite dominion over southern Ontario came to shattering end. As the Diocese of the Golden Horseshoe suffered the scourging of a number of vicious assaults from Hunter factions, most of the Bishoprics, Temples and Covens throughout Hamilton, St. Catherine’s and the Niagara Region were sieged or otherwise supplanted by mortal agents throughout 2012.

The final assault by the Hunters split the packs and drove the Sword from their havens and holy sites. The remaining Cainites, their packs shattered, retreated to the last remaining cathedral in St Catharines. It was there they received word of the signing of the Chicago Blood Accords and the beginning of what would come to be a cold war with the Camarilla, a cold war among a very live war with the Hunters.

The Sabbat of the Niagara Region are now a fraction of their former eminence and glory. Few can say for certain what were the root causes for the region’s failures in unity, organization and security. Blame, after the fact has been voiced on a myriad of causes; secular politics, faction schism, mismanaged/squandered resources, internal corruption as well as the ‘laissez-faire’ attitude that comes for having the good times last for too long. However, the size and scope of these external forces battering the Cainites for days and nights on end has dramatically changed the Sword of Caine’s spoils. The loss of territory, feeding grounds, influence spheres, founded packs and regional leadership left those who champion freedom and faith with little else than a seething sense of indignation and a lot of unspoken uncertainty.

In the five years that have passed since the Cainites were driven from their havens, they have managed to regroup and tighten their grip on St. Catherines. Not all is well as the hunters have not made this an easy task, one slip up, one breach, brings waves of hunters back to the city. The Sabbat now, more than ever must observe the Silence of the Blood.

In recent months, too, a new threat as arisen to challenge the Sword of Caine. A splinter faction of vamp[ires who challenge the validity of the Blood Accords and the rule of the Regent, himself. Known as the Unblinded Brotherhood, this rogue sect of vampires swear featly to know one and war most fiercely with their former brethren in the Sabbat. In St. Catherines, the Brotherhood are represented by a faction calling themselves the Ardent Sword. Lead by a Telyav blood sorceress, the group has infiltrated the Diocese, compromising security and turning some Cainites while killing others.


  • 1795: A pack of Sabbat are the first vampires to take up residence in the region.
  • 1812-1815: The battle for control of the Hamilton area rages throughout the War of 1812. By the end of the conflict, Hamilton and the surrounding area is held tightly in the grip of the Sabbat. The territory is held, stable, by an Archbishop and his council until 1952.
  • 1952: An internal coup within the Sabbat causes a change in leadership. The new Archbishop and her council reign until the hunter purge.
  • 1999 (July): The Red Star Appears in the Sky and The Nights of Turmoil Begin The Sabbat in the region participate eagerly in the ensuing Crusade.
  • 2000 (February): The Independents with the domain of Hamilton are targeted by the Sabbat Crusade. Many are destroyed. All others are able to flee. Sabbat Cainites are all that remain in the area.
  • 2009 (July): A major turning point in the War between the Hunters and Sabbat occurs when the Hunters win a decisive victory - destroying the Telyav in the Region.
  • 2012: The Sabbat are purged from The Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth (Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton and Stoney Creek), and the City of Brantford by a unified cadre of Hunters. The few survivors of the Purge flee to St. Catherines and Niagara Falls.
  • 2012: The Chicago Blood Accord is signed. The surviving packs make St Catherines their home base, one pack claims territory over Niagara Falls. Canaan gathers the surviving Ducti of the region and appoints them as a Bishops Council with herself as Archbishop.
  • 2013: Niagara Falls is assaulted by Hunters, the one pack that took up residence there is wiped out. It is rumored a coterie of Unaligned Kindred moved in some months later.
  • 2017: The Sabbat of St Catherines have been keeping a low profile, however dangers and antagonists lurk around every corner, The Blood Accord is honored and the silence of the blood maintained.
  • 2017 (Sept): Archbishop Canaan is challenged to Monomancy by Loyalist Derek Hubbard. She forfeits the contest and is ejected from the Diocese. Hubbard elects to install Nathan Bates as the new Archbishop. Bates solidifies his rule by anointing the five other Bishops over the city.
  • 2018: The Diocese comes under sustained assault by a faction of the Unblinded Brotherhood known as the Ardent Sword. This groups declares war on the Cainiotes of the Diocese and demands the head of the Archbishop
  • 2018 (February): A mass Embrace and a hunter attack both converge at the Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre. Seeking to quell the chaos, two Lasombra (Alice Foster and Derek Hubbard) from the Diocese use their disciplines resulting in the death of over 200 mortals. This breaking of the Silence of the Blood meets with universal condemnation from across the sect and requires massive amounts of influence to bring under control. Both Cainites meet Final Death as their punishment.
  • 2018 (summer): Bishop Jean d'Anneau is destroyed by Hunters. A month later, Bishops Valentaine and Brooks meet Final Death at the hands of the Ardent Sword. At Vaulderie gathering, it is revealed that two infiltrators for the Ardent Sword have helped orchestrate the attacks on the Diocese. They also meet Final death. Bishop Keeper vacates his position and leaves the Diocese.
  • 2018 (Fall/Early Winter) A possessed mortal shows up at the gathering to state the terms of war between the Sabbat and the Blood Eagles.
  • 2019 (February) Archbishop Nathan Bates is destroyed at the hands of Parzival Knight. The Haven belonging to The Gehenna Wind Riders pack is attacked and destroyed by the Blood Eagles, further more the Blood Eagles have the ashes of Memory delivered to the diocese. Violet Grey becomes Archbishop naming Alissandro Rossi Bishop of Security, Parzival Knight Bishop of War, and Keeper Bishop of Rituals.

The Clergy

Archbishop: Violet Grey, Harbinger of Skulls
Bishop: Keeper, Tzimisce
Bishop: Parzival Knight, Lasombra
Bishop: Bianca Rossi, Harbinger of Skulls

The Flock

Sangre de la Noche
Luana, Ductus (Lasombra, Orthodox)
Simeon Takács, Priest (Tzimisce, Orthodox)
Fausto, (Lasombra, Orthodox)
Quillon, (Gargoyle, Ultraconservative)
Niklas Aston, (Lasombra, Inquisition)

Silence of Death
Alissandro Rossi, (Ravnos antitribu, Status Quo)
Bianca Rossi, (Harbinger of Skulls, Status Quo)
Flammenkraft, Ductus (Salubri antitribu, Order of St. Blaise)
Keeper, Priest (Tzimisce, Moderates)
Violet Grey, Abbot (Harbinger of Skulls, Order of St. Blaise)

Honey Badger, (Gangrel antitribu, Black Hand)
Parzival Knight, (Lasombra, Moderates)
Rasa, (Daughter of Cacophony, Loyalist)
Thomas Story, (Gangrel antitribu, Loyalist)
Valentine "Simul8" Gray, (Malkavian antitribu, Loyalist)

Check Mate
Joseph Baldwin, Ductus (Ventrue antitribu, Order of St Blaise)
Giles Giddings, Priest (Pander, Loyalist)
Scarlet, (Nosferatu antitribu, Ultraconservative)
Cowl, (Toreador antitribu, Order of St Blaise)

Heinrich Kramer II, (Salubri antitribu, Order of St. Blaise)

Missing in Action

  • Roach (Lasombra, Moderate)
  • Worm (Nosferatu antitribu, Loyalist)
  • Maple Moose, (Pander, Ultraconservative)


Game Documents

OOC Game Information

Venue Storyteller: James M
VST Email:
Assistant VSTs: David L
Game OOC Location: The Pearl Company Theather, Hamilton, ON
Game Days: 3rd Sunday of each month


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